Is 4Life A Scam? Must Read Review

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4Life has been around for many years now, but still lots of people are wondering is 4Life  a scam or a trustworthy MLM company.

Welcome to my 4Life review where I'll walk you through the joining process, compensation plan but also give you some insight information about the company itself.

MLM is all the rage nowadays and new companies especially in the health and wellness niche,  come and go frequently.

The opportunity to work flexible hours and  the possibility to achieve a six figure income is attractive to many people. 

But make no mistake, being successful in any MLM company is no 'walk in the park' and requires hard work and great network marketing skills.

So, what are your chances to become a success story with  4Life? 

Let's find out in my 4Life review.

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Is 4Life A Scam? Must Read Review

What Is 4Life?

4Life Logo

4Life is no newcomer in the MLM industry. Instead, the company was founded in 1998 by David and Bianca Lisonbee in Sandy, Utah.

Similar companies are Isagenix, LifeWave, or ItWorks, just to name a few.

The company is now present in over 50 countries worldwide and has more than 300000 distributors.

After initial struggles, 4Life found success " ... when 4Life merged with Shaperite, a direct-sales company located in Sandy, and Shaperite executive Steve Tew became company president. [read more here]

Many distributors can relate to the challenges the founding couple faced at the beginning of their business journey, and try now to find their own success.

But here is a fact you should know:  three-quarters of the annual net sales of $250 million "comes from outside the United States. 4Life is a bigger deal in places like Puerto Rico, Colombia, Russia and Malaysia – the company's top-producing territory – than it is in Utah."[source: DeseretNews

The market in the US is saturated with MLM companies that are trying to sell dietary supplements to health conscious people.

So is there anything that makes 4Life different?

The 4Life Products

4life products

The biggest difference and probably most important selling factor is the so called 'Transfer Factor' that helps 4Life to stand out from the crowd.

What is a "transfer factor' anyway? In short, "A transfer factor is a chemical that is taken from a human or animal that has already developed protection (immunity) against a certain disease." [source: WebMd]

4Life's flagship product Transfer Factor Plus' (and other products) contains proteins and peptides from chicken egg yolk and cow colostrum. 

Therefore, these products will most likely not be taken by vegans or people don't want to consume products with animal byproducts.

One should also note, that 4Lifes products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

In saying that, 4Life has lots of top athletes who endorse these product in achieving top results.

Your best bet will be to test the products for yourself before you are getting involved as a distributor.

The Product Range

The 4Life product range is pretty comprehensive and is designed to support your immune health, body transformation (weight loss products), and general wellness.

On top of that, 4Life has included personal care products, pet care products and essential oils into the mix.

Of course, there is a loyalty program where customers can save 25% on products, will receive product credits, and more benefits. It cost $25 to join.

The $25 pay for the Welcome Kit that gives you free product samples and access to digital resources.

That includes the 4Life app to share videos, images, and PDF's from your smartphone, access to the 4Life university, and your 4 Life account.

4Life offers a 30-day money back guarantee for peace of mind. 

How To Join The 4Life Company

For people who would like to sell the products as a distributor, you enroll as preferred customer with a $25 joining fee.

4life welcome kit

As outlined before, the joining fee pays for the Welcome Kit which gives you access to different digital resources, and some product samples.

Here is the full content list:

1—Products for Your Life from 4Life catalog
1—4Life Transfer Factor® education brochure
1—Life Rewards Basics brochure
1—20pk 4Life Transfer Factor® marketing cards
1—Welcome Letter & Five-Step Quick Start Guide
Free Product Samples
Plus, access to:
4Life University, and 4Life App

Once you have enrolled your first preferred customer or distributor, you'll earn commission on their purchases and sales. 

So therefore, let's have a look at the compensation plan.


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Can You Make Money With 4Life? The Compensation Plan

4life compensation plan

The compensation is called 4Life rewards plan.

You can start earning money by selling products at retail price and keep the difference between retail and wholesale price.

Once you have enrolled your first preferred customer/distributor, you'll receive a commission on their purchases/sales volume.

You only receive commissions when you maintain a monthly 100 PV (principal volume).

One can achieve 8 ranks, starting at Associate, Builder, Diamond, Presidential Diamond, International Diamond, Gold International Diamond, and the highest Platinum International Diamond.

Read the full compensation plan here.

Looking at the compensation plan it soon becomes clear, that one can only achieve some kind of income once you achieve the builder rank and higher.

The requirements are not that easy though. Each customer/distributor you may enroll has to maintain at least a 100 LP Loyalty Program a month, the enroller has to have a 100 LP order each month plus a certain amount of team volume must be achieved.

 I personally would stay away from companies that have these strict qualification requirements because so much can go wrong along the way.

An order of a 100 LP equals around $100 and is a lot of money for many people. 

To make some kind of income your commission payments have to be higher than a $100 to at least break even.

Let's check out the income disclosure.

The 4Life Income Disclosure

4life income disclosure

The above image shows the income disclosure for the 1st October 2018 to 31st March 2019 so it is very recent.

The statistics are very similar to other MLM companies. The majority of distributors only make a marginal income.

 These income figures don't reflect any business related expenses, tax payments, and quite frankly doesn't take the monthly $100 auto-ship into account.

Only a small percentage of distributors, starting at the Presidential Diamond rank make a full-time income.

Only people with strong sales and marketing skills have a chance to climb up the ranks.

The majority of people is lucky when they break even.

The Pros Of 4Life

  • The joining fee is low with a $25 sign-up fee which includes free product samples and access to digital resources.
  • 4Life is an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating and is a member of the DSA.
  • The website is inviting and has all the information one would need about the products and company.
  • A commission structure is fairly simple.

The Cons Of 4Life

  • The biggest drawback is the monthly $100 auto-ship order (loyalty program) to qualify for certain bonuses e.g. the builder bonus.
  • The products contain animal products and are therefore not suitable for vegans and people who want to avoid animal products.
  • Products are not FDA approved.

Is 4Life A Scam?

No, 4Life is not a scam. It is a solid MLM company with 21 years of experience which is no available in over 50 countries worldwide.

It is easy and affordable to join and customers can enjoy wholesale prices.

However, the income disclosure has shown that only a minority of distributors make a substantial amount of income.

If you are staying on the associates or builders rank it is more likely that you lose money since you must maintain a monthly 100PV.

Your best bet is to try the products for yourself and to get started as preferred customer. This way you get a chance to 'test the waters' so to speak.

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