Is ASEA A Scam – Nine Facts You Really Need To Know

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ASEA is a MLM company that has found its niche in the health and wellness industry.

Many people are wondering if ASEA is a scam with its dietary supplement products and its binary compensation plan.

The health and wellness niche is an evergreen popular market where millions of dollars can be made,  if the products are unique with an effective marketing strategy in place.

You are most likely looking for flexible working hours and an income opportunity with no limitations, something that ASEA and other MLM companies like IDLife offer to the entrepreneurial minded person.

But does ASEA fits the bill, and can you actually make money with them?

Read more about it and if this business is the right choice for you in my ASEA review.

At the end of this review, I will also show you, how new and existing distributors can get more sales and recruit leads.

But for now, let's find out if ASEA is a scam with our nine facts you need to know before joining this MLM company.

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Is ASEA A Scam - Nine Facts You Need To Know 

#1 ASEA - A  Company With A Twist?

asea logo

ASEA means 'from the sea - a timeless symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and healing.' You can find this definition on the companies website including more information on what ASEA actually tries to sell.

Founded by Verdis Norton in 2008, and now led by CEO Charles F. Funke, the company sells products that promise "to improve immune system health, help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity as well as  improve gut health and digestive enzyme production."

ASEA is based in Utah, as so many other MLM companies like doTerra, Nature's Sunshine, or Synergy Worldwide, for example.

The ASEA products are now available in 26 countries.

#2 Redox Signalising Modecules - Say What?!

asea products

ASEA's product range is very limited and consists only of three different products:

  1. ASEA Redox Supplement
  2. Renu 28 and Advanced (skin care range)
  3. ASEA Via (dietary supplements)

ASEA's main product is ASEA Redox supplement which is basically water but apparently it is the only supplement on the market that contains active redox signaling molecules.

Do you feel like me when you hear about these molecules?

I have never heard anything about redox signaling molecules before and after some more reading on ASEA's website, I only have a vague idea what it is all about. 

All I hear are phrases like "ASEA has developed a unique breakthrough product technology that has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways..." and they also claim that they can address the "cellular breakdown ...[by] actually attack(ing) problems at the source— the genetic level..."

Well, if you want to sell 32 oz of 'magic' water for around $33 a bottle, anything is good enough, right.

One should note, that the products are FDA regulated but not FDA approved.

If the products really work at the genetic source, it surely would be counted as a medication/drug, or not?

Here is an interesting article on the topic.

#3 Who Wants To Sell Expansive Water? - How To Join The Company

asea starter kit

I let you be the judge if ASEA sells salty overpriced water or if it is a supplement with health benefits to the user.

In general, it is not an easy sell especially with a high price tag and fancy terms like 'redox signaling molecules.'

But if you do decide to join ASEA as an associate, it will cost $40 do enroll. You'll receive a welcome kit with digital and printed marketing materials, a couple of product samples, access to a back office managment system, and a replicated website.

There are also different enrollment packs available starting at $190 which will give you 150PV.

They are called Personal Product Packs.

Next up are the Business Packs for $520 (400PV) and Entrepreneur Packs for $1050 (805PV).

#4 Is There A Money Back Guarantee

Yes, there is. ASEA offers a 30-day money back guarantee to its customers.

 So if you are not happy with your purchase, send in your unused product for a refund, less shipping costs though.

#5 Getting Training

MLM and network marketing is no 'easy walk in the park', so especially newbies need guidance, support, and training to succeed in this form of income opportunity.

You have to find people who are willing to buy the product, sign up for an auto-ship order, and ideally want to become an associate with ASEA as well.

To do that, one need to be knowledgable about the products, know how to overcome objections, and must be good at recruiting.

But does ASEA offer ongoing training to its new associates to tackle these challenges? 

I haven't found anything anywhere on the ASEA website that addresses these kind of issues or lays out any training except the usual business colleteral.

Quite frankly, I don't think the product sells itself considering the high price tag, and the vague scientific proof.

How are you even suppose to sell? Via presentations, online, via social media? There are too many unanswered questions.

#6 Are There Any Additional Costs Involved?

Yes, there are.

asea active requirement

The screenshot above says it all. To be active, remain active, and be eligible for commissions, you have to accumulate at least 100 PV each month. 100 PV is a little bit more than over a $100 each month.

So this is quite a lot of money you would have to spend on products to receive a commission in return. Only if you sell products, enroll new customers, or have recruited someone that is.

It is not clear, if you have to pay a monthly fee for the replicated website and access to the back office.

#7 Show Me The Money - The Compensation Plan

asea compensation plan

Let's talk about money, shall we? ASEA's compensation plan is a binary one which means you have to recruit at least two people and place them in two legs , one on the left and one on the right.

You always get paid team commission on the leg that got less volume (sales) then the other leg. The team commission payout is 10% which is really not that much. 

There is always a minimum group volume that needs to be achieved plus you need to maintain your 100PV to qualify for the 10% payout.

You can also make money by selling products at retail price which you have purchased at wholesale price before and keep the profit.

"Or you can send someone to your website where they can purchase ASEA products at the retail price, and we will pay you $30 USD, the difference between the retail ($150 USD) and wholesale price ($120 USD). The volume generated from retail sales is 100 Commissionable Volume (CV) per case, counts towards personal volume requirements, and is added to your lesser-volume leg." [read the full compensation plan here]

In case you don't know what a case is, it is four 1l bottles of ASEA Redox supplement. It retails at $160 which means one bottle costs $40.

You can also earn a preferred customer bonus and Fast Start Bonus (more about it later).

According to ASEA, the foundation of the compensation plan are the team commissions. Which means: recruiting, recruiting, recruiting.

#8 Get A Fast Start

Most MLM companies offer a 'Fast Start' program and ASEA is no exception.

It means that if you personally sponsor someone and the person buys a product pack, you'll get paid a bonus depending on the value of the product pack.

For example, the person buys one case, you receive a $20, two cases gives you a $40 bonus, four cases a $80, and eight cases a $160 bonus.

If you are paid as Director 300 or Director 700 you receive an additional bonus on top.

#9 Rating With The BBB (And Amazon)

ASEA has been accredited with the BBB since 2015 but has only 5 reviews.

I also checked out customer reviews on Amazon but will have to say, that I take these reviews usually with a grain of salt.

asea amazon customer reviews

The reviews for ASEA Redox are either 5 stars or one star, not much in the between. Either people love it or really don't see any results at all.

Many of them dislike the taste of the water which reminded some customers of pool water.

Conclusion - Is ASEA A Scam

Based on my research, I don't really know what to think of the product and the company.

Besides the fact that it is not clear, if the products really work as promised, one thing is clear: 

The product range is small and will only appeal to a certain audience. The products are expensive and how they work is hard to understand.

Is it just overpriced water or a breakthrough for better health?

There is no clear evidence in terms of scientific studies and peer studies that I can see. How do you sell an expansive product when they are only vague statements from the company itself.

On top of that, the compensation plan is focused on recruiting and not on selling. That in itself is a big red flag for me.

And, who is willing to spend each and every month over a $100 just to qualify for commission payments?

I would stay clear from the ASEA income opportunity for sure.

You most likely will spend more money than earning money.

How To Get More Leads And Sales

The decision to join ASEA is ultimately up to you but if you do, you need to know how to sell and recruit effectively.

 As I outlined before it is not clear hwo you are supposed to sell the products or how to recruit but there is a way that could help you to generate more leads and more sales not only with ASEA but with any MLM company.

You probably remember that you'll get a personalized website with ASEA once you sign up? Well, the problem here is that thousands of other distributors get a website as well.

The big question is: How will your website stand out from the crowd and will be found by customers interested in the ASEA products or the income opportunity?

That is where my solution comes in. The good thing for you is that not many people know about it so there is your chance to get a huge advantage.

Are you ready for it?

gif sloth - tell me more

Build Your Own Website/Blog!!!

No way! I can hear you say. Why would I build a website? What does it have to do with the ASEA opportunity?

Here is the answer:

Your own blog gives you the opportunity to build trust with your customers, become an authority as a health and wellness expert if you wanted to and promote the ASEA products at the same time.

Not only will your own blog give you the chance to connect with your targeted audience but you could also promote other health and wellness  products as well and earn money with it. It is called affiliate marketing (read more about here).

From your blog/website you can link to your personalized ASEA website where people can sign up as a distributor or buy the products.

You could also publish videos on YouTube and link it to your blog. The possibilities are endless.

So if you are keen to learn how to build a blog/website, maybe a 'Mom' blog, a health and wellness blog, or lifestyle blog, then I recommend to join my #1 training platform Wealthy Affiliate where you learn step-by-step how to build a website and drive targeted traffic and leads to your website.

Remember, more leads equals more sales and more team members.

Here is the best part. You can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate for free to see if you like it. No strings attached, no credit card required.

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