Can You Earn Money With Wine Ambassador

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Are you looking to be a member of a wine club and at the same time build a business from it?

This feature is just right for you as we bring you our MLM review of Wine Ambassador, a direct-to-consumer wine club company based in California, USA. 

As the company believes in wine being a lifestyle, passion, and a part of human experience and aims to be the number 1 wine club in the world, you can think that this company seems to be a good place to start your wine business.

But before you delve into it, first you want your questions to be answered first.

How does Wine Ambassador work? 

Can you earn money with Wine Ambassador? We tried to answer these questions for you in our honest MLM review of Wine Ambassador below.

Read on to find out more.

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Can You Earn Money With Wine Ambassador

More About The Wine Ambassador Company

wine ambassador logo

Wine Ambassador is a wine club company offering direct to customers wine products and an opportunity to earn an income from these products.

 It is a newly-founded company that started in 2018 and is based in Napa, California.

The company is headed by digital and online marketing expert, Rory Ricord. The founding team includes 5 more members who are seasoned executives in their respective fields including tech, cheese making, finance, and winemaking.  

Wine Ambassador’s vision is to become the number one wine club in the world and to deliver the best wine experience to customers.

As of this writing, the opportunity is available in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.  

However, we could not find the company listing on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA) websites.

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The  Wine Ambasssador Products

wine ambassador product

Wine Ambassadors sells fine wine products from Napa and Sonoma California. For you to be able to buy the company’s wine products, you need to be a wine club member of the company.

To activate membership, you need to pay US$99.95. This membership comes with 4 bottles of wine. This cost is exclusive of shipping, processing, and tax fees.

This will be a recurring fee so you will get 4 hand-selected bottles and curated wines every month. You can get this for free when you refer 3 more customers to the club. 

The company has no online retail shop for non-club member customers to select the products.

In one video by the Wine Ambassador’s CEO, he mentioned that the company has Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, sparkling Napa Valley wine, and Moscato among many others.

How To Join Wine Ambassador

wine ambassador membership

To be a Wine Ambassador’s representative, you need to pay the annual enrollment fee worth $50. 

This pays for your personal replicated website and back office for a year. You have then the option to upgrade to Estate, Reserve, Grand CRU member.

Estate membership is worth $300 and comes with 12 bottles of wine and a 10% discount on additional cases of wine.

Reserve membership costs $600 and comes with 24 bottles of wine and a 15% discount on additional cases of wine while Grand CRU membership costs $1200 and comes with 24 bottles and 6 bottles of fine wine.

Grand CRU qualifies you for a 20% discount on additional cases of wine. 

For prospective representatives outside of the US or non-ship states, the startup cost is $59.95.

You can remain active as the Wine Ambassador representative when you maintain a 50 BV (business volume) that is around $99 worth of products sales or personal purchases every month.

The  Compensation Plan

wine ambassador compensation plan

There are 5 ways to earn an income as a Wine Ambassador representative. Here are the representatives' possible sources of income.

Free Wine

Once enrolled on a 4-bottle auto-ship program, you can earn $99.99 every time you accumulated 3 customers who purchase 4-bottle auto-ship products.   

Ambassador Acquisition Bonus

After being rewarded with free wine credits on your first 3 customers, you can earn $20 on your 4th, 5th, 6th, etc new customer first orders. Also, repeat orders by your customers qualify you to a $10 commission on each order. 

Wine Starter Kits

When you sponsor new representatives, you can earn a 50% bonus from the starter kits that they will be purchasing. 


Binary pay comes from the volume of the lesser leg of your binary team. Your bonus percentage depends on your rank starting at 6% for 2-star ambassadors to 22% for executive ambassadors, the highest rank there is in the Wine Ambassador compensation plan.

Check Match

As your personally sponsored representatives earn their binary bonus, you will get a check match bonus for these binary earnings of your team that range from 30% to 50% depending on your rank.

Wine Ambassador’s compensation plan is available on this link here.

Can You Make Money With This MLM Company

According to Wine Ambassador’s policy and procedures that are available here, each prospective representative must be issued with a copy of the company’s income disclosure statement.

However, this document is not readily available for viewing on the company’s corporate website. What is available on the corporate website is the income disclaimer that states that there is no guarantee of the level of success or income that representatives will get from the opportunity.

Success depends on several conditions including that of the market and your personal capabilities and efforts.

Wine Ambassador’s income disclaimer is available here.

From our years of reviewing MLM companies similar to Wine Ambassador, the lack of income disclosure statement is often seen as a red flag. Our own MLM reviews and independent studies on MLM companies have shown that most MLM members lose money from the opportunity rather than gain more earnings from it. 

We have gathered several income disclosure statements from different MLM companies that have them and we saw the same pattern every time. That is only 1% of the members are making the most out of the income from the company.

The rest struggles with about 50% of the members earning close to nothing. To get an income equivalent to a real full-time income, one must climb the upper 1% peak of the organization. 

These numbers reflect your chances as well in getting the income that you deserve from the company. If you want to look at other income opportunities outside of MLM, you can find better options out there surely.

 Wine Ambassador is clearly an MLM company and for you to earn an income you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the company.

If you are good at these things, I must say that this alone is not enough to bring you success because going on top of the organization’s highest earners takes a lot of work, and the MLM system itself can pose some challenges like you running out of leads and your leaders having a bigger income cut on the work that you do. 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Wine Ambassador.

The Pros Of Wine Ambassador

  •  The company is based in California, USA, a wine state.
  •  It offers an opportunity for people to be wine club members and to earn an income from selling wines while building their organization and business doing so.
  • You can purchase the products by becoming a club member only.

The Cons Of Wine Ambassador

  • No listing on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA).
  • There is no readily available income disclosure statement.
  • The monthly club membership is expensive

Conclusion - Can You  Earn Money With Wine Ambassador

To conclude this review, we learned that Wine Ambassador is an MLM wine club company based in California, USA. The company is relatively new but it aims to build a great business from its beliefs in wine as a lifestyle, passion, and part of human experience.

It offers an opportunity for wine lovers to become wine club members and to be business owners while selling wines.

However, the company is relatively new and we could not find the company listings on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Listings on these sites could help build some level of trust in the company. 

The company offers a wine club membership so you can only purchase the products by becoming a member first. Also, when you look at the company’s compensation plan, sponsoring new representatives are being rewarded more with a 50% commission on starter kits purchased by your enrollees as against to 25% that you get when you sell 3 $99 customer memberships and buy your own.

This commission on your retail sales is even reduced to just 10% on repeat orders of your customers. This is not mentioning team commissions coming from binary and check match programs that also reach up to 50%. Hence, retail sales commissions come last after sponsoring and team commissions. 

We can only wonder what Wine Ambassador’s income disclosure statement looks like since this is not readily available for viewing.

If this is indeed available with your sponsors, then make sure to look at it and know your chances of earning an income first from this opportunity. 

Eventually, choosing a business to start with is your personal decision but make sure to watch out for your chances of success, especially in your earnings department. 

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