What Is Sanctuary Girl Jewelry? – Is It An MLM Company

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Have you come across Sanctuary Girl? If you are looking to build a business with this company, you would want to know what is Sanctuary Girl Jewelry and what it does.  

In our review post today, we seek to answer these questions and more about Sanctuary Girl Jewelry.

By the end of this post, we hope that you will get to know more about Sanctuary Girl and decide on your own if it is a business and business model that suits you.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is Sanctuary Girl Jewelry? - Is It An MLM Company?

More About Sanctuary Girl Jewelry

Sanctuary Girl Jewelry

Sanctuary Girl  is a jewelry and accessories company based in the USA. The headquarter location is not openly stated on the company’s corporate website but it seems that the company is based in the state of Georgia where the first flagship store was opened in October 2020.

The company was founded in October 2019 and is currently led by spouses Christopher and Sabrina Hayes.

Christopher has a background in graphic design while Sabrina has been in a direct sales business prior to founding Sanctuary Girl. Sabrina is also a founder of a faith-based leadership and mentoring organization. 

There is a mention that the company is expanding to Florida, USA. The company aims to empower, embolden and equip women to share their faith and their story while venturing into business with the company and selling its products. 

As of this writing, we could not find the company listed on the Direct Selling Association (DSA). It has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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The  Sanctuary Girl Jewelry Products

sanctuary girl jewelry products

Sanctuary Girl offers faith-based accessories and jewelry products. The company's products encompass categories like pillows, blankets, charms, bracelets, customized bangles, totes,  bags, t-shirts, and hats.

Most products contain encouraging, evangelical, and inspirational words created to lift up one’s spirit.

Here are some of the company’s best-selling products and their prices:

  • Be Still & Know Silver Charmed Bracelet - $27
  • Heavy Bead Bracelet Set - $32
  • Daughter of the King Silver Charmed Bracelet - $27
  • Love Notes Pouch - $15
  • Love Letters Pillow - $18
  • My Story Isn’t Over Silver Necklace - $15
  • But First Jesus Jesus Trucker Hat - $19
  • To My Son Ultra-Soft Blanket - $42
  • Spiritual Gangsta Hoodie - $45-$50

How To Join Sanctuary Girl

sanctuary girl start up kit

You can join Sanctuary Girl as an ambassador if you want to avail yourself of the company’s business opportunity offer.

You just need to go to the company’s join page and enroll online. There are 3 start-up kits that you can choose from starting from Inspire Kit $99, Influence Kit $199, and Insider Kit $299.

Each of the kits contains discounted products. By the way, these kits are optional. 

As the company’s brand ambassadors, you just need to pay a $12 tech subscription fee monthly to become active. 

The  Sanctuary Girl Jewelry Compensation Plan

As a brand ambassador of the company, you can earn a 15% commission on your personal sales.

There are no mentions of ranks to climb on and team commissions on the company’s brand ambassador join section.

So, it seems that as a brand ambassador, your source of income is through the sales commission that you will be getting from the value of sales you make each month. 

Sanctuary Girl also offers party plan incentives for hosting a Sanctuary Girl social. Party hostesses can earn discounts and free products for making their parties accumulate sales above $200.

sanctuary party host programs

Can You Make Money With Sanctuary Girl?

As a Sanctuary Girl brand ambassador, your earnings will depend on the sales you make through your personal referral link or selling at parties and face to face.

Sanctuary Girl has no income disclosure statement so we don’t have a way of knowing how much an average brand ambassador earns.

Sanctuary Girl does not classify its business opportunity offers under the multi-level marketing (MLM) model, rather it is called Hybrid retail.

It is classified as such because the company has its own physical stores, while as a brand ambassador, you can sell online through your referral link, face to face with your customers, or by home social or in a simple term, a house party.  

So, depending on your background, capability, skills, online presence, and network of customers, your sales will depend on it and eventually your income earnings as an ambassador.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Sanctuary Girl Jewelry.

Pros Of The Sanctuary Girl Opportunity

  •  The company is based in the USA with physical stores located in some states.
  • The company is selling various products from jewelry, and fashion accessories to home products that contain inspirational and in some cases evangelical words.  
  • The company offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home with easier and less costly requirements.

Cons Of The Sanctuary Girl Opportunity

  • The company’s policies and procedures that govern its brand ambassadors are not publicly available on the corporate website.
  • There is a recurring fee of $12 monthly to remain active.
  • There could be tough competition and you need a strong online presence to succeed.
  • We couldn't find an income disclosure statement.


Sanctuary Girl is more than a Christian retail company as the company stated. It is based in the USA and was founded pre-pandemic in late 2019.

 It has a number of physical stores as of this writing and takes pride in its products that contain words that speak of life, inspiration, evangelism, and more.

I must say that the products are retail viable and surely cater to many customers. 

The owners are spouses and are both deeply involved in the business. Despite being newly established, the company is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau website.

It has a simple rewards program that rewards its brand ambassadors with retail commissions. So, it gives an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business with the company without a lot of requirements. 

I must say that Sanctuary Girl is more of an affiliate marketing opportunity rather than an MLM opportunity because it only rewards retail sales and not the team sales that you can build when you recruit new members to the company.

However, you need to sell the company's products to earn an income. We could not find the company’s policies and procedures so we will know if you are still allowed to sell the products of other companies once you become a Sanctuary Girl brand ambassador.

This is important because some affiliate marketing programs allow you to sell products not only from one company so if Sanctuary Girl requires otherwise then it could be limiting your opportunity to earn an income from other sources. 

Sanctuary Girl is a relatively new company so competition can be tough. Selling does not come easy and in the case of Sanctuary Girl, you need to establish your online presence so technically, to succeed, you need more skills than you may wish to believe. Sanctuary Girl has no income disclosure statement so we could not find proof that the company brand ambassadors are faring well in terms of their income earnings. 

Sanctuary Girl despite being new prides itself on a lot of things but in choosing a business to start with, your investment returns must be well calculated as selling requires time, effort, and even money.

The company is not clear if it limits its brand ambassadors from selling only the company products. If it is yes, then Sanctuary Girl is quite limiting your chances of earning more.

Most great affiliate marketing opportunities are not limiting and could really help you make money while helping other people find or buy products that they need.

In the case of Sanctuary Girl, you may need to be extra convincing in your selling to make sales hence you will be forced not to give so many options to your customers and you should always make the company products the center of your marketing and selling efforts. 

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