Should You Join Magnolia Design Co? Our MLM Review

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Welcome to our Magnolia Design Co MLM review and the question if you should join this MLM company.

Are you looking for a business in crafting and design? Surely, you can find several choices out there but choosing one that is right for you can be a challenge.

MLM design companies are the easiest way to join and one of them is Magnolia Design Co. If you are curious about what this company can offer and if you are considering joining this company, then you are at the right place as this post is all about Magnolia Design Co.

Should you join Magnolia Design Co? 

What are the good things about this company and what should you look out for? 

These are just a few of the questions we would like to answer in this honest MLM review of Magnolia Design Co.

Read on to find out more.

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The Magnolia Design Co Company

magnolia design co logo

Magnolia Design Co.  is a craft supply company founded by Crystal Mugford and Lisa Ramsey. Based on their profiles, Mugford has a background in real estate and healthcare while Lisa was into construction consulting and owning an art studio prior to starting Magnolia Designs.

It seems the company was founded in 2019 based on a pre-launch video posted on the company’s official Facebook page.

From the company’s Policies and Procedures, it seems that the company is based in North Carolina, USA. It offers an opportunity for creators to share the company's products and earn an income from doing so. 

We cannot find the company listing though from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA) as of this writing.

The  Magnolia Design Products

magnolia design co products

As mentioned, Magnolia Designs Co. offers handcraft supplies, particularly pre-designed stencil patterns, chalk paste, and inks.

On the company’s corporate websites, you can shop the products by categories such as DIY kits, season, accessories, chalk pastes, inks, stencils, and surfaces among many others. 

Here are some of the company’s products and their retail prices.

DIY Kits

Each kit usually contains pre-designed stencil pattern, surface, chalk paste or ink, and accessories to add to the design.

DIY Bookstack with Bead Garland Kit - $42.99

DIY Kit Calories Skillet - $17.99


Apron - $13.99

Self Healing Mat - $21.99

Chalk Paste of Different Colors - $10.99 - $21.99

Inks of Different Colors - $13.99-$25.99

Pre-patterned Stencils

Available in different designs and sizes.

Size 5x7 - $8.99

Size 8x11 - $13.99

Size 10x10 - $14.99

Surfaces - $6.99 - $31.99

From black and white surfaces, chalkboard, hanging signs, magnetic boards, and more.

How To Become A Magnolia Design Co Creator 

To become a distributor of Magnolia Design, you need to apply as a creator. To do this, you need to sign up and pay for the enrollment kit.

As of this writing, the enrollment kit costs $69. This enrollment kit comes with selected craft supplies on which you can start doing your designs.

There is an automatic monthly fee of $10.99 as well for the replicated website that you will be using to sell the products online.

It is mentioned that there is no sales quota to remain a Magnolia Design creator.

Magnolia Design also offers a customer loyalty program and party host rewards.

The  Magnolia Design Compensation Plan

magnolia design co compensation plan

Your Magnolia Design creator career starts when you become a creator. There are 9 more career levels that you can advance to as offered by Magnolia Design compensation plan from achiever to executive director.

The benefits that you will get from the company’s compensation plan depend on the rank that you qualify for. Qualification for rank advancement depends on your monthly sales contribution, your team sales volume, and enrollees under your sponsorship.

Here are some bonuses and commissions that a creator can get from the company’s compensation plan.

Quick Start Program

As a new creator, you will be qualified for the company’s quick start program where you can earn credits up to $230 that you can use to purchase Magnolia Design products. You can achieve bonuses under this program in your first 3 months with the company.

Crafty Creator Bonus

This is an extra bonus for creators who reach a personal volume of $2000 or more. 

Back Office Product Discount

Creators can purchase the products at a 35% discount.

Sales Commission

Creators earn a 25% sales commission for every sale made on their replicated website.

Individual Volume Commission

There is no explanation about this bonus but it ranges from 2% to 8% commission depending on your rank as a creator.

One-time Advancement Bonus

This is a one-time bonus rewarded to creators who get promoted to promoter ranks or higher. The bonus ranges from $250 to $2200 depending on the rank achieved.

There is also a generation bonus rewarded to innovator ranks or higher.

Magnolia Design compensation plan is posted on this link here.

Can You Make Money With Magnolia Design Co?

Magnolia Design has no income disclosure statement posted on its website.

For MLM companies like Magnolia Design, an income disclosure statement shows how much an average distributor earns from the business opportunity.

This also shows the income range of top earners and the number of non-earners. In the case of Magnolia Design, such information is not available. 

In the company policies and procedures, creators are prohibited from making income claims. 

We wonder why Magnolia Designs does not have it. It could be the case that the company is just newly established. Looking at several income disclosure statements of MLM companies that we have reviewed in the past as well as independent studies on MLM companies always leads us to the fact that most MLM members lose money from such business opportunities.

The thing with MLM companies is that only about 1% of the members are earning lucratively while the rest struggle.

In most cases, about 50% of the members are earning close to nothing. 

So, being blindsided by the lack of income disclosure statements is not a good thing in joining MLM companies.  However, with Magnolia Design, it seems this is the case.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of this MLM company .

The Pros Of Magnolia Design

  •  The products are retail-viable.
  •  The company is based in the USA.
  • The company offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at an affordable startup cost.

The Cons Of Magnolia Design

  • The company is relatively new.
  • It is not listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA) websites.
  • Text explanation for its compensation plan is not available for the public to see.
  • There is no income disclosure.

Conclusion - Should You Join Magnolia Design Co?

Choosing a business to join with is not an easy task. In this post, we are talking about Magnolia Design Co. and we know that it is a newly established company based in the USA.

It offers craft and design supplies suitable for different types of surfaces making the products retail-viable and great for DIY practitioners and artistic customers. Since it is an MLM company, it offers an opportunity for people to start a business from home at a minimal startup cost.

However, it looks like the company is really new and it just started in 2019. It does not have a listing yet in Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as a membership in Direct Selling Association (DSA) which could provide in a way the company’s independent trust rating for the customers to see.

The company’s compensation plan has no detailed explanation making it difficult to understand. But, based on the compensation plan table, it is clear that Magnolia Design is an MLM company that rewards its creators’ retail sales as well as their team sales.

This means that for creators to earn an income they need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business and eventually become their team members.

The company’s compensation plan looks comprehensive however a detailed explanation is not available so some parts are not really clear.

Also, Magnolia Design Co has no income disclosure statement making it hard to tell how creators are faring on their income earnings from the business opportunity.

I must say that based on what has been said in this MLM review of Magnolia Design Co., this is quite a risky business to be involved with.

We keep on repeating that MLM business opportunities make a lot of its members lose money and only benefit the very few of them. 

So, if you don’t have what it takes to be on top, joining such an opportunity could make you lose an income and better opportunities rather than gain them.

Ultimately, it is your personal decision to make but be wary of what to look out for when joining an MLM business opportunity just like this one.  

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