Could Opulenza Design Be A Scam?

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Welcome to our detailed Opulenza Design MLM review and the question: Could Opulenza Design be a scam.

Are you fond of jewelry pieces and would love to make a business out of them? Finding the right jewelry company is no easy task. 

If you are into jewelry pieces made of sterling silver then you may want to look into Opulenza Designs. However, you may have a lot of questions about this company to know it better, especially in terms of its legality.

Could Opulenza Design be a scam? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions and much more in our honest MLM review below of Opulenza Designs.

Could Opulenza Design Be A Scam?

The Opulenza Design Company

opulenza design logo

Opulenza Designs  is a sterling silver jewelry company owned and founded by Jody Lafko and Julie Seals. It was mentioned that both founders were previously representatives of another sterling silver jewelry company.

Originally, four women founded this company including Sue Kupka and Susan Ball. But, as of this writing, only Lafko and Seals are mentioned as owners on the company’s corporate website.

Based on Julie Seals LinkedIn profile, she mentioned that she was previously with Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry prior to Opulenza Designs

Opulenza is the Italian word for opulence that is often associated with jewelry that is luxurious. The company was established in October 2016 with a head office in Wyoming, USA.

The company sells its products through direct selling and offers a business opportunity to interested people in the USA. Around May 2020, there are about 300 representatives who became part of the company. 

However, we could not see the listing of Opulenza Designs on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association websites.

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The  Opulenza Design Products

opulenza design products

Opulenza Designs offer sterling silver jewelry pieces.

These products are said to be made with 0.925 silver which means that they are hardened with copper.

Jewelry pieces made with real 0.925 silver are often considered high-end products. 

The company offers all kinds of jewelry types like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories. Here are the price range of Opulenza Designs products in each category.

  • Rings - $49-119

Ranging from plain silver designs to pieces with gemstones. 

  • Earrings $29-119

Available on ball post, teardrop, hoop, bar, geometric, and many more designs.

  • Necklaces $49-479

Available in different designs including beaded, chain, and pendants of different designs. 

  • Bracelets - $59-459

Available in cuff, stretchy, leather cord, braided, bangle and many more designs. 

How To Join Opulenza Design

opulenza design enrollment kits

To join Opulenza Designs as a representative, you need to sign up and purchase a startup kit worth $99, $199, or $399.

In the Representative Agreement form that is available on the corporate website, there is a mention $49 kit as well.

These start-up kits come with jewelry pieces, accessories, marketing tools, and a personalized website.  

The Opulenza Design Compensation Plan

As an Opulenza Designs representative, you can earn a 25% commission on all your personal sales. There are not many details about the company’s compensation plan available on its corporate or on the internet.

However, some of the benefits that were listed on the company’s website when you become Opulenza Designs representatives in addition to having the chance to be paid with personal sales commission include a fast start bonus, cash bonuses for promotions, travel opportunities, and team sales earnings. 

Based on these declarations, it is clear that just like in most MLM companies, you can earn as Opulenza Designs representatives when you sell the company products and recruit people to join your team.

We wonder why Opulenza Designs does not share details about its compensation plan when it is one of the most important components of an MLM business opportunity. 

The company also offers a party host program where hosts can earn free jewelry in return for hosting and making sales from it. 

Can You Make Money As An Opulenza Design Representative?

In one Youtube video by Opulenza Designs it is mentioned that as the company’s representative, you can earn from $50, $75, or $100 an hour depending on how good you are doing your business.

These are big statements but as to how true and possible is this, Opulenza Designs did not show any proof. This could also be true but it could mean differently when you examine the frequency of having these earnings in reference to the number of hours you work on it.

Yes, you could earn from $50 to $100 per hour but if you could only get this once a month then it is a totally different story. 

The company does not have an income disclosure statement available on its corporate website nor anywhere on the internet. We wonder why that is but for us who have been reviewing MLM companies for years, the lack of income disclosure statement in an MLM company can be a red flag. 

For an MLM company, an income disclosure statement shows how much an average representative earns from the business. It shows how much more the top earners are getting as well as the number of non-earners in a particular period.

However, this is not the case with Opulenza Designs. If this is available during sign-up, then examine this document well. MLM opportunities are known to be predatory in a way that it only benefits the very few and prey on the many especially the beginners and less experienced members.

Most income disclosure statements from established MLM companies to new ones show that most representatives lose money from such an opportunity. We often see more than 50% of the members receiving an insignificant amount of earnings and only the upper 1% receiving exorbitant rewards.   

In line with this, I must say that MLM opportunities just like with Opulenza Designs are risky businesses to endeavor in the long run.

The lack of details on the company’s compensation plan and in the income disclosure statement did not help at all in this respect. 

The Pros And Cons Of Opulenza Design

  •  The company is based in the USA.
  • The products are made of 0.925 sterling silver with various designs.
  • It allows an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at an affordable start-up cost.
  • It is not listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor on Direct Selling Association (DSA) websites.
  • The company is relatively new.
  • No detailed compensation plan is readily available to view.
  • No income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Could Opulenza Design Be A Scam?

We know that Opulenza Designs is a relatively new company that is based in the USA. It has a complete business address listed on its website with the company’s sales and shipping policy posted there.

The owners' photos are also listed on the website. I must say that this is not enough to say that the company is not a scam but it is also unfair to conclude the opposite about the company based on the lacking vital information that it does not share.

So, I would just want to be on the neutral ground here and say that based on Opulenza Designs’ presentation, this company looks legit but the company's absence of listing on the Better Business Bureau and in the Direct Selling Association must not be overlooked.

The company offers high-end sterling jewelry products that have real demand and a business opportunity that any residents of the USA could join at an affordable startup cost.     

The problem however is that the company is not sharing details about its compensation plan.

What we get from the corporate website are the general names of the bonus programs that the company is offering. Based on this limited information, we learned that Opulenza Designs rewards personal sales and team sales.

This means that for representatives to earn, they need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business. This is exactly what representatives of MLM companies must do to earn. 

Also, Opulenza Designs is not sharing its income disclosure statement. So technically, you won’t know what you are going into especially in terms of your earning potential.

This is a problem because MLM companies like Opulenza Designs tend to have more members who don’t earn than those who actually earn.

Those members who earn significantly only account for only not more than 1%. So, with these things in mind, a logical mind would hesitate to engage in this business than be eager to be in it.  

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