Should You Join Longaberger – Our Honest MLM Review

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Welcome to our Longaberger MLM review.

In choosing a business to start with, being with a company that has a long history can be a good thing to start shortlisting your choices.

Longaberger could make your cut for having been established in 1973. With its iconic basket building as its previous headquarter, Longaberger sure has been known by many in the USA as a basket-making company.

The company has been marketing and selling its products through an MLM model that makes the opportunity available to everybody.

Are these enough reasons for you to decide to join Longaberger? Surely not, so let’s go in-depth with Longaberger in our honest MLM review of this company in this article.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Should You Join Longaberger - Our Honest MLM Review

The Longaberger Company

longaberger mlm review

Longaberger is a manufacturer and distributor of artisanal handcrafted and home decor products. According to Wikipedia , the Longaberger Company was opened by Dave Longaberger in 1973.

At the company’s peak of operations, it employed more than 8200 people excluding its direct sales consultants. 

In 2013, the company was taken over by CVSL, Inc, and ceased operation starting May of 2018. It was revived in 2019 when its intellectual property rights were purchased by Xcel Brands.

The Longabergers took part in the relaunch as well. 

The Longaberger Company was formerly headquartered in a building designed like a basket in Ohio, USA that is available for sale as of this writing.

Since the company is now owned by Xcel Brands, it is now headquartered in New York City headed by CEO Robert D’Loren. However, most of the products are still made in Dresden, Ohio where it all began. 

The company supports charitable organizations like Horizon of Hope, the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Women in Need.

The Longaberger Products

longaberger products

Longaberger offers quality baskets. home decor, tabletop, cooking tools, apparel, bedding, body care, home fragrance, jewelry, pottery, gourmet food, and wine products.

You can shop the products online by these categories or by these classifications such as made in America, classic Longaberger, charity support cause, and many more.

Here are some of the company's products and their retail prices:

  • Longaberger Collection

Longaberger Handbag - $348

Woven with Love Jewelry Box - $168

Light Brown Two Pie Basket Set with Free Protector & Riser - $178.20

Longaberger Basketweave Link Bracelet with Rectangular Basket Charm - $430

Tan Leather Watch with Enamel - $418

  • Core Baskets

Whitewashed Corn Basket - $178

Light Brown Medium Baking Dish Basket - $108

Whitewashed Large Rectangle Organizing Basket - $135

  • Bedding

Sheet Set available in 9 colors - $98

Essential Skin Complete KIt - $268

This contains an essential oil cleanser, hyaluronic super serum, gentle face scrub, hydrating moisturizer, vitamin complex night cream, and purifying mask. Products can be bought individually.

  • Home Fragrance

Taupe Teak Candle - $68

Bamboo Blossom Tin Candle - $30

  • Body Care

White Cotton Lotion - $38

White Cotton Soap - $38

Cooking Tools

Cherry Spoon Set - $108

Gourmet Food

Longaberger Handmade Garden Cilantro Salsa - $16.20

  • Wine

Chardonnay California - $28

Merlot California - $32

How To Join The Longaberger Business Opportunity 

You can join Longaberger by becoming the company’s home & life stylist or ambassador. You need to purchase a starter kit that costs $49, $59, $169, or $399.

These kits come with a replicated website, discounted products, and an opportunity to earn an income from the company. 

The company also offers a host program where hosts can earn free products, discounts, and free shipping.

The  Longaberger Compensation Plan

Longaberger’s compensation plan is called Dream Builder Plan. The details of this compensation plan though are not readily available on the company website.

There is a short video on the corporate website that says that as a stylist or ambassador of the company, you can earn 20% on all your sales and 5% on your team sales.

From other sources, it says that the dream builder plan offers you ranks that you can advance into from home consultant to executive director. 

Based on all information we have read about the company, it is clear that Longaberger offers an MLM opportunity where stylists earn by selling the company products and recruiting people to join the business. 

Here is the most recent video from Longaberger with introductory information on how to become the company’s home & life stylist.

Can You Make Money As A Longaberger Stylist ?

An income disclosure statement in an MLM company provides information on how much an average consultant earns from the company’s business opportunity.

This document also shows how much the top earners are gaining as well as the lowest amount a consultant can get from the opportunity. In the case of Longaberger, it does not show its income disclosure statement.

We wonder why but the sure thing is its lack of an income disclosure statement is often seen as a red flag in reviewing an MLM company. 

In an online article that is available here, CEO D’Loren stated as follows, “the average member stylist historically generated about $6,000 in sales per year.” He continued “that stylist could have six or seven people working under them, doing $6,000.

With 20,000 people, $120 million would be generated, and 100,000 people would be a $600 million business.” 

Based on these statements, we can conclude that an average stylist could earn $1200 as his/her personal sales commission and if he/she has indeed 6 or 7 people under him/her making the same sales volume, he/she could earn additional of $1800 to $2100 in team sales commission.

These figures are all earnings in a year. I must say that if this is true for an average stylist in Longaberger, this is a better average yearly earning figure for a consultant in an MLM company.

However, this income could not still replace a regular income from a regular job. Also, I doubt that an average consultant in Longaberger can maintain 6 to 7 active stylists below them making the same sales of $6000 yearly.

These are just based on my own interpretation of the CEO’s statement mentioned above however an official income disclosure statement from the company should still matter and unfortunately it is not available.

The Pros And Cons Of The Longaberger Business Opportunity

  • The company has a long history in the business beginning in 1973.
  •  It is a legit company that is now based in New York, USA.
  • The company has a rich and diverse product portfolio covering different categories from home, food, jewelry, beauty to wine among many others.
  • It offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home with minimal start-up capital.
  • The product prices are relatively expensive.
  • There is no detailed compensation plan available.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Should You Join Longaberger? Our Honest MLM Review

Should you join Longaberger? This is our first question in this MLM review of the company. While choosing a business is a matter of personal preference, we hope to assist you in making a wise decision by writing this review.

We learned that Longaberger has a long history and while it had its ups and downs in its several years of operation, it stood through the challenges and still operating today under new management but with active involvement still from the Longabergers.

The company supports charitable causes, has a wide range of products, and offers business to ordinary people at a minimal start-up cost.

However, just like other MLM companies, Longaberger being an MLM by its nature has its own limitations. The products have relatively higher prices and are facing tough competition from similar budget shops.

The details of the compensation plan are hard to find making it hard to comment on it. Also, an important aspect of building a business is knowing your chances of earning an income from such an opportunity. Longaberger despite several decades of operations is not sharing this important information with its prospective stylists publicly.

We know the flaws of MLM as you may have read in our other MLM reviews on this page. The most relevant thing is the fact that most people lose money in an MLM business opportunity.

It is true that very few were able to earn lucratively from similar opportunities but the fact remains that your chance of success in earning an income to sustain your needs is very low. Here we are talking of a 1% success rate.

Surely, you have a better chance with other business opportunities and this you must consider and think of very well before making an important decision should you join this company.  

 Here is what I would recommend to earn a passive income, without selling or recruiting.

Here Is What I Recommend To Make Money

I am not a fan of MLM, not because it is not legit, but through my own experience of being a sales representative (the school of hard knocks).

I was restricted in the products I  could sell, I had to recruit to climb the ranks, and I had to invest quite a bit of money. No, thank you!

Instead, my recommended business model is Affiliate Marketing.

These are the simple reasons, why:

  • Promote any product you want
  • You don't have to recruit anyone (no more annoying friends and family)
  • Make passive income from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • It is free to get started.

I was able to build an online business with affiliate marketing that is now making a 4-figure monthly income stream.

 Thanks to my own hard work and without selling anything or recruiting anyone, I can now lead the lifestyle I want.

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It is Time To Start A Real Business!

~ Anke

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