Can You Earn Money With Threads Worldwide?

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Do you believe in the importance of fair trade? Do you want to help marginalized artisans sell their products in your local marketplace?

 You may have come across a Fair Trade Federation member, Threads Worldwide.

If you want to align your business on the company values and at the same time earn an income from it, then you may want to look into what this company offers.

Fortunately, we got you covered on this as this article is all about Threads Worldwide and our honest review of its MLM business offer.

More importantly we will help you to find out if you can earn money with this MLM company

So, let’s get started and find out.

Can You Earn Money With Threads Worldwide?

More About The Threads Worldwide Company

threads worldwide logo

Threads Worldwide  is a jewelry company that believes in fair trade when sourcing its products. It is founded by 3 women who started as college friends and traveled the world.

Their travels to some developing countries especially the poverty that they had seen made them realize a lot of things.

They built Threads Worldwide in 2011 with the vision of empowering women and transforming communities.

One of the founders, Kara Valentine, was a director of Emerging Women prior to Threads Worldwide. Lindsay Murphy is a registered nurse while Angela Melfi is a communicator. 

The company is based in Colorado USA although the products are sourced worldwide from the company’s artisan partners located in Bolivia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Uganda, and Vietnam.  

Threads Worldwide is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, a trade association committed to “equitable and sustainable trading partnerships.”

Other jewelry MLM companies you might be interested in are Keep Collective, Paparazzi, Sabika, or Origami Owl Jewelry.

The  Threads Worldwide Products

threads worldwide products

As already mentioned, Threads Worldwide offer artisan products such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms, bags, and accessories.

Products are sourced from Bolivia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Uganda, and Vietnam. Some items when purchased, proceeds will go to the funding of scholarships in Guatemala.

You can shop from the corporate website by country origin, type, style, and tones of the products.

Here are Threads Worldwide products and their prices:

  • Bracelets

Raja Bracelet from India made from Iron - $30.40

Tres Bracelets from Ecuador made from Acai Seeds - $38.40

Taryn Bracelet from Ethiopia made from Upcycled metals including bullet casings - $42

  • Earrings

Unity earrings from Vietnam made from upcycled bullhorn - $24

Encompass Earrings from Ecuador made from tagua seeds - $44

Fortune Hoops from India made from 22K gold-plated brass - $50

  • Necklaces

Love Necklace from India made from rose quartz stone and brass - $48

Celestial Necklace from Guatemala made from thread and brass - $48

Paute Necklace - Ivory from Ecuador made from Acai, achira, and tagua seeds and leather - $54.40

  • Bags and Accessories

Brighter World Backpack from Guatemala - $35

How Can You Join Threads Worldwide?

To join Threads Worldwide business opportunity, you need to become Threads Socialpreneur. You can do this by buying a launch kit.

You can choose from the kits worth $99, $299 and $599. These launch kits come with discounted products, your personal replicated website, access to online training, and free software subscription good for 60 days.

This business opportunity offer is for US residents only as of this writing.

To remain active as a Threads Worldwide member, you need to make a sale of a minimum of $500 every 6 months.

The  Threads Worldwide Compensation Plan

Threads Worldwide has no detailed compensation plan posted on its corporate website or anywhere on the internet.

The management calls the company system an “elevation ecosystem” where every partner of the business starting from the artisans to socialpreneurs is inspired to elevate their lives when doing business with the company. 

However, what we learned so far are bits of information about what Threads Socialpreneur can get by being registered as a member of the company.

A Thread Socialpreneur can earn 20% to 30% in commission from his or her personal sales. As to how you can increase your commission to 30%, the company does not provide a detailed explanation about it.

There is also the 60-day jump-start bonus program where you can double your commission and earn jewelry credits. 

Another way to earn an income from Threads Worldwide business opportunity is by growing your team but the company does not provide many details about this as well.

As a socialpreneur, you can also have a chance in earning a trip to visit the company’s artisan partners outside of the USA. 

How Much Money Can You Earn With Threads Worldwide?

Threads Worldwide has no income disclosure statement, a document that can show how much an average socialpreneur can earn from its business opportunity.

This document if presented well can dispel doubts about the profitability of an MLM company’s business opportunity. In the case of Threads Worldwide, the company showed that with your initial $399 investment, you can earn as much as $825 commission plus $400 jewelry credits in your first 60 days with 5 showcases.

As to how this can be achieved, the company does not provide much details. There is also a note below this saying that there is no guarantee that socialpreneur will earn any income and your ability to earn will really depend on your skill set, time and effort. 

Looking at this where earnings come from personal sales and team sales, I do think that just like any MLM company, to earn an income with Threads Worldwide, you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join your team.

I wonder why the company won’t public its income disclosure statement and even its compensation plan. 

The problem with MLM business setup is that most people lose money from this opportunity. We often see a 1% success rate where only these few were able to earn a lucrative income from the business opportunity.

About 50% of the members were earning close to nothing as well. Given this information, you can say that MLM business opportunity is a risky business to take especially if you don’t have the right experience and skills. 

Surely, one can earn an income from Threads Worldwide business opportunity given the right skills and effort however your chance of success is slim if we look at MLM figures across the board.

If you are willing to take that risk then it is your personal choice or you can look into other businesses out there where you have a better chance of success than this risky MLM opportunity.

The Pros And Cons Of Threads Worldwide Business Opportunity

  •  The company is a legal company based in the USA.
  • It values the principle behind fair trade and empowering women and communities.
  • The products are multi-sourced and are retail-viable.
  • It is not listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor in Direct Selling Association (DSA) websites.
  • The business opportunity is open for US residents only.
  • There is no detailed compensation plan.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Can You Earn Money With Threads Worldwide?

Reviewing several MLM companies in the past, I often see marketing pitches relating to how proud these MLM companies are of the community they created inside their organizations.

This is also true with Threads Worldwide. In fact, the company termed its system the elevation ecosystem where everybody is elevated to make better their lives from artisans to socialpreneurs.

There is no doubt that Threads Worldwide is a legal company and is offering a legit business opportunity.

However, the question remains being it is an MLM opportunity, can you really earn money with Threads Worldwide?

On our research about the company, we learned that the company is not listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor in Direct Selling Association (DSA). 

The business opportunity is open for US residents only and its detailed compensation plan is not available. The company has no income disclosure statement as well.

Without this information, we could not find proof that somebody’s life has been elevated by the company’s business opportunity.

It is normal to expect earnings when you open a business on top of aligning your values to good causes with the company. However, in business, before delving into one, you must know your chances of success, especially in the earnings department.

If most socialpreneurs were actually earning in contrast to what we have seen from other MLM companies, the company will be proud in sharing its income disclosure statement. 

Given all these, I must say that Threads Worldwide should elevate the sharing of more information about its business opportunity offers as well as make public its income disclosure statement as a first step in making its prospective socialpreneurs comfortable in the business they are starting.

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