Should You Become A Brand Ambassador With Imperial Candles?

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Searching for a unique and exciting business opportunity is quite challenging.

In businesses offering gift products, merchandise that offer different experience give added value.

If you have been searching for gift companies that offer such a unique experience, Imperial Candles may have come across your search. 

Should you become a brand ambassador with Imperial Candles?

What are the things you need to know about this company?

Is Imperial Candle a scam?

These are just a few questions we seek to answer in this MLM review.

Let’s get started and find out if Imperial Candles is as exciting as the products that it offers.

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Should You Become A Brand Ambassador With Imperial Candles?

The Imperial Candles Company

imperial candles logo

Imperial Candles is a company based in the UK that manufactures and sells natural soy wax candles and bath products that contain pieces of jewelry.

The company was featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and was awarded the Coventry Telegraph “Business Start-up and Entrepreneur” Award.

It is founded by Claudia Negoescu and Alexandru Lanas. Both founders are social media marketer and entrepreneur.

The company was founded in 2013 and was incorporated in 2014. 

Based on Companies House website, Imperial Candles was dissolved on November 10, 2020  but the company remains active in its social media websites. 

Imperial Candles is rated 4.5/5 star in Trustpilot with over 1590 reviews. This is considered an excellent rating. The company’s Facebook page has almost 400,000 followers as well. 

The  Imperial Candles Products

imperial  candles products

Imperial Candles offer various gift items including natural soy wax candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, scented cuddles, greeting cards, bath bombs, lip scrubs, shower jelly, hand wash, wax melt, wax burners, toys, and related accessories.

Candles, bath salts, body scrubs and bath bombs products contain secret jewelry inside that can be worth up to GBP2,000.

Upon order from the selection of candles, bath salts, and body scrubs, you can select which jewelry type you want with a choice of rings, necklaces ,or earrings.  

You can choose your ring size in some instances. Once you’ve seen your secret jewelry piece, you can have it appraised using the Imperial Candles website.

All products are made in the UK. 

Here are some of Imperial Candles’ products and their prices:

  • Love Letter Two Jewel Candle - GBP34.99
  • Love is in the Air Candle - GBP34.99
  • Magic Moonstone Candle - GBP32.99
  • Midnight Jasmine Canlde - GBP30.99
  • Winter Fairy Bath Bomb - GBP17.99
  • Raspberry Bliss Jewel Bath Dust - $19.99
  • Cherry Blossom & Plum Reed Diffuser - GBP24.99
  • Mermaid Kisses Room Spray - GBP10.99
  • Lucky Scented Cuddles - GBP18.99

How Can You Become A Imperial Candles Brand Ambassador

You can join Imperial Candles when you are 18 years old and if you are a resident of UK or EU. You can start off by purchasing the virtual kit worth GBP27.99.

Once approved, you will have access to marketing materials and business tools including access to your replicated website.

This also allows you to be an active ambassador without a sales quota for 3 months.

After your first 3-months, you must reach 80 personal retail volume (PRV) every month to remain active.

The  Imperial Candles Compensation Plan

imperial candles compensation plan

Imperial Candles compensation plan rewards its ambassadors with commissions and bonuses based on their retail sales and team sales.

The percentage of bonuses and commissions that an ambassador can get depends on his or her rank. 

There are 8 ranks in Imperial Candles compensation plan. You start as an Ambassador and advance up to Diamond Director. Rank advancement depends on your personal retail volume, team wholesale volume, and the number of active ambassadors in your downline. 

You can get 20% to 25% commission in your personal retail volume depending on your rank. Your team sales commission also increases depending on your rank from 2% to 7%.

As a leader, you also get more bonuses based on your team sales volume. 

A detailed presentation of Imperial Candles’ compensation plan is available on this link here.

How Much Can You Earn As An Imperial Candles Brand Ambassador?

An income disclosure statement is a document usually released by MLM companies in showing the income received by its members for the previous years.

Based on this document, we can see how much an ordinary ambassador is earning as well as the top paid ones. From here, we can also see how many ambassadors are receiving no income from the opportunity.

In the case of Imperial Candles however, we did not see an income disclosure statement posted on its website. We tried searching the internet and we could not find any as well. 

Being an MLM company means that for Imperial Candles ambassador, you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join your team to earn an income.

However, it is not as simple as that: most studies about MLM companies and even our own reviews have shown that most MLM members lose money from the business opportunity rather than earn any. 

The members’ success rate in terms of earning a decent income from the business is at 1% when you look at most income disclosure statements from MLM companies.

We have seen many MLM companies with the most unique products in our years of review of several MLM companies however the business opportunity does not really translate to profit to most of the members.

This could be the case with Imperial Candles as well. Without an income disclosure statement, how can we expect more without proof that most ambassadors are really earning from the business opportunity.

The Pros And Cons Of The Business Opportunity

  •  The company is a legal company based in the UK.
  • It has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot website and a big following in its Facebook page.
  • The products are unique and quality-made from UK.
  • There’s a sales quota to remain active as an ambassador.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  • To earn an income, ambassadors need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business.

Conclusion - Should You Become A Brand Ambassador With Imperial Candles?

In making a decision to become a brand ambassador of an MLM company, it is important that we discussed about its profitability or your chance of getting an income from such an opportunity in addition to what exciting products it offers and its legality.

In the case of Imperial Candles, we learned that it is a legal company with some good points having featured on TV and with big social media following.

It has great reviews in Trustpilot as well. The products offer a unique experience that appeals to many and it gives an opportunity for interested individuals in the UK and EU to start a business from home at a minimal cost. 

However, Imperial Candles is clearly an MLM company without an income disclosure statement. Many issues are thrown into MLM companies and one of these relates to the fact that most people actually lose money from such an opportunity.

It has been established by several studies and by looking at other MLM companies’ income disclosure statements that only 1% of the members were earning significant amount of money from MLMs’ business opportunity.

Most members actually lose with about 50% of the members earning close to nothing. In the case of Imperial Candles, these findings could be true as well because if the numbers are good enough, the company could have shown them on its income disclosure statement.

So considering all that have been said above, if you want a real business that could bring you an income, being a brand ambassador of Imperial Candles seems to be a risky path to take given the lacking information to prove that it is a profitable business opportunity for most of its existing ambassadors. 

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