Is Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle A Scam?

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Looking for an affordable online business to start with is not an easy task.

 There are several options to choose from and finding a legitimate and profitable one can be overwhelming with too much information on the internet nowadays.

 In this article, we are featuring OXO Worldwide that is recently being launched as Quantum Lifestyle.

Is OXO Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle a scam? Let’s find out together in our review post below.

Is Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle A Scam?

The Quantum Lifestyle Company

quantum lifestyle logo

OXO Worldwide is a health and wellness company operating with the support of Aroga Holding Corp., an investment management company.

 Aroga Holding was a publicly-traded company incorporated in Florida, USA, and has a business office in Ontario, Canada. As of August 2020, SEC revoked the registration of Aroga as per this order that is available here.

However, on OXO Worldwide’s website, there’s still a mention of the company’s affiliation with Aroga.  Also, Steven Smith is listed as a member of the company’s leadership team. However, on Steven’s LinkedIn profile, it says he was only with OXO until January 2016.

 I tried searching the profiles of other members of the leadership team but it seems that there is no direct mention that they are still affiliated with Aroga or OXO Worldwide up to now.

OXO Worldwide’s other name is OXOgenic International Ltd. based in Nevada, USA but the company was also dissolved in 2016 as per the public records.

In the company policies, I was able to trace another website that relates to the company Quantum Lifestyle LLC  which also lead me to a duplicated website.

 I think these are the company’s latest websites. The office address is in West Virginia, USA and there is no mention of the company’s leadership.

 In one of the company’s YouTube videos, there is a mention of Ray Sickles as the company CEO.

The  Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle(QL) Products

quantum lifestyle product

OXO Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle offers what they call quantum-infused holograms or do-it-yourself acupressure kits that are said to support optimal health and wellness.

These products are as follows. Each contains 36 holograms with instructions on where you can place them. 

Energy QuantaGram

This is recommended to use during workouts or any tiring activity. 

Relief QuantaGram

This is recommended to use at the end of the day to be applied on the parts of your body where you feel the discomfort. 

Sleep QuantaGram

This is recommended to use at the end of the day to support you to have a restful sleep.

Retail prices of the products are not readily available on the Quantum Lifestyle website. You can access them when you logged in as a customer.

How To Join The Company

quantum lifestyle starter packs

There is no clear process mentioned on how to join as an affiliate of the company but there are starter packs that can be purchased and enrollers can earn a fast start bonus from these sales to their recruits.

 The minimum amount needed to enroll is $69.95 that comes with a sample pack, personalized website, shopping cart, debit card, and back office.

 Then, you can choose from the optional starter packs that cost $125, $375, $750, $1250, and $3750. 

The  Oxo Worldwide/ Quantum Lifestyle Compensation Plan

quantum lifestyle compensation plan

OXO Worldwide or Quantum Lifestyle uses a mix of binary/unilevel compensation plan. Here are the ways to earn from OXO Worldwide.

  • 1. Retail Profit

This is the profit you get from the difference in the wholesale price from which you purchase the item and the retail price from selling it.

  • 2. Preferred Customer Bonus

This is the retail profit you get from selling to your preferred customers.

  • 3. Fast Start Bonus

This is the bonus that you can get when you recruit affiliates and they enroll by buying a starter pack. 

  • 4. Binary Bonus

This is the bonus of up to 20% of your business volume when you maintain at least 2 personally sponsored affiliates from both legs. Your pay leg is the weaker leg.

  • 5. Unilevel Bonus

This is the bonus you get from the volume of your direct team up to 7 levels deep.

  • 6. Matching Bonus

This is a 10% matching bonus up to 3 levels deep from the bonus earned by your downline. 

  • 7. Dream Bonus

There are ranks to advance to in OXO Worldwide or Quantum Lifestyle compensation plan. These are retail associate, meridian, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, and elite meridian. Dream bonus is for ruby ranks and higher and it is 3% of the group volume of your pay line down to the next Ruby in your downline. 

  • 8. Prosperity Bonus and Elite Bonus

These are bonuses for Diamond rank and up and Elite rank respectively.

Here’s the direct link to OXO Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle compensation plan.  

Can You Make Money With Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle?

OXO Worldwide and Quantum Lifestyle websites do not have an income disclosure statement posted on them so there’s no proof as to how much the affiliates are earning from the opportunity.

 You can earn a retail profit by buying the minimum member pack at $69.95. But for you to level up your earnings, you need to purchase the optional starter packs that cost from $125 to $3750 and you also need to recruit people on your team. 

Just like most multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, you can earn residual income from the company’s compensation plan but this is at the expense of the people on your downline if you are already on top of the organization.

 Getting a bonus from the efforts that you have little to do about has been proven to be abusive on the part of the people struggling at the bottom of the team. This is a common occurrence in MLM companies just like in the case of OXO Worldwide.

From previous MLM reviews we know that most MLM members lose money from these business opportunities.

 We often see a success rate of 1% in terms of earning a full-time income with more than 50% earning almost nothing at all in the MLM companies that we have already reviewed.

 In the case of OXO Worldwide, such occurrence is also highly possible, and without an income disclosure statement to show some figures about its members’ earnings, there is no reason to believe otherwise.

The Good And The Bad In A Nutshell

  •  The products are unique and can be retail viable.
  •  It gives you an opportunity to start a business at a minimal cost.
  • It seems that the company has undergone several restructuring and changes of leadership without much of an explanation. This makes me question the credibility and stability of the company.
  • The products are not backed by scientific studies regarding their uses.
  • The company is an MLM company and for you to earn, you need to sell the products and recruit people to join the business.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle A Scam

While researching information about OXO Worldwide, I can’t help but think at several instances that there is something wrong with the company because there have been several changes in leadership, office address, and even company name in just a short period of time.

However, concluding that the company is a scam is such a big pronouncement that needs careful thought. Looking at the information mainly of newly launched company name, Quantum Lifestyle, I must say that the company is not a scam since it has its office address, meeting videos where the company leaders spoke about the company, and the company offers real products to sell for retail.

The policies of the company are also properly laid down on the company website. The company offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at a minimal cost.

However, please be wary though of some aspects where the company is lacking. The products are not really backed by scientific evidence and findings to confirm that they do work.

 The company follows an MLM business model where members earn when they sell the company products and recruit people to join. We have established from our own review of MLM companies and even studies by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that most MLM members lose money from the opportunity.

Based on our reviews of several MLM companies, our findings based on the companies’ income disclosure statements always point to a 1% success rate in terms of earning a full-time income with more than 50% earning a significantly low amount among MLM members.

 In the case of OXO Worldwide, it does not even have an income disclosure statement available on its websites.

 Be cautious when you decide to join this business and make sure you have enough proof and guarantees to assure your success on this venture should you wish to enter it. 

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