Is Vyvo (World Global Network) A Scam

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If you are into technological wearables such as smart watches, smart scales and the likes, then World Global Network (WGN) rebranded as Vyvo in 2019 could be of interest to you.

WGN/Vyvo fused wearable technologies to personal health and wellness analysis powered by artificial intelligence to better the customers' health and wellness habits.

 It is the mission of the company to empower its customers by offering technological solutions and a business opportunity so physical health and financial freedom can be both achieved by everyone.

These objectives really sound promising and visionary and we will soon know the possibilities of these things in this review.

 In our article, we give you an honest review of WGN/Vyvo products and business opportunity.

 Let's find out together the answer on whether or not WGN/Vyvo is scam and if it is really true to its mission.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Vyvo (World Global Network) A Scam

Some Facts About Vyvo/World Global Network

world global network logo

World Global Network (WGN) is a marketing company that carries health and wellness wearable technological products designed and developed by Helo Corp, a Miami based company.

WGN was founded in 2011 by Fabio Galdi, Alfonso Galdi and Alessandro Senatore.

 Fabio Galdi has a proven track record being an internet and technology businessman.

He started his new network marketing in 2005 and is one of the first creators of the mobile VOIP platform.

Alfonso Galdi and Alessandro Senatore on the other hand are responsible for the development of the company's financial and strategic system and business opportunity guidelines respectively.

There are 11 more leaders featured in the management profile  of the company.

It is said that WGN products have been used worldwide.

 The company has offices in Miami and Utah in the USA and global offices in Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Philippines and Ireland.

However, upon checking the company registration in Utah has an expired status.

The company is not BBB accredited but it is listed there with an F rating. It is the lowest rating that a company could get in BBB.

There are about 58 complaints against WGN and majority of which are in line with problems on products or services.

In February 11, 2019 founder Fabio Galdi announced the launch of Vyvo. Vyvo has offices in California and Utah in the USA and global offices located in Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Cambodia.

The  Vyvo/WGN Product Range

world global network products

WGN is the exclusive marketing and distribution partner of HELO devices. The products sold by WGN that are found in Vyvo Stores include product sets containing smart watches and account access to Vyvo

Smart portal. Some packages include supplements as well that are said to be personalized based on your personal health record.

SugarBuster - US$120

This consists of 1-month supply of powdered packs formulated to reduce blood sugar spike.

Vyvo Watch Lite Edition - US$150

This comes with a 1 smartwatch Lite and account access to smart portal basic.

Vyvo Vista+ - US$250

This comes with 1 smart watch Vista+ and account access to smart portal EKG

Vyvo Leggera - US$150

This comes with 1 Leggera smart scale and account access to smart portal BIA.

Vyvo Pay Card and Strap - US$100

As the package name indicates, it comes with Vyvo pay card and strap that you can use for contactless payment.

Member Nutra Lite - US$200

This comes with 1 smart watch Lite, account access to Smart portal basic, 1 month smart digital services, 1 month Oracle A.I report, and 1 month NutraPak supplement.

Member Nutra Vista - US$300

This comes with 1 smart watch Vista+, 1 month account access to Smart portal EKG, 1 month smart digital services, 1 month Oracle A.I report, and 1 month NutraPak supplement.

Partner - Nutra Lite - US$315

This comes with 1 smart watch Lite, account access to smart portal basic, 1 Leggera smart scale, account access to smart portal BIA, 1 month smart digital services, 1 month Oracle A.I. report, 1 month NutraPak supplement.

Partner - Nutra Vista - US$405

This comes with smart watch Vista+, account access to smart portal EKG, 1 Leggera smart scale, account access to smart portal BIA, 1 month smart digital services, 1 month Oracle A.I. report, and 1 month NutraPak supplement.

There are other Nutra packages available with multiple sets.

There are Oracle Vista packages with similar contents with that of Nutra Vista packages just without the NutraPak supplements.

Oracle Vista packages are quite cheaper than the Nutra Vista packages.

 All products will be available for shipping by April 2020 and prices do not include shipping cost yet.

Vyvo has a smart app that is compatible with most smartphones.

There is a Vyvo token  as well that is generated from the use of Vyvo devices. This token is an ERC-20 token found in Ethereum Blockchain.

The  Vyvo Compensation Plan

wgn comp plan

Joining Vyvo's business opportunity is free but you have to be a customer first. Once a member, you will get a personalized Vyvo website. These are the ways for a member to earn income from Vyvo:

1. Fast Referral Bonus

When a member refer customers to purchase an item from Vyvo, he/she will get a 10% retail commission. This is paid immediately after the transaction is done.

2. Team Volume Commission (TVC)

This bonus is awarded to team builders or those who create or grow their team. These two team builders are:

· Partner Level - when you achieve 250 sales volume (SV)

· Master Level - when you achieve 600 SV

To qualify for this bonus, a team builder needs to create his/her dual team (left and right) on his/her down line. For every 300 SV of his/her dual team (i.e. left team makes 300 SV and right team makes 300 SV) a team builder gets US$10 if he/she is a partner level or US$20 if he/she is a master level. If the SVs of a team builder’s dual team is not balanced then the excess will carry over to the next cycle. This bonus is paid weekly.

3. Money Box Commission

This applies to team builder or above. If a team builder consistently qualifies for TVC commission for 12 consecutive months, he/she will get US$ 1 for every 300 SV of his/her dual team.

4. Builder Brick Bonus

A team builder is awarded with a Brick Bonus if his/her down line purchase a product. The bonus is US$10 for every 300 SV cycle left or right.

5. Generation Matching Bonus

To understand this bonus type, we must understand first the Vyvo's recognition ranks as detailed by the photo below. The lowest rank is Silver for those with 300 SV on their left and right down line and the highest is grand president millionaire with 3000000 SV on their left and right teams.

Vyvo offers 1 - 10% bonus for up to 10 generations depending on the team builder’s rank.

6. Business Development Bonus

This bonus is for diamond ranks that are able to maintain such rank for 4 consecutive commission periods. Qualified members get up to US$1000 bonus to assist with their business development expenses.

There are travel incentives as well given to qualified diamond-ranked members.

To remain active, a member must have an active subscription with Vyvo Smart.

 Unfortunately, I cannot find available rates for these subscriptions.

 How Much Can You  Earn with WGN/Vyvo?

world global network income disclosure

Since Vyvo's business opportunity was launched in 2019, it is understandable that no income disclosure statement has been published yet.

 However, WGN published an average income chart for members from USA and Canada for the year 2017. This may have been published for previous compensation plan.

 We can refer to this data in the meantime.

Based on this data, the average income of all WGN associates in the USA and Canada is US$410.6. There are about 48538 associates on this period and 15545 of them are business builders.

About 19.69% of business builders earned zero dollar and if I understand the data correctly, that is about 3060 business builders. While, 49.46% of business builders were earning US$1-999 and their typical income is US$199.28.

 If I interpreted it correctly, it means that the mean income for business builders is less than US$199.28 annually.

Only about 3.92% of business builders were earning US$10,000 up annually. This just confirms the fact that just like in most MLM companies, earning a decent income in WGN is such a distant dream.

Also, it is important to note that even though WGN/Vyvo is marketing their business opportunity as free to join, it is not really the case because you must be a customer first with an active subscription to benefit from the compensation plan.

 If you have the need for Vyvo's products  then it will come as a value added opportunity but if you don't actually have the need of those products and subscriptions then it will cost you some amount that is not really cheap.

Lastly, because this opportunity from Vyvo was recently launched, there is really no way of knowing as of this writing if the compensation plan will actually translate to real income for its members.

Let's check out the Pros and Cons of Vyvo aka World Global Network.

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The Pros Of The Vyvo Opportunity

· The company is transparent in showing information about the leaders and founders of the company.

· The company has worldwide presence.

· The products are innovative, on the trend and have an increasing industry growth. I must say the products are sleek and classy. The company has even integrated a Blockchain token reward system.

The Cons Of The Vyvo Opportunity

· The company is listed on the BBB website but is not accredited. It has the lowest rating of F and has 58 complaints relating to problems on products and services.

· Vyvo's brand is relatively new and can mean more room to grow for members but it can mean more vulnerability to competitions and other challenges as well.

· Vyvo's products are facing tough competition from established brands like Samsung, Apple and the likes. The products are available for shipping by April 2020 so this remains to be seen.

· Retail commission is relatively lower than that of other MLM companies.

· Just like in most MLM companies, a member’s earning potential is maximized when he/she focuses on recruitment rather than on sales.

· Because the company is still new, the income disclosure statement particularly for Vyvo's business opportunity is not yet available. The one from WGN is not even convincing with only 3.92% of business builders earning a decent income and around half are just earning less than US$199.28 annually.

· WGN/Vyvo's website presentation is not really user-friendly. It is really hard to explore the website and get the information that I wanted about the products as well as the business opportunity. I get the feeling that WGN is still on the process of transitioning to Vyvo's brand.

· Cost of joining although marketed as free is not really free and is even relatively expensive because you need to purchase your own product and its corresponding subscription.

Conclusion - Is  Vyvo/ World Global Network A Scam

WGN has established a global presence for 15 long years and with these years in the business and the website's transparency on the company's management and offices it is just fair not to tag this company as a scam.

However, with WGN's rebranding to Vyvo recently, this remains to be seen because the products are still tentative for delivery by April 2020.

By looking at the compensation plan, earning an income is not based solely on recruitment but rather you can earn from actually selling the products.

Although, income is maximized when you really focus on recruitment. Also, a member is not required to maintain an inventory that he/she does not need.

 So, opportunity wise, Vyvo is not a scam.

However, when it comes to earning potential WGN's average income chart is no different to other MLMs' income disclosure statement with less than 4% of business builders earning a decent income in the company.

Vyvo members’ income may show different numbers later on but its compensation plan and the products is no different from that of other MLM companies.

 Unfortunately, these compensation plans do not always translate to decent income for the majority of the members.

 So, if you are thinking about this opportunity, better approach this with skepticism and doubt rather than be sorry about it in the end.

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