Jafra Cosmetics International Review

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If you are looking for a beauty company similar to Avon and Mary Kay, then Jafra Cosmetics International can be at their level in most aspects.

 If you are just like us who are curious about this company, then we welcome you to read our honest review of Jafra Cosmetics in this article.

Find out more about the products, the founders, and the compensation plan.

Is it worth to take on this opportunity to sell Jafra Cosmetics products? 

Jafra Cosmetics International Review

More About Jafra

jafra logo

Jafra Cosmetics International is a major player in the direct selling industry that manufactures and markets their products in the category of cosmetics, skincare, bodycare, fragrance among many others.

It was founded way back in 1956 with its iconic product, the Royal Jelly Milk Balm. It became a subsidiary of Gillete in 1973 and became a part of one of the top direct-selling organizations in the world, the Germany-based Vorwerk Group.

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The company is headquartered in California, USA and has expanded to several other countries in the world including Mexico, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Indonesia and many more.

Jafra is currently under the leadership of its previous Chief Financial Officer for more than 2 years, James Christl.

He is the current President and CEO of Jafra and he got a strong and remarkable experience with other global companies especially in “driving growth, margin expansion, business transformation and profitability” prior to joining the company.

Jafra is a member of Direct Selling Association  in the US as well as in Europe . It is listed in Better Business Bureau with C- rating . 

With its long years of operation, Jafra had faced and settled a number of lawsuits in the past and the most recent that I could find was in 2013 that involved the company’s violation of certain law prohibiting Titanium Dioxide on beauty products.

 The issue was settled in the same year. 


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The  Jafra Cosmetics Products

jafra cosmetics products

Jafra’s products are classified into skin care, fragrance, makeup and bath & body. The company is like a one-stop shop for these products as they offer a lot.

 This year, Jafra has an e-catalog containing 248 pages cover to cover. 

Jafra’s iconic product is still its first product, the Jafra Royal Jelly Milk Balm. From this product, Jafra created several other product lines, one of which is the Royal Jelly collection. Below are the retail prices.

  • Milk Balm Advanced - $76

  • Body Complex - $66

  • Eye Concentrate Capsules - $50

  • Lift Concentrate - $50

  • Extra Soothing Balm - $27

  • Scar Balm - $27

  • Berry Powerful Lip Care - $17

Now, the Royal Jelly product has been further improved and resulted in a more best selling product line of the company, the Royal Jelly RJ X.

 Now, this line consists of several other variants, each containing skin care products for use in the 4-step skin routine - cleanse, renew, moisturize and protect.

 Jafra has the defy line ($206) to defy ageing and makes skin 10 years younger and revitalize ($186) makes skin 7 years younger.

Other lines using the RJ X technology include Luna Bright ($124) and Boost ($71). Prices in parentheses are prices for ritual products consisting of 4-5 products for you to complete the 4-step skin routine every time.

RJ X technology is also used in the formulation of Jafra’s cosmetics. Jafra has the complete makeup line as well.  

The following specific product types are also available from Jafra,

  • Skin care products for men regimen ($71)

  • Gold complex regimen ($142)

  • 9-in-1 skin care system ($79)

  • Sun protection ($17-19)

  • Professional makeup brush set ($49)

  • Dual Action Makeup Remover ($15)

  • Nail Lacquer ($11)

  • Fragrance ($24-53)

  • Kid Fragrance ($23)

  • Bath and spa products

  • Hair care products

  • Deodorant

  • Baby products

How To Join Jafra

jafra starter kit

To join Jafra, one needs to register and purchase a consultant starter pack and start selling.

The starter packs are available at $39-149. These packs consist of products that you may start selling and sales tools to help you get started with your business. 

To remain active as Jafra consultant, one needs to place a retail order at least once every four months. 

The  Jafra Cosmetics International Compensation Plan

jafra compensation plan

Jafra’s compensation plan mentions that consultants can earn commission from 30-40% depending on one's monthly sales activity.

There are free products that a consultant can get every 3 months which he/she can sell by retail and earn more profit.

Specialty priced packs are also available for consultants from which they can earn more profit. More free products and gadgets are possible for leaders under certain conditions.

Here are the other highlights of Jafra’s compensation plan.  

Team expansion is rewarded with $500 quarterly. Making a member achieve Manager title qualifies a sponsor to receive a $200 bonus. Each rank advancement is also paid with a bonus. 

Qualified managers get 10% commission overrides. This commission override is 50% of the total paid retail sales. Managers have cumulative retail sales of $300 or more, have achieved at least $2400 pre-branch paid retail sales and have 4 directly sponsored consultants with the same cumulative retail sales requirement of at least $300. 

Under certain conditions and increase in ranks, this commission override can increase to up to 18% with other benefits such as free jewelry, car allowance and life insurance.

A detailed version of Jafra’s compensation plan is available here.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Jafra Cosmetic International ?

I have been looking for Jafra’s income disclosure statement but I cannot find one. What I found is the company’s policies on income claims.

 It says as follows:

“The Federal Trade Commission and certain states have laws that prohibit certain types of income claims and testimonials by people engaged in direct selling/multi-level marketing. While you may believe it beneficial to tell other Consultants and potential Consultants about your earnings or the earnings of others, such claims may have legal consequences and may negatively impact both you and JAFRA.”

To answer our question, there’s really no way of telling how much an average Jafra consultant is earning.

 It really boils down to how much a consultant can sell in a month. For example, if a consultant can sell $250 by retail in a month, he/she can only earn $250x30% = $75 in commission.

Similarly, if a consultant can sell $1000 in a month and has an average previous monthly sales of above $300, he/she can earn $1000x50%=$500. Also, if a consultant becomes a leader and is able to maintain 4 ordering personally sponsored consultants and $2400 paid retail sales, then such consultant can earn an additional $2400x50%x11%=$132.

 In addition to this there are other bonuses upon reaching a certain sales volume and recruiting people to your team. 

As to how these sales levels and team building can be achieved is dependent upon one’s capabilities. Also, we cannot discount the fact that MLM figures with this similar compensation plan often show discouraging income disclosure statements.

So personally, I will not believe it if someone tells me that Jafra’s consultants are doing better than the average MLM consultants of other companies because it does not even have an income disclosure statement to back it up.

 It is a known fact that MLM figures show a very low success rate for members in achieving a fair full time income.

 And in some cases even a decent extra income to compensate for time and effort that one exerts in the business is highly unlikely for most members. It has been said that currently, Jafra has about 500,000 consultants.

 Surely, to position oneself at an advantage may pose a challenge in some marketplaces. 

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The Good And The Bad At A Glance

  • Jafra has been in the business for a very long 64 years. and is led by qualified and seasoned executives.


  •  Jafra has a rich product portfolio with about 700 products.
  • It requires low startup cost and offers a high retail profit margin.
  • It has a more relaxed requirement for consultants to remain active and does not require a sales quota to start earning a bonus.
  • The company is listed in Better Business Bureau but with C- rating.
  • The company has about 500,000 representatives so building a client and organization base can come as a challenge.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


There is no question that Jafra Cosmetics International is a major player in the direct selling of beauty and skin care products.

It is a company that you can immediately trust and take pride of joining given its experience, leadership and presence worldwide.

With a wide array of products, surely you can find products that would be a great addition to your business.

 Also, it requires reasonable startup cost and is generous enough in giving out bonuses to consultants evidenced by its relatively high retail commission rate.

However, we found some unanswered questions from some information we found about its business. What’s the reason behind the C- rating in Better Business Bureau?

 The company has long been present and its thousands of representatives surely have established their markets. They say there is a good time to join MLM-type companies and it is when it is still new, is this still a good or profitable time to start business with Jafra?

Also, why it cannot show an income disclosure statement? If you are not nagged by these questions, then Jafra can be for you otherwise we can just continue searching for a better business opportunity after this.

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