Poofy Organics Review – Can You Make Money With It?

Are you looking for a work from home business opportunity and have come across Poofy Organics? poofy organics review (logo)

When I first got to know of Poofy Organics, I was actually surprised to learn that they offer a business opportunity for men and women to sell their products via a multi-level marketing structure.

Poofy Organics are not your typically MLM company with all the bells and whistles aka huge, glamorous advertising and marketing strategy. Instead, Poofy Organic focuses on an audience that is supportive of products that are not only safe for people to use but also safe for the environment.

My review will discuss how you can become a part of Poofy Organics and if it is worth your time and money. Can you make a full-time income with Poofy Organics multi-level marketing structure?

Organic products are becoming more and more popular for excellent reasons. They are free of harsh chemicals, and most of them are not tested on animals.

The trend of producing organic products is steadily increasing and based on that tendency; Poofy Organics might be a good business opportunity.


What Is Poofy Organics

Poofy Organics is a small family owned business that was launched back in 2006. One of the family members fell ill with breast cancer (and has thankfully survived), so the family decided to create skin care products that are free of toxic ingredients and safe to use for everyone.

Poofy Organics operates a small store in Rutherford, New Jersey. On their website and in their promotional video they state that all their products are handmade in small batches.

They offer a reasonable variety of skin care products for men, women, babies, essential oils, and cleaning products. The prices are very similar to other cosmetic brands which offer organic products.

What Poofy Organics sets apart is the fact that most of their products are USDA approved. That means that you as the consumer can be sure to buy certified organic products from their range.

Poofy Organics mission statement

Let’s Talk About The Business Opportunity

If you are looking for flexible hours and want to be your own boss, Poofy Organics offers the opportunity to become a ‘Guide’ and sell their products via home parties or through your personal (duplicate) website the company provides.

The joining fee is a low $34.95 plus $9.95 a month for maintaining the website. Once you complete the sign-up process, the company sends you a link via email to take the “Poofy Organics Guide Enrollment Training” which you have to complete before you can get started selling the products.

After your enrollment and passing the training, you can order a Starter Kit (not compulsory) which includes various products to show at parties.

Further training is provided via online training modules, training from your upline, and through a private Facebook group.

Let’s recap: the joining fee is $34.95 plus ongoing monthly costs of $9.95. So the initial start-up fees are meager compared to other MLM companies.

How About The Earning Potential?

Unlike other MLM companies, Poofy Organics doesn’t focus on recruiting and their requirement to count as an active guide is very low.

To be counted as an active guide, you’ll only need to have $200 in Personal Sales Volume (PSV) in a four months period.

All up there are five different ways to get compensated. Read the full compensation plan here.

  • Sales and Rank Bonus: up to 41% on retail sales
  • Level overrides
  • Advancement Bonus and Matching Bonus: when you or your recruit achieve higher ranks
  • Generation Overrides: earn overrides of team sales in your downline

Poofy organics commission

The commission level (only retails sales) is as follows

  • Basic level: 25%
  • $1000 – $1999 PSV/month: 25% plus 3% Sales Bonus = 28%
  • $2000 – $2999 PSV/month: 25% plus 4% Sales Bonus = 29%
  • $3000 and more: 25% plus 5% = 30%


So in order to make a fulltime income (and without recruiting anyone), you’ll need to sell at least $8000 worth of products to earn $2400. That is a lot of products!

If you want to earn passive income, there is no way around for recruiting people into your team. There are twelve ranks you can achieve starting as an ‘Activist’ up to the highest rank of ‘Diamond Elite.’ Please refer to the compensation guide for more details.

The Pros Of Poofy Organics

There are a few things I like about Poofy Organics.

First up, there have been around for around twelve years which is a sign of stability. It is not too sure how long they have been involved as an MLM company though. The compensation plan got released in 2015.

I am always supportive of companies that don’t use animal testing and offer a wide range of certified organic products – another plus.

The company doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on recruiting which means less pressure on the ‘Guides.’

As mentioned before, the start-up costs are very low as well as the ongoing monthly costs.

Overall, the need for certified organic products are on the rise, so they might be a good opportunity to build a sustainable business.

What Are The Cons Of Poofy Organics

There are also a few critical things I have noticed with the company. It doesn’t look like the founders of PO have had experience with MLM in the past. So they might be a lack of proper sales and advertising marketing.

Not many people haven’t heard of PO. It makes it harder to sell the product to new customers who may have already they favorite product with another brand.

The shipping costs can be high with a maximum of $19.95. There is also no option to get a refund for products; it can only be exchanged for another item.

There are not many products or business reviews available online like on BBB.org or Glassdoor. The only reports I have found were on yelp.com which are dated from 2014 to 2015.

There was only one review from 2017 from a former guide who wasn’t too happy with the company. But only one negative review doesn’t tell me much about PO as a company.

The lack of reviews could be an indication that the company is not known by many people which again can impact your business opportunity of selling and of course recruiting.

I am also wondering how the company wants to expand their reach if they are only a small family owned business and they still make the products by hand? They even pack everything by hand and ship their products from their seemingly small premises in Rutherford, NJ.

It is a nice touch for a small local shop but to become a successful company it takes more than making things by hand.

If a company truly wants to expand, then they have to invest money in production, online presence, and marketing.

Can You Make Money With Poofy Organics

If you are passionate about certified organic skincare products and love selling stuff via home parties, I am sure you can make some money with PO. There is not much financial risk involved due to the low start-up costs.

Just be aware that many people order things online especially on Amazon which offers a 30-day return policy and very low shipping costs. So the competition is high, and the question remains if you can make a full-time income with PO.

I would love to hear if you have had any experience with PO either as a customer or as a guide.

Overall, instead of working for a networking company, I would instead recommend learning how to build your own independent website where you can promote any products you like from different brands.

It is called affiliate marketing and gives you the opportunity to build an online business which will earn you passive income for years to come.
The key is to provide value to your readers in writing helpful posts about things you are interested in.

Best of all, you don’t need to sell anything or recruit someone to become successful.

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