Temple Spa MLM Review – Detailed And Honest

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Looking for a skincare company to start a business with? How about going British with one of  the country’s luxury skincare and beauty brand? In this review, we are giving you a detailed insight into the  Temple Spa MLM company. 

With over 20 years of operation and an established name and brand, let us check how Temple Spa is with its business opportunity offers.

In this article, we will be reviewing Temple Spa with a focus on its MLM business opportunity feature.

If you are trying to start a Temple Spa business as a consultant, we hope this review gives you the information that you need as well as insights in assessing whether or not this MLM business is for you.

Read on to find out more.

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Our Temple Spa MLM Review - Detailed And Honest

More About Temple Spa MLM

templespa logo

Temple Spa is a skincare company based in West Sussex. It is founded by Liz and Mark Warom when they were in the Mediterranean in 2000. They were inspired by the nutritious indigenous ingredients and the excitement and love of living in the place.

Liz has been working with the skincare sector for years prior to starting the Temple Spa. 

The company can bring a spa to your home, office, and at the online event. Its products could also be found in spa partners, in hotels, and in Harrods, a retail store located in London.

The company supports charitable activities like those organizations supporting mental health and the homeless. It received multiple awards that are listed on the corporate website. 

Temple Spa's tagline is “Luxury skincare for your face, body and soul.” It also believes that your body is a living temple so you should honor it, enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.

The  Temple Spa Products

temple spa products

Temple Spa offers cruelty-free products with anti-aging formulas. Ingredients are a mix of botanically derived extracts, pure essential oils, and science-led active complexes but are free from parabens.

The process of formulating the products is said to be the fusion of scientific research and ancient expertise and practices.

The packaging is made of recyclable materials with proper labels.  

The products are categorized into skincare, bath & body, home, gifts, aromatherapy, vegan, makeup, travel essentials, accessories, and men.

Here are some of the company’s bestselling products:

  • Repose, Relaxing Night Cream - GBP42
  • Trufflelixir, Anti-Ageing Retinol Serum - GBP80
  • Toning Essence, Alcohol-free Hydration Toner - GBP18
  • Windows of the Soul, Eye Cream for Dark Circles - GBP32
  • Moisture to Go, Moisturizer for Combination Skin - GBP40
  • In the Beginning, Deep Pore & Exfoliating Cleanser - GBP32
  • Peace be Still, Calming Skin Balm - GBP19
  • Quietude, Calming Aromatherapy Spray - GBP25
  • Spa Retreat, Gift Set with 9 items - GBP40
  • Travel Therapies, Luxury Travel Bathroom Kit - GBP18.50La La Lagoon, Aromatherapy Luxury Bath & Shower Gel - GBP12
  • Good Hair Day, Luxury Haur Shampoo - GBP9.50

The company also offers seasonal gift sets for as low as GBP10.

How To Join Temple Spa

You can join Temple Spa as a class host where you can earn free products. All you need to do is invite your friends and family and your consultant will guide you with the rest.

You can also join as a consultant where you will get products, business tools, training resources, and Temple Spa website, all worth GBP800.

The starter kit cost is not posted on the company website but I read from some related posts that it is worth GBP160 to GBP175. 

The Temple Spa Compensation Plan

Temple Spa compensation plan is not readily available on the corporate website. What’s written there is that you can earn commission starting at 25% on your orders.

There is also a mention of other rewards, like cars and travel incentives. As so often in MLM companies stated, Templa spa stretches the fact that the sky is the limit for these benefits. 

In one affiliate’s post, it says that you can double the earnings as a Manager when you train and coach others in the business.

Can You Make Money With Temple Spa?

Temple Spa has no income disclosure statement. For network marketing or MLM companies, this document shows how distributors are faring in terms of their income earnings from the business opportunity.

Although, most income disclosure statements that we have seen show that most members actually don’t earn enough from such an opportunity. In fact, most of these income disclosure statements just confirm what independent studies on MLMs found out.

That is, only 1% of the members are earning lucratively while the rest are earning close to nothing. With this, we are talking about more than 50% of the members are earning close to zero. 

In the case of Temple Spa, since we could not find the company’s detailed compensation plan and its income disclosure statement, it’s quite hard to discuss the matter of income earnings of its member consultants.

In the website Indeed UK that is available here, it says here that 5 salaries of the company’s beauty consultants show earnings of GBP21,121 per year. 

Another source also shows that a spa class can give you average earnings of GBP31.25 to GBP62.50 per hour.

However, these figures are from a few sources and may not actually represent the average earnings of a regular consultant of the company.

Looking at Temple Spa’s business opportunity offers, I must say that just like an MLM company, for consultants to earn they need to sell the company products and invite people to join the business and in the process train and coach their recruits to duplicate what they do.

As consultants, you are self-employed and it is surely not for everyone.

Given the case of most MLM members who are not earning enough from an MLM opportunity and looking at Temple Spa business opportunity offers and the lack of information about its compensation plan as well as the guarantee on your earnings, how much good the company is in terms of other aspects. 

If it can’t help you with your financial targets, then your free to choose those opportunities that you think can give you a better offer.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the Temple Spa MLM business .

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The Pros And Cons Of Temple Spa

  •  Temple Spa is a legal and established company based in the UK with more than 2 decades of operations.
  •  It has a rich line of products on its portfolio. Some of the products are already found in hotels, spas, and retail stores.
  • Temple Spa provides an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business from home at an affordable startup capital.
  • It’s very hard to find the company’s detailed compensation plan.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Temple Spa has been in the business for years. It has already established its name and brand in the market.

The company gives back to the community and values the environmental sustainability of its products. The company has a superb product portfolio with award-winning products as well.

There is no doubt Temple Spa is a great company to be identified with and by offering direct sales opportunities to ordinary people, it is starting to expand its market reach.

However, since this review is focused more on the company’s business opportunity offers. I must say I am not impressed at how Temple Spa is presenting such an opportunity.

You could not find a detailed presentation of the company’s compensation plan on its corporate website and even on its social media pages. I wonder why that is.

However, from the information we gathered,  it is clear that Temple Spa’s business opportunity follows an MLM style of business and just like in most MLM companies, you need to sell the company products and recruit people to join the business.

This is not an easy task, especially for beginners. In addition to this, Temple Spa has no income disclosure statement.  

Temple Spa has the showing of an impressive company and brand. However, I could not say the same thing about its business opportunity offer if the company is not trying hard enough to share this information on its corporate website at the very least. 

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