ACN MLM Review

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Being in a business with an established company that is known by many and has received several accolades and recognition is surely an achievement that a normal person can be proud of.

Usually, this type of companies offer products that are already accepted by the public and have gained several followings. ACN is one of these companies.

But, surely you cannot just jump in and join the bandwagon without the proper knowledge especially if it will require investment from your end.

So, if you are like us who are curious about ACN, then we are more than glad to share with you the things that you need to know about this company.

 Is this company worth doing business with? Will your monetary investment as well as your time and effort be fairly rewarded when you join this company?

 Let’s find out together in our ACN detailed MLM review.

ACN MLM Review

Learn More About The ACN Company

acn logo

ACN Inc. is a multi-level marketing company in the telecommunications sector. It was founded in 1993 by 4 entrepreneurs namely Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, and twins Tony and Mike Cupisz.

There’s not much that can be found about the background of the 4 ACN founders on the internet prior to ACN. The company’s CEO is Charles Barker.

 The company is headquartered in North Carolina, United States. It was incorporated in New York, USA. ACN has worldwide presence from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

It's been Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited since 2008 and currently enjoys A+ rating and almost 4 star rating from users.

 It received 69 complaints in the last 3 years most of which relates to problems with the product or service, billing and collection.

 ACN is also a Direct Selling Association (DSA) member.

ACN was personally endorsed by Donald Trump. The company’s products were even featured in one episode of The Apprentice, a reality show in the US which aired many years ago.

 But, during Trump’s presidential candidacy, any reference to him by ACN was removed from the website and promotional materials.

The company was subjected to legal complaints in the past for alleged issues on its products/services and overcharging of fees. It was also sued for allegedly operating a pyramid scheme. These legal cases were already settled however the case involving Donald Trump and ACN for fraud, false advertising and unfair competition is still ongoing and has some recent developments/resolutions that are against ACN and Trump.

ACN has been a recipient of several awards, recognitions and publications over the years.

 It extends charitable efforts as well through its charitable organization arm, the ACN Global Reach Charities.


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What Are The  ACN Products

ACN products

ACN offers services for home and business that most people already use and pay for.

These are services relating to landline telephone, internet, wireless connection, television, security and energy.

ACN acts as dealer of AT&T, retailer of Spectrum and Vivint and sales agent of Frontier in the US for example.

 It also resells electricity and natural gas from Xoom Energy and comprehensive identity theft protection from IDSeal.

ACN’s product line varies per marketplace.

How To Join ACN

Joining ACN as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) costs $199 per year.

 In addition to this, $25/month shall be paid for business support fee which will also help an IBO maintain his/her business status with ACN.

 These fees give IBOs business, training and customer support.

The  ACN Compensation Plan

Joining ACN as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) costs $199 per year. In addition to this, $25/month shall be paid for business support fee which will also help an IBO maintain his/her business status with ACN. These fees give IBOs business, training and customer support.

From ACN’s North American compensation plan overview that is available here, earning money in the company can be done in four ways. Charts from ACNs compensation plan are also provided below.

1. There are residual commissions paid monthly based on the IBOs personal customer’s usage of ACN’s services.

This consists of 3%-20% depending on the IBOs personal customer points.

ACN personal commission

2. There are residual commissions paid monthly based on the IBOs downline’s customers’ usage of ACN services.

3. There are bonuses paid weekly based on IBOs personal customer acquisition.

4. There are bonuses paid weekly based on IBOs downline’s personal customer acquisition.

There are positions to advance to in ACN as follows

· CQ - Customer Qualified IBO

· ETL - Executive Team Leader

· RD - Regional Director

· RVP - Regional Vice President

· SVP - Senior Vice President

acn rank qualifications

 There is a customer point system and commissionable revenue chart available in ACN’s compensation plan as well. Acquiring customers is the only way to earn income from ACN however building a team can give a considerable leverage to one’s income earning potential.

How Much Money Can You Make With ACN?

ACN’s earning statement mentions that RVPs and SVPs level of annual income is achieved by fewer than 1% of all ACN IBOs.

 As to how much this 1% of IBOs earn also remains a mystery. ACN did not give an average or median earnings of its IBOs.

 It directly stated instead that earnings and success of IBOs are truly dependent on the individual’s commitment, persistence and effort.

It continued further that there is even a chance that an IBO cannot earn at all and even lose some money in the process.

acn earning statement

With this declaration from ACN, we cannot help but compare ACN’s business opportunity with other MLM companies.

 As we have repeatedly mentioned in most of our MLM reviews, success rate is generally low amongst business affiliates and more often than not efforts of affiliates at the bottom of the team are doing more good to the coffers of the people on top of the team rather than to their own incomes.

 It is clear from ACN’s compensation plan that earning potential is dependent upon two factors - from one’s personal customers’ sales and from that of one’s downline.

 This speaks volume of the importance of recruitment in increasing one’s income capabilities in ACN that is very typical of MLM companies’ business offerings.

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The Pros Of The ACN Opportunity

  •  ACN is an established company with long years of existence.· The services offered can be sold easily because they are the things that people are already using. 
  •  It is accredited by reputable organizations such as BBB and DSA.
  •  It has been a recipient of several awards and endorsements and were mentioned in several publications and even in popular TV shows.
  • It is a company that gives importance to values and giving back to the community.

The Cons Of ACN

  • The founders’ background information is quite hard to find given the company’s size and scope.
  •  ACN had been a subject of litigation in the past and has a pending case before the court as of this writing.
  • The start-up costs are relatively high with a monthly subscription fee.
  • Its compensation plan equally gives importance to personal sales and team sales thus encouraging recruitment.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


ACN is no doubt a stable company with a worldwide scope and strong product portfolio. It has been recognized, awarded and endorsed by independent and reputable organizations and personalities.

It has even a charitable arm so it can give back to the community.

However, just like most companies, ACN is not perfect. It faced several complaints before the courts for alleged deceptive practices and issues on its service offerings.

There is even an active case now ongoing before the court against ACN that also involves no other than the US President, Donald Trump.

As a prospective IBO of ACN, these legal battles of the company can be of little concern depending on how you see it because the company has settled most of them in the past and it just shaped the company to be stronger than ever.

 However, it is but right to analyze the company piece by piece when you actually plan to put an investment on the line. That is, becoming its IBO.

ACN surely has a valid business offering for prospective IBOs but the way it works as a multi-level marketing company where personal sales and downline sales are rewarded equally make the playing field unequal already.

This system already discourages IBOs who are only good at selling but are not good enough with recruitment and building a team.

 Still, in ACN people who are already on top of the organization can still earn from the sales of their downline even if the latter are already struggling at the bottom.

 ACN’s compensation plan simply allows this. This is where most MLM companies’ weaknesses lie, just like with ACN.

Sadly, ACN also falls to this unequal reward system. This is very clear in ACN’s pronouncement about its IBOs earnings statement where only 1% of ACN IBOs achieved extraordinary earnings of RVPs and SVPs. In addition to this, no figures have been presented as to how much IBOs are earning even by average or even a few of them.

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