What Is Aihu? Is It Worth Getting Involved?

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They say passion in business can make one succeed. My first impression of Aihu is that it is a company founded and nurtured by its founders' passion about its products.

 From the very start, the company has been very clear with its mission to cherish and protect by providing toxin-free and natural products to help with balance restoration and self-healing from within.

There is no doubt Aihu offers the best products in its respective categories.

However, on the business side of things, is it also a company worth getting involved to? We aim to answer this question and many more on this detailed review of Aihu.

We hope that we can be of help in putting some light about your search for information about Aihu and also to answer the question if it is worth getting involved.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is Aihu? Is It Worth Getting Involved?

About Aihu

aihu logo

Aihu is a skincare company based in Washington, United States.

 It was founded in 2002 by Ann and Amanda Walker. Ann has been an occupational therapist for 31 years and Amanda has been a special education teacher for 7 years.

 From their respective work environments, they were able to see the dangers of toxins and harsh chemicals to the human body hence they made it their mission to advocate for safe and toxin-free products and eventually led them to the founding of Aihu.

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A+ rating but with zero reviews and zero complaints as of this writing.

Aihu considers it as an achievement to be featured in David Bach’s book as one of the 9 companies to consider for green products.

Also, it has been chosen by Entertainment Television as one of the 10 companies in the United States for America’s best products.


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The  Aihu Products

aihu products

One of Aihu’s tagline is stated below.

“Ingredients safe for you. Your family and the planet.”

Hence, the founders aim to find toxin free products to add to the company’s portfolio. Most of the products are formulated with natural ingredients and natural oils. Aihu’s products are classified into 5 categories and here are the following.

Skin Care

Aihu has products consisting of the following with their starting prices: poppy soap ($7.99), shampoo and shower gel ($13.99), lotion ($9.99), hand soap and cream ($7.99), natural deodorant ($17.99), shaving mousse ($11.99), spa soaks ($15.99), hair conditioner ($13.99), skin cream ($19.99) and natural exfoliant ($27.99)

Face care and Makeup

Under this category, Aihu offers lip balm/gloss ($11.99), mineral eye shadow ($14.99), facial serum ($36.99), mineral blush ($20.99), mineral foundation ($26.99), kabuki brush ($29.99), mineral concealer ($14.99), facial cleanser ($17.99), eye cream ($29.99), face cream ($29.99), facial scrub ($24.99) and contour powder ($20.99).


This line carries products formulated with essential oils to assist healing. Prices start at $9.99 for body and linen spray to $34.99 for aromatic spa wrap.

Baby Care

This covers products formulated for babies including lotion bar, breathe balm, wash and cream.

Home Keeping

All surface cleaner, bow and basin cleaner, laundry soap, room deodorizer and sparkle cleaner consist this product category. Price starts at $10.99.

All Aihu’s products are made in America with plant based and essential oil ingredients. The company ensures that all its products are eco-friendly as well.

How To Join Aihu

aihu starter kit

Joining Aihus will make you a Consultant. For you to be one, you need to purchase an Aihu’s starter kit.

 You have the choice between $75 and $99 startup kit packages.

 These kits contain discounted products and come with your personalized website, catalogs, order forms and an Aihu's logo bag.

The  Aihu Compensation Plan

Aihu’s compensation plan is quite straightforward and the level of income of Consultants depends on the affiliate’s ranks.

 These ranks are Consultant, Team Leader, Team Manager, Sales Director and Executive Director. Retail profit is at 30% and team commission based on sales ranges from 1-9% up to level 4 depending on one’s rank.

Minimum requirement for a consultant is monthly sales of $167. This is constant across ranks. Team leader ranks and higher have recruitment requirement of personally sponsored affiliates to compose their teams.

 Can You Make Money With Aihu?

Aihu does not have an income disclosure statement available on its website. The closest that I was able to get relating to income potential is the one from 2015 Catalog that is available here.

aihu potential weekly income

It shows there that one can earn as much as $300 for hosting a weekly home retreat for as much as 4 hours of work in a week. This earnings computation is only based on 30% retail profit.

If you will be able to build your team, then you can earn as much as 6-17% more from your team sales depending on your rank. So, you can only leverage your income by giving effort to recruitment as much as to your own sales.

Aihu however does not have an actual chart of its consultants’ income for a certain period of time. Hence, the income potential posted on its catalog is just an example and does not really guarantee real income for its other consultants.

However, I must say that 30% of retail sales profit is quite a reasonable margin. I cannot say the same though to the $167 monthly sales volume requirement for consultants.

In line with this, without a concrete income disclosure statement to back the consultants’ earnings, we cannot really tell how consultants are faring really in terms of earnings.

 We all know the flaws of most MLM companies, success rate is extremely low for affiliates and there is always a high likelihood that new affiliates especially those on the bottom of the organization become merely contributors to the income of affiliates on top.

 Hence, making the efforts from the bottom of the organization come to naught.

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The Pros Of Aihu

  • Aihu has been in existence since 2002 with A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.
  •  It has been recognized as a company that carries green products.
  • The company is established with a clear and time-relevant mission.
  • The products have reasonable prices.
    Aihu’s compensation plan is straight, direct and can be easily understood. 

The Cons Of Aihu

  • Relatively higher startup cost than its other MLM counterparts in the skin care sector.
  • Monthly sales requirement for consultants is also higher.
  •  Just like in most MLM companies, recruitment is rewarded similar to sales.
  • Aihu does not have an income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - What Is Aihu? Is It Worth Getting Involved?

Aihu is a company that has been in the business for almost 17 years. It is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.

It offers products that remain true to the company’s mission of providing the best toxin-free and green products that promote self-healing.

 What is also great about Aihu is that the products offered have reasonable prices.

Are these reasons enough to say that Aihu is worth getting involved to?

I guess, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for. If you are a user of Aihu’s products then surely, a 30% discount on the products is a big thing.

You can also start your business from there. Aihu’s startup cost is reasonable starting at $75. Same is true with the monthly sales requirement to maintain one’s rank.

Aihu’s business offerings are designed similar to most MLMs systems where an affiliate is rewarded by his/her sales and his/her ability to recruit and build his/her team.

Anybody can take advantage of the 30% retail profit margin but this comes with a startup cost and monthly sales quota.

 Also, if you want to put your business to the next level, you need to recruit and build your team so you will also be rewarded with commission from your team sales.

This is usually when the system starts to become unfair in my opinion especially to those consultants who are at the bottom of the organization.

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