Aloette Cosmetics – Our Detailed Review

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Aloe vera is one the most popular ingredients used for consumer products including lotion, cosmetics, ointment and even in drinks.

It has unique properties that make the products work and become effective. Aloette Cosmetics is one of the many companies that has invested in the benefits of aloe vera and for this company it has been since 1978.

Over the years, Aloette has diversified its products but the influence of aloe vera remains written on its name up to this day.

All natural, cruelty-free and safety are becoming the recent features of skincare, body and cosmetics products today and Aloette has been subscribing to these trends as well.

 It has been named as one of the top companies in the MLM industry and has been free from major controversies throughout its existence.

Surely, Aloette deserves a place in our long list of MLM reviews.

If you are like us who are also curious about what Aloette Cosmetics can offer to you in terms of products and business opportunities, then you are in the right place as we give you our honest and detailed review of Aloette Cosmetics in this article.

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Read on to find out more.

Aloette Cosmetics - Our Detailed Review

About Aloette Cosmetics

aloette beauty

Aloette Cosmetics is a skincare and makeup company established in 1978. As the name suggests, it offers products formulated with proprietary ingredients, in particular aloe vera.

 It also uses all natural botanical ingredients and makes use of age-defying science in the formulation of its products.

The company is a direct sales company that also allows one to own a franchise. The company is headquartered in Georgia, USA. The headquarters is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau  with zero complaints and zero reviews.

 It has independent branches in Central South Carolina , Eastern Ontario , Pennsylvania , Tennessee , Manitoba , Mid-Mississippi, and many more.

 It is said that there are about 58 franchises that are open under Aloette out there today.

 Across the US, there are 21 business units including the corporate headquarter.

Currently, the President is Cathy McKenna who has been with Aloette since 2011. Prior to Aloette, she worked with Avon Products Inc.

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Aloette Cosmetics is under the Astral Brands that also holds the brands PÜR, COSMEDIX and butter LONDON.

Aloette is a member of Direct Selling Association  and it abides by the organization’s ethics.

It has been named as one of the top companies in the past even by Forbes magazine.

The  Aloette Products

aloette products

Aloette’s signature products as its name suggests are aloe vera based. It subscribes to its “our farm to jar philosophy” in manufacturing its products.

 It developed its trademark Aloeganic which is a super high-grade encapsulated aloe vera and is said to be more effective than the conventional aloe vera.

In addition to these, Aloette products are 100% cruelty-free and are free of harsh chemical additives.

The products are mainly under 3 classifications - skincare, makeup, bath and body. Here are some of Aloette’s bestseller products and their prices.

· Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel - $42.95

· Ultra Finish SPF15 Foundation - $24

· Maximum Moisture Complex - $28.50

· Hand Couture Anti-Aging Hand Creme - $22

· Time Restore Firming Serum - $58

· Visible Aid Moisture Restoring Cream - $18.50

· A-List Lash Curling Mascara with Argan Oil - $25

· Nutri-Hydrating Mist Daily Replenishing Face and Body Spray - $24.50

· Nutri-C Moisture Creme Daily Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin - $22

· Be Smooth All-In-One Balm - $50

Aloette also groups its products to different collections. These are offered at value and discounted packages and some of these collections are the following:

· Everyday SkinCare

· The AloePure Collection

· The Farm to Jar Collection

· The Platinum Collection

· Aloeclear Value Package

You can choose from among these collections to address your specific skin and beauty issues.

How To Join Aloette Cosmetics

aloette kit

Joining Aloette’s business opportunity will make one an Aloette Beauty Consultant. The startup cost starts at $39.

 This comes with a consultant’s replicated website free for 60 days and eligibility for Smart Start coupons. Also, this is a consultant’s ticket to avail of beauty consultant incentives.

After 60 days from joining, a $15/month fee will be charged as a subscription fee to one’s personal replicated website.

From Eastern Ontario’s business unit website that is available in this link, it says there that the $39 package also includes 4 bestseller products worth $112.95.

 This allows a consultant to save as much as $39. There are also startup packages that cost $99 and $199 respectively that give away 75% savings on products.

aloette other starter kit packages

The Aloette Compensation Plan

All new joiners can earn 25% retail profit from their personal sales. Incentives increase as consultants grow their personal sales as well as their team. The ranks that can be achieved in Aloette are as follows:

· Consultant

· Senior Consultant

· Executive Consultant

· Junior Field Executive

· Field Executive

· Director

· Executive Director

· Vice President

· Executive Vice President

aloette compensation plan

Senior Consultants can earn as much as 30% on their personal sales while Executive Consultant or higher can earn as much as 35%.

 From Junior Field Executive ranks, additional 3% is paid based on team sales.

This percentage commission can go up and is reflected in personal breakaway on all levels as provided in the above table

Can One Make Money With Aloette?

Aloette is not sharing its official income disclosure statement for its consultants. However, one can surely earn from Aloette from its retail commissions offering alone.

As to how much one can earn really depends on one’s capability and skills. Also, just like most MLM companies, recruitment and building a team is rewarded by Aloette.

 The higher the team sales, the higher the team commission can go up for the upline.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Aloetta.

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The Pros And Cons Of Aloetta In A Nutshell

  •  The company has been in the business since 1978.
  •  The products offered have proprietary formulations and have been produced cruelty-free.
  • The company has several business units across the United States and Canada.
  •  Aloette is listed in the Better Business Bureau with A+ rating and is a member of Direct Selling Association.
  • The product portfolio offers various products and has value packages. I must say that it can be considered as a one-stop shop for skin care and cosmetics needs.
  • The Startup cost is reasonable and the retail commission is fair and team commissions are driven by sales
  • I must say the sector of skincare and cosmetics has a very competitive and saturated market environment.
  •  There is a monthly subscription fee of $15 for the replicated website. There is no income disclosure statement.

Wrapping It Up

Aloette is no doubt one of the top multi-level marketing companies in skincare and cosmetics.

 It has been in the business for more than 40 years, even older than Nu Skin and Herbalife, just two of the top listed MLM companies out there today.

Backed with long years of existence, Aloette continues to thrive in a competitive environment of MLM companies with not as much controversy to challenge it.

Surely, the company is doing everything right to the best of its ability. Even in this review, we found a lot of good things about Aloette cosmetics as you may see on all the pros we listed about this company.

 There is no doubt it is a stable and successful company with proven and effective products on its portfolio. It even has a strong compensation plan that is product focused despite the fact that it leverages consultants who do not just sell but also recruit.

However, for a company that has been in the MLM industry for long years, Aloette misses on providing its aspiring consultants with an income disclosure statement to erase doubts about the income potential in joining the company especially that it is tagged as a MLM company.

 Aloette can be one of the most successful MLM companies out there today but it does not disprove some unpopular facts about most MLM companies. It sure does offer legitimate business opportunity and products but the consultants’ success is never guaranteed and sure does it never says that it can be just easy.

 Studies conducted by FTC about MLM companies even the big ones similar to the level of Aloette Cosmetics show findings that are not favorable to consultants especially to late comers in this respect.

 It is always the case that people on top of the organizations are the ones who earn reasonably and these favored members often comprise to less than 10% of all affiliates and in some cases they comprise of less than 1%.

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