Is Vic Cosmetics A Scam?

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Looking for a new cosmetics and personal care company to join?

Have you been approached by beauty consultants from Vic Cosmetics? Are you curious what this company can offer?

 Are you wondering if Vic Cosmetics is a legit company or just another scam?

 If you are wondering the answers to the above-questions, then you have come to the right article. In this blog, we are featuring an honest review of Vic Cosmetics.

Here, we bring you general information about the company as well as details that are relevant to the business opportunity that it offers.

 We hope that this article can shed light to your nagging questions about Vic Cosmetics. Let’s get started.

Read on to find out more.

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Is Vic Cosmetic A Scam?

More About Vic Cosmetics

vic logo

Vic Cosmetics is a cosmetics and personal care company established by husband and wife Edward and Jessica Le. They are immigrants from Vietnam to the United States and lived in Houston, Texas.

The couples founded a small eyelash extension studio called Amazing Lash Studio where they offered eyelash extension services and paid membership programs for their clients who wanted to maintain their lashes at a lower price.

This business grew up to 200 franchise locations but were eventually sold by the couples. 

Having started this kind of business, Jessica wanted to offer women another business opportunity where they can have their own success stories and at the same time they will be able to sell quality-made products at a competitive pricing.

So, Vic Cosmetics was formally launched in 2018.

Vic Cosmetics is based in California and is under its parent company the Le Group that also owns the lab, filling plant and distribution centers.

Vic Cosmetics is listed in Better Business Bureau with A rating.


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The  Vic Cosmetics Products

vic products

Vic Cosmetics’ products are said to be 100% made in the USA. They are classified into body care, for brows, for eyes and for lips.

Here are some of its products:

Body Care

Makeup remover cloth - $15

Toner and Cleansing Oil Combo - $45

For Brows

Brow Palette - $14

For Eyes

Super Drama Queen Mascara - $12

Eyeshadow Palette - $29.40-69

For Face

Makeup Removing Cleansing - $29

Facial Toner - $22

Beauty Sleep in Mask - $32

Cheek Palette - $17.4-29

Contour and Highlight Palette - $23.4-39

For Lips

Liquid Lipstick - $14

Lip Gloss - $14

Lip Balm - $14

Lip Scrub - $12

Beauty Sleep Lip Mask - $14

How To Join Vic Cosmetics

Just like in joining other MLM business opportunities, you need to enroll online to be a Vic Cosmetics Beauty Consultant.

 You then have the option to purchase your first product pack at $129 during registration or anytime during your first 90 days.

 This product pack has the approximate value of $300 or more by retail.

 By enrolling, you will get your own replicated website where your customers can place their orders. Subscription to this replicated website will cost you $11.95 monthly. 

The  Vic Cosmetics Compensation Plan

As a Vic Cosmetics representative, one can either earn from personal commission or team bonuses. 

Personal Commission is calculated based on one’s personal retail volume (PRV). Commission rate ranges from 25% to 40% depending on one’s PRV.

vic personal commission

There’s a start-up program for consultants to earn more during their first 90 days with Vic Cosmetics. As much as $500 free product credit can be earned based on personal sales volume and $50 bonus for each new qualified member that a new consultant sponsors. 

Vic Cosmetics reward its representatives who are able to build their teams. As one grows his/her PRV and group retail volume as well as his/her recruits, advancement in ranks can be achieved.

 There are 6 ranks to advance in Vic Cosmetics and they are summarized on the table below. 

vic team bonus

 To remain active a representative needs $100 plus personal volume per calendar month.

Team builders can earn as much as 10% bonus on their first 4 levels and more on their levels 5 and 6 while top rank, Senior Executive can earn 1% bonus on their entire group volume. 

Customers can also earn by joining the customer referral program. In this program customers can refer their friends and family to purchase Vic Cosmetics products and for every referred purchase, a 15% in free product credit is rewarded. 

How Much Money Can You Earn With Vic Cosmetics?

I cannot find any income disclosure statement by Vic Cosmetics as of this writing. It can be the case because the company is relatively new.

Looking at the company’s compensation plan, personal commission is pretty standard where consultants can earn 25% of their personal retail volume.

 This can be further increased to 40% when your personal retail volume reaches $3000+. The good thing about this is that a consultant can earn commission without thinking of sales and recruitment quota.

However, to be able to maximize earnings and be rewarded with team bonuses, recruitment is a necessity. This is where the income gap of high earners and average earners become bigger.

 If you have the passion for Vic Cosmetics products and have the right customer base, then getting personal commissions can become a source of a decent income. If it can replace a full-time income remains to be a question though as we don’t have any income disclosure statement from Vic Cosmetics to see.

For companies like Vic Cosmetics operating under a business model of multi-level marketing (MLM) and has no income disclosure statement to show, we cannot help but think that it is no different from other MLM companies that we already have reviewed.

 It is a known fact in the MLM industry that most members are not really earning contrary to what it should be in a business venture.

 It is not a surprising occurrence when an MLM company shows an income disclosure statement with only the upper 10% or less of the members earning a full-time income. This is the sad fact about MLM companies offering business opportunities to entrepreneurs when in fact the likelihood of earning from them poses more risk than rewards. 

In Vic Cosmetics, there is no guarantee about earnings as the company does not have an income disclosure to show yet. Also, the industry standard is also showing discouraging figures in terms of MLM members income in general and I must say this is a problem.

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The Good And The Bad At A Glance

  •  The founders have been handling the business for the same product category for quite some time.
  •  The parent company has its own laboratory, filling plant and distribution centers.
  • The products are said to be 100% made in the USA.
  •  Vic Cosmetics offers an option to start a business for free.
  • Personal commission rate for members increases as sales volume increases.
  • Vic Cosmetics is relatively new.
  • There is a monthly subscription cost for the replicated website.
  • Recruitment is a necessity to advance in ranks and receive team bonuses.
  • The company has no income disclosure statement.
  • Product prices are not too high but are not also competitive.

Conclusion - Is  Vic Cosmetics A Scam

It is clear that Vic Cosmetics is not a scam. It is a legit company founded by husband and wife duo who have grown their business from scratch to what is Vic Cosmetics now.

 It is under a parent company with its own laboratory, filling plant and distribution centers. Despite the fact that the company is just newly-launched, it is already listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A rating. The products are quality-made and all from the USA.

 It offers a way for individuals to start a business for free.

 Also, it rewards personal sales without any quota. Rewards from personal sales also increase as the volume of sales increases.

However, Vic Cosmetics is a relatively new company with intense competition amongst many other long-standing cosmetics and personal care companies. Vic Cosmetics’ product prices are not too high but are also not very competitive.

 Although one can start a business with Vic Cosmetics for free, in the long run there are inevitable costs so earnings can be maximized. Recruitment is also necessary to advance in ranks and to receive more bonuses.

Also, the company does not have an income disclosure statement yet. So, it can’t escape doubt from MLM skeptics just like me to think that such a business poses more risk than the promise of income given the current and prevailing MLM income scenario amongst most members. 

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