What Is The Mary&Martha Company?

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If you are a faithful and religious person, being a part of a faith-based company where you can share products that align to your beliefs and earn money from it can be very motivating and fulfilling.

This is especially appealing to people who want to pursue their passion and still earn money from doing so.

This is what Mary & Martha is all about. If you are Christian and want to be a part of an organization that speaks inspiration, encouragement and hope then you may have come across Mary & Martha Company.

 If you are looking to know more about this company, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be answering some of your lingering questions about Mary & Martha.

We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to make a decision if Mary & Martha is the company for you.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is The Mary&Martha Company?

More Info About Mary&Martha

mary and martha logo

Mary & Martha  is the direct sales division of DaySpring Cards, Inc. a Christian card company that is also affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc., the largest card manufacturer in the industry.

The company aims to offer products for the home and office with messages of faith.

Mary&Martha is working with Compassion International  in giving back to the community.

 The company made it a mission to empower women to share life. Hence, it’s tagline “Sharing Life...Together.” 

The current business director of the company is Stephen Barnett who has been with Mary&Martha for almost 10 years already.

The company is based in Arkansas, USA. It was previously known as Blessings Unlimited and was founded in 2006. 

The company is currently listed in Better Business Bureau  but has not been rated. 


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Mary&Martha Products

mary and martha products

Mary & Martha Company offers products for office and home with inspiring Christian messages on them. The products are specifically classified into Bags & Apparel, Books, Candace, Candles, For Kids, Home Decor, Jewelry, Kitchen & Tableware, and Stationery.

Bags & Apparel

  • Bags $45-155
  • Clutch/Wallet - $72-79
  • Statement Shirt - $36


  • Inspirational Books - $10-20
  • Books for Kids - $7-49
  • Journal - $49


  • Candle Holder - $45-69
  • Wax Melt - $6
  • Sanctuary Candle - $30

For Kids

  • Decors for Kids - $42-64
  • Toys - $14-48

Home Decors

  • Memory Book - $38
  • Boards - $74-120
  • Wall Sign - $55
  • Copper Wire Basket - $56
  • Wooden Tray - $99
  • Wax Warmer - $48


  • Necklace - $34
  • Bracelet - $56

Kitchen & Tableware

  • Plate Stand - $49
  • Mugs - $34
  • Dessert Pedestal - $40-64

These are the prices of some of the products that are available on the corporate website.

Mary & Martha is also selling products designed in partnership with celebrity/actress Candace Cameron.

These product prices range from $15-129. There are Christmas-themed products that are available in the company’s catalog as well.

Similar companies are Thirty-One, Opulence Global, La Bella Basket, and Reveal Products.

How To Join The Mary&Martha Company

To join Mary & Martha, you need to contact your Independent Consultant sponsor. There are two start-up kits to choose from and these are the following:

Social Selling Business Kit - $49 - This contains products that are worth $250 in retail value.

Deluxe Business Kit - $159 - This comes with products that are worth $500 in retail value.

The  Mary&Martha Compensation Plan

Mary & Martha rewards personal sales volume and team sales. To remain as a consultant, one has to make an order at least every quarter. There are levels to advance to and rewards and bonuses increase as one advances in ranks. The rank levels are as follows. To advance in ranks, one has to satisfy the personal volume, team volume and number of team members required for each rank. 


  1. Senior Consultant
  2. Executive Consultant
  3. Team Leader
  4. Senior Team Leader
  5. Executive Team Leader
  6. Director
  7. Senior Director
  8. Executive Director

Personal sales commission starts at 25% and can reach up to 30% for Executive Consultants and up. 

Team bonus on the other hand starts at 5% up to 18% up to generation 3 depending on one’s rank.

 There is also a downline bonus of $100 to $2500 monthly depending on one’s downline volume.

A comprehensive summary of Mary & Martha’s compensation plan is available in this link.

Mary & Martha also rewards hosts with host credits and free items. You can check out the host rewards on the photo below.

mary and martha host rewards

How Much Can You Earn As Mary&Martha Consultant?

I cannot find any income disclosure statement from Mary & Martha’s website or even from their other online resources and press releases.

 So, this question cannot be answered directly with straightforward numbers. When you decide to be Mary & Martha’s consultant, your income will surely depend on your own effort, customer reach and your business strategy.

 Just like in many business ventures, this is going to be not easy. Mary & Martha’s products are not consumable. Their prices are on the expensive side.

Although the products appeal to a specific audience particularly Christians, similar products are also available in other marketplaces at a cheaper price. 

The good thing with Mary & Martha’s opportunity is that you can earn from it anytime so long as you can make sales and make at least one purchase quarterly.

So, if you're doing it as a side hustle, then earning an extra income is possible. As to how much depends on the sales that you can make. 

However, earning a full-time income from this company needs a lot of work.

 As for the guarantee that you can make it work, Mary & Martha cannot show you any proof unfortunately. To be able to earn a full-time income in this company, you need to make your personal sales at least $800 monthly and build your team that can also sell.

 The problem with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies just like this one is that the industry standard is showing figures with only less than 10% of the members earning a full-time income.

 Some companies even register much lower than 1% full-time income success amongst members. So, if you will look at it, your odds of earning a full time income is very low really and without an income disclosure statement from the company to base your decisions, it makes it even more difficult. 

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The Good And The Bad In A Nutshell

  • The company has affiliations with reputable companies like Hallmark and DaySpring Cards. 
  • It is a Christian company that aims to inspire. 
  • Start-up cost is standard for an MLM business opportunity and minimum quarterly sales is needed to remain active.
  • The company is listed in Better Business Bureau but is not rated.
  • To advance in ranks and receive bonuses, you need to maintain your sales as well as that of your team. Minimum personal volume and team volume requirements for team leaders are relatively high.
  • The company has no income disclosure statement.
  • The products are relatively expensive.


By now, we have established that Mary & Martha is a legit company with reputable affiliations. It is a faith-based company that aims to inspire, encourage and give hope through its products that have inspiring messages on them.

The company engages in charitable works as well. On the business side of things, one good point about Mary & Martha is that there is no pressure to remain active.

This means you can earn anytime from your personal sales so long as you make at least one sale/purchase quarterly. The company is listed in Better Business Bureau and has been in existence for more than 15 years but it is still not rated there.

 I must say the products are elegant and they breathe positivity and inspiration but the prices are on the expensive side.

 The products have tight competition from other marketplaces as well.

Also, I find that team leaders need to maintain relatively high sales quota to stay on their ranks and benefit from the bonuses. Building a team is required as well hence recruitment is a must.

 To add to these not so good points about the company, it is not showing income disclosure statement to prove that members are actually making money from it making it difficult to believe that it can actually be a worthy source of income.

 We cannot just disregard the fact that in an MLM business model, it is a prevalent occurrence for more than 90% of the members to fail in terms of making such a venture successful in terms of getting a full-time income from it.

 If you have the passion for what Mary & Martha is offering, it can surely be a source of an extra income but making it a full source of income, I highly doubt that the efforts and work that you will be exerting on selling and recruitment will give you enough guarantee to a satisfactory income reward eventually. 

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