Bydzyne Review – Another Expensive MLM Opportunity?

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The multi-level marketing industry is not lagging behind in offering products that are offered in other markets.

 So, having stumbled upon Bydzyne with its “culture-crafted” products that span 5 totally different categories did not surprise me anymore.

 What surprised me really is the company name. If by any chance that you are like me and have come across with Bydzyne before, then you also must be dying to know what this company is about and what it offers to the market.

Could it be as unique and different as it is called? What are the things you need to know about this company? No worries as I’ve done my research about this company and I’m sharing it with you in this article.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Bydzyne Review

The Bydzyne Company


Bydyzyne is a company that offers “culture-crafted” products and business opportunities to the market.

 The founders are Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Sophia Wong and Chad & Nattida Chong. Nat & Chanida was formerly connected with the World Global Network (WGN).

 See link to my review of WGN/Vyvo here. 

Sophia Wong is known to have ventures on digital media and she is also a co-founder of a direct-selling health and nutrition company, YOR Health.

Nattida Chong is the daughter of the Puranaputras and together with her husband they were also previously connected with WGN.

 A new addition in the executive ranks is Dave Phelps, a seasoned international commercial lawyer and previously a leader to 5 other network marketing companies. 

Bydzyne was formally launched in 2019 and is currently headquartered in Wyoming, USA. It has an office in the United Kingdom as well.

It is listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a B+ rating.


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The  Bydzyne Products

bydzyne products

Bydzyne products are classified into technology, beauty, wellness, lifestyle and wealth. Below are some of the company’s products and their retail prices. 


Tracking Ur Wellness Smartwatch - $285


Xceler8 is a beauty brand created by Bydzyne where the customer can request for a personalized mixer kit designed especially for their unique skin characteristics. The personalized kit is priced at $186 and individual products are priced at $43-55.


Smart Market Academy Enrollment Monthly/Yearly - $313/$2143

This consists of training videos, training softwares, mentorship and similar resources on forex trading and the likes.


Premier ECO Subscription Monthly/Yearly - $429/920 with $37.95 monthly subscription.

This unlocks special privileges and better prices on hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. 

There is also the travel agent training that cost $1422.


Allur CBD based products are sold under this category. Prices range from $95 to $186.

Bydzyne also offers a BOS Club subscription at $69. It allows subscribers to have unlimited access to the BOS Club, an ecommerce platform that offers products from multiple categories.

The way I understood it the products offered in this ecommerce platform are products by Bydzyne only. This comes with a mobile app, prescription savings card and destination giveaway. 

How To Join Bydzyne

bydzyne kits

To join Bydzyne, you need to choose which membership you prefer. Your options are to be a retail customer, preferred customer or brand ambassador.

 In this article, we will be focusing on how to be the brand ambassador.

 Ongoing cost to be a brand ambassador is $39.95 annually.

 The available kits to choose from are as follows however accumulating 30BV can automatically qualify you to earn commission. 

  • Basic 185BV - $369
  • Business 535BV - $1069
  • Founders 2535BV - $5069

The  Bydzyne Rewards Program

To remain active as brand ambassador, you must at least comply with the 30BV monthly requirement. 

There are 15 ranks to advance to  with requirements and qualifications stated on the table below.

bydzyne rank qualifications

As a brand ambassador, there are 6 ways to earn.

  1. Retail Bonus (RB)

This is given at 30% retail bonus rate.

2. Infinity Welcome Bonus (IWB)

This is the bonus paid for every first order kit you make to personally enrolled customers and brand ambassadors. This is computed up to 25%.

3. Team Volume Commission (TVC)

This is the bonus paid out from your sales and that of your downline. The percentage levels will depend on how much BV you have accumulated. The TVC rate ranges from 10%-20%.

4. Infinity Matching Bonus (IMB)

This is the additional bonus that you can get from your team sales.

5. Global Pool Bank (GPB)

This is computed from the 3% of the company’s total business volume. This is rewarded to Diamond zone ranks or up.

6. Super Car & Luxury Home Promotion

This bonus is open to President zone and crown zone ranks.

A detailed explanation of Bydzyne financial rewards program is available here.

 The Bydzyne Income Disclosure Statement

bydzyne income disclosure

Bydyzyne is a recently-launched company and it is quite admirable that they were able to publish its income disclosure statement already for the period May 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.

However, looking at this income disclosure statement is quite discouraging really.

 I can see that only 0.58% of the members are actually earning a full time income by average.

 While only about 6.66% are earning an income that I may consider a decent extra income. This leaves 93% of the members miserable in terms of earning an income from Bydzyne.

 Most of them or 80% are earning $14.05 by average during that particular period when the income disclosure statement was recorded.

This amount is equivalent to nothing at all.

This income disclosure statement just confirms that it is not easy to earn money from Bydzyne.

To be able to earn, you must be at the upper 8% of the members and there’s still no guarantee that such income will be worth your time and effort.

 And, I cannot help but wonder why is it that about 0.58% of the members are making themselves rich while more than 99% are struggling to earn a full time income.

 Also, the cost of joining is not small. These are some of the things that you also need to think about. 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Bydzyne. 

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The Pros Of The Bydyne Opportunity

  •  Despite the newness of the company, the product portfolio is quite impressive in terms of variety.
  •  Given that the company is new, its presentation is complete including the release of its income disclosure statement.

The Cons Of The Bydzyne Opportunity

  • The company is transparent in providing information about the executive team of the company but there’s no mention of the executives’ previous affiliations with other MLM companies.
  • The product prices are very expensive given that there’s not much brand recognition yet.
  • The income disclosure statement shows that about 80% of the members are earning close to nothing and there’s the 0.58% members earning full time income and turning themselves rich. This is quite a divide or gap in income and it’s just logical to think that it can be that people on top are just exploiting the efforts of the members on the bottom line of the organization to make themselves rich.
  • Not surprisingly, recruitment is a must to advance in ranks and receive bonuses other than the retail bonus that is quite difficult to get given the retail viability of the products offered.

Conclusion Of Our Bydzyne Review

So, Bydzyne was only launched last year and is obviously a new company.

However, its executives are all seasoned executives coming from different industries as to which particular companies they came from is not directly stated in their bios.

But, a simple Google search can take care of the job hence I stated them above. 

The experiences brought by the executives to the company must explain how in the short time, the company was able to offer several products that span different categories.

Bydzyne has a detailed financial rewards program and it even has an income disclosure statement already.

 The problem with Bydzyne is that its products are too expensive and this may pose some difficulties in selling the products by retail that may also eventually lead to members not reaching their sales quota.

 Also, Bydzyne’s income disclosure statement is showing that less than 1% only of the members are earning a full time income which leaves 99% of the members struggling on their earnings.

 These issues are very important in choosing a business venture to start with but are also very common occurrences in most MLM companies.

 At this early stage, Bydzyne is already showing a similar pattern of widespread gap in income distribution amongst its members that is reflective of the prevailing situation in most MLM companies and this I think is bad news to most members.

 With these things in mind, I would personally stay clear from this company at this time.  

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