Is CBD Biocare A Scam Or A Money Making Opportunity?

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CBD, known as a component of cannabis that has no “high” effect on the brain has been growing in popularity.

 Many claims have been made about its medicinal properties especially in the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety and chronic pain.

 However, it is very hard to pinpoint exactly the legal status of using CBD up to now. Despite the question on its legality, CBD-based products are becoming popular in the market. If you are reading this article, chances are you are also curious about CBD-based products. 

In this article, we focus on one company offering CBD-based products in the market. If you have been searching about this kind of company, then you are on the right page as we will be reviewing the company CBD BioCare in this article.

Mainly, we will be discussing what this company offers in the market with focus on its products and business opportunity.

 By the end of this article, we will be answering the common question about CBD companies and in the context of this article, whether or not CBD BioCare is a scam or if it is a money making opportunity.

Read on to find out more.

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Is CBD BioCare A Scam Or Money Making Opportunity

More About CBD BioCare

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CBD BioCare as the name suggests is a Cannabidiol (CBD) company founded by husband and wife Matthew  and Stacey Pitts.

The couple recognized the properties of CBD to have natural benefits in skincare and medicine. So, they established the company in late 2016.

CBD BioCare is headquartered in Florida, USA. 

The company supports a ministry in Nicaragua as its way to way to give back to the community. A minimum of 10% of the company profits goes to this organization. 

Also, the company has rich resources of information about CBD, its benefits and how it is being manufactured and tested to assure customers about the quality of the products they are buying.

CBD BioCare is listed in Better Business Bureau with 4 years of business operation and is rated A+.


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The CBD BioCare Products

cbd biocare products

As mentioned above, CBD BioCare offers CBD products to customers. Its products come from 100% medicinal hemp that is known to have low level of THC, a component of cannabis with mind-altering properties. 

With CBD BioCare, they offer full-spectrum CBD Hemp oil. This means that THC is removed and if traces remain to be present they are very minimal where the effects cannot be felt or cannot be detected by a standard drug test.

CBD BioCare products are classified into wellness, pain relief, all natural, skin care, pet care and gift shop. Its full-spectrum CBD oil starts at US$48 per 500mg bottle to US$119 for 3500mg bottle. 

There are also CBD liquid capsules sold at US$18.99-33.99 for 30 capsules per bottle. 

Other wellness products include the following:

CBD Gummies - US$13.99-$29.99

CBD Coffee Pods - US$18.99

For pain relief, there are CBD pain relief balms with prices starting at US$33.99 for 60mg to US$51.99 for 500mg. Pain relief roll-ons are priced at US$29.99-$36.99.

All Natural products include anti-aging CBD cream at US$39, CBD pain relief cream at US$44.99, ageless cream at US$55.99 and CBD scrub at US$40.99.

For skin care, there are choices of CBD under eye cream at US$29.99, CBD prebiotic spray at US$33.39, CBD apple stem cell rejuvenating cream at US$36.99, anti-aging moisturizer at US$39.99, and CBD collagen retinol cream at US$33.99.

For pets, products include full spectrum CBD oil, pet chews and pet spray for hot spots. 

CBD Biocare also offers sample size of its products at US$1.99-14.99 as well as gift items such as gift card, polo shirt, t-shirt, hats, ink pen, golf bag and tumbler. 

All CBD Biocare products came from Hemp plants that are organically grown in the USA. The products are manufactured in the USA using the whole plant CO2 supercritical extraction process and are third party tested. 

It should be noted however that CBD BioCare has FDA disclaimer about its products meaning all the claims stated on its website about the products are not confirmed by the FDA. 

Similar companies are Prime My Body, Kannaway, Gemini, or Illuminent.

How To Join CBD BioCare

To join CBD BioCare, all you need to do is go to the company website on the page Refer & Earn.

 You will be asked to provide your personal details and agree on its terms and conditions. Once signed up, you will get your personal link to activate your account.

From there, you will be given your affiliate link which you can use to share on your website or directly to your customers from where your customers can purchase CBD BioCare products.

 Joining CBD BioCare is free but you may opt to purchase other marketing tools that include personalized landing pages or sample products for a cost.

 The available start-up packages are $99, $199 and $359. Packages $199 and $359 include actual products that you can try or sell to customers.

 The landing page subscription requires a yearly renewal fee of $49.99.

How Can You Earn With CBD BioCare

As a CBD BioCare sales representative, you can earn as much as 40% commission from the sales you refer through your affiliate link.

Your commission depends on your accumulated sales and is computed based on the below structure:

Sales of $0-$999 - 20% commission

Sales of $1000-$4999 - 25% commission

Sales of $5000-$14,999 - 30% commission

Sales of $15,000-$24,499 - 35% commission

Sales of $25,000 and up - 40% commission

Also, in every wholesale purchase you refer to the platform, you will get a 10% commission and another 10% commission from the non-wholesale sales that your sponsored representatives make.

 Payments are made every 1st and 15th day of the month for commissions exceeding the minimum payout threshold of $25.

 A cookie expires every 180 days for every browsing session. 

Wholesale partners on the other hand can avail of a discount coupon of up to 50%. 

Sales representative commission structures are explained in this link.

Can You Actually Make Money With CBD BioCare?

At first glance, CBD Biocare compensation plan sounds enticing because of its simplicity and high commission rate.

 The next question now however is whether or not affiliates are actually earning.

 Unfortunately, I did not find enough records to confirm and say that affiliates are actually earning from this business opportunity.

With no income disclosure statement from CBD BioCare, there is no telling how much affiliates are actually earning. Exerting your time and effort in promoting this business can be taxing and without a guarantee of monetary returns, it may not be appealing.

However, if you have experienced good results with the products, then you could just share your affiliate link on your social media account and see what happens.

Since there is no joining fee, there is no risk of losing money. 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of CBD BioCare.

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The Pros Of The CBD BioCare Opportunity

  •  The company gives back to the community from the profits it makes.
  •  For a new company, it has a wide variety of CBD-based products already on its portfolio.
  • The compensation plan is simple and straightforward. It is retail-driven.
  •  Recruitment is not mandatory for a representative to earn a commission.
  • Joining CBD BioCare is easy with the option to join for free.

The Cons Of CBD BioCare

  • Although the owners are experienced professionals, this venture seems to be their first business venture.
  • The products are produced with quality in mind but the efficacy of the products as claimed on the company website is not really confirmed by FDA.
  • The legality of the use of CBD in products remains to be on shaky ground.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is CBD BioCare A Scam Or A Money Making Opportunity

Obviously, CBD BioCare is not a scam. In fact, while searching about the company, I actually think that its affiliate program is quite good and promising.

Looking at its compensation plan, you can actually say that it is not a typical multi-level marketing (MLM) company because it is retail-driven and recruitment is optional.

However, we cannot discount the importance of 10% commission to sponsoring affiliates that can come from the sales of their referred affiliates which makes the company still an MLM.

A positive side of CBD BioCare is the fact that the company knows how to give back to the community with its charity endeavours.

 I can say that the company is also transparent in providing information about its products.

However, CBD BioCare is missing on one important thing to make its business offer more reliable. It is not showing an income disclosure statement so at least we can see how its affiliates are performing and how well they are actually earning.

 Without this missing information, it is just natural to be skeptical about joining this company because there still remains a question on how saleable are the products considering that the legality of its use is still changing.

 The compensation plan may look amazing but it is no use if it cannot convert to real income to its representative. If you are willing to bet on this downside then it is your business call.

If you are like me who is looking for more, then that is also understandable because going into a business like this one and making it flourish requires time, effort and sacrifice and it is but practical to watch out only for the very best when looking for one. 

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