Kannaway Review – Is This MLM Company Worth Your Time?

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Product discovery and innovations have addressed several health issues in the past and we always welcome them with thankfulness when they prove to be effective.

With the increasing popularity of CBD-based products, I must say they bring positive results to most users to great extent.

 So, if you are one of those people who has some passing curiosity about CBD and its benefits or if your life has already been changed by using it, chances are you would want to know about a company dealing with this kind of product.

In this article, we give you Kannaway, a pioneer company in CBD and networking industry.

 Our goal is to examine the company’s overall status and to dig deeper into the business opportunity that it offers.

At the end of this post, we hope that you will have your answer on whether or not Kannaway is a company that is worth your time.  

Read on to find out more.

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Kannaway Review- Is This MLM Company Worth Your Time?

More About The Kannaway Company

kannaway logo

Kannaway is a cannabis networking company headquartered in California, USA. It was founded in 2014 but the company history on its website started in 2009. 

The company was acquired by Medical Marijuana, Inc.  in 2015. HempMeds is also under the umbrella of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Dr. Stuart Titus, is a key person in the cannabis industry being the expert and pioneer in cannabinoid research and applications. He is the CEO and President of Medical Marijuana Inc.

Kannaway, on the other hand, is headed by Blake Schroeder and Stephen Jones.  Schroeder has been working with the network marketing industry for 10 years particularly with ForeverGreen International and MonaVie prior to Kannaway.

 Similarly, Stephen Jones has been with other network marketing companies particularly with Jeunesse Global and MonaVie. 

It is said that Kannaway is the first company in the network marketing industry to offer cannabis products, the first to get quality certification seals from the U.S. Hemp Authority and the first to be listed in Prescribers’ Digital Reference (Physicians’ Desk Reference).

It also received accolades in the 2019 American Business Awards. 

The company launched operations in the European Union in November 2018 and recently in Russia


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The Kannaway Products

kannaway products

Kannaway products contain CBD or cannabidiol as their proprietary ingredients. Most products of Kannaway are said to be triple lab tested, non-GMO, has US Hemp Authority Seal, PDR listed, and came from plants with no herbicides and no pesticides. Kannaway’s products also incorporate ancient Asian herbal formulas.

The company's products are categorized into CBD products for oral applications, liquid, capsules, salve, and edibles. There are those products that are also categorized in nutrition, skincare, pets, and DNA kits.

As of this writing, these are Kannaways best sellers.

  • Pure Gold Soft Gels - $110.50

These are oral capsules containing 30 gel capsules with 25mg CBD components per capsule.

  • Pure Gold 1500 mg - $194.99

This contains 4 oz of pure liquid CBD with non-detectable amounts of THC.

  • Blue Enriched Hemp Oil - 2250mg - $299.98

This contains 75mg of CBD with other ingredients including pinene, beta-caryophyllene, geranium, and many more. 

  • Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator - 1500mg - $221

This is a full spectrum combination of raw and decarboxylated hemp oils.

How To Join Kannaway

To join Kannaway’s business opportunity, all you need to do is enroll as a brand ambassador and pay the brand ambassador fee of $54.98 annually.

 Purchase of product packs is optional with the below options with their cost:

  • Starter Value Pack - $249
  • Share Value Pack - $499
  • Professional Value Pack - $999
  • Premium Value Pack - $2,499
  • Party Pack - $499
  • Evolve - 8 Week Pack - $349.

The Kannaway Compensation Plan

Here are the ways to earn money from Kannaway’s compensation plan.

Smartship Rewards

You earn free products when you enroll for smartship or autoship and for having 3 customers enrolled on this smartship program.

Direct Sales Bonus

You can earn 30% on your personally enrolled BA’s non-value pack order and the below amount on value pack orders. 

kannaway dsc commission

50% DSC Check Match

Qualifying team members are paid with 50% check match on their DSC commissions.

Residual Income

Kannaway pays 10 levels in residual income.

kannaway residual income

Rank Infinity Commissions

When you achieve certain ranks, you will be qualified to be paid with rank infinity commissions.

 Also, Kannaways pays Fast Start Bonus, lifestyle, and rank advancement commissions.

 Kannaway guarantees your income based on your rank so long as you qualify for the minimum requirements imposed by the Minimum Income Guarantee program.

For a detailed explanation of Kannaway’s compensation plan, you can check the link here.

Can You Make Money With Kannaway?

Kannaway has no income disclosure statement to show so it is really difficult to determine how much its brand ambassadors are earning.

 With the company’s Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) program, we can see here how much each rank can earn at a minimum if they meet the requirements that are basically set on personal volume and number of recruits. 

kannaway mig

The problem however is that we don’t know how many percent of all Kannaway’s brand ambassadors are able to maintain these ranks and meet the requirements that are set by MIG program.

This is critical so we will see how many percent of the brand ambassadors are actually benefiting from this program.

The lack of income disclosure statement in an MLM company like Kannaway is reason enough to approach it with caution.

 This income document can serve as proof that the compensation plan is actually converting to real income for its brand ambassadors.

 The lack of it is reason enough for us to apply the findings we have already seen with other MLM companies similar to Kannaway in assessing its business opportunity’s earning potentials.

And, as we already know facts about MLM’s businesses are in reality discouraging when we look at their business opportunity offerings.    

MLM business models like what we have seen with Kannaway tends to only benefit the very few. In most cases, these very few accounts for less than 10% of the active members with some of the biggest companies in the industry reporting as low as 1% success rate.

 This is the sad truth in the MLM business model that years of reviewing several MLM companies, no single company was able to disprove this finding in my experience.

Investing your time, effort, and money with an MLM business is a very risky venture when you don’t have the necessary skills to succeed in selling and recruiting.

In the case of Kannaway, with no income disclosure statement to show, I cannot also make an exception. 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Kannaway.

The Pros Of Kannaway

  • Kannaway is a relatively new company but is a pioneer in its product category.
  • The company leaders have indisputable experience in networking as well as the cannabinoid industry.  
  • The company and the leaders have received some recognition from independent award bodies.
  • The company is continuously expanding its global reach.
  • It is rated A+ in Better Business Bureau.
  • The products are formulated based on scientific research and are no doubt retail-viable.
  • The startup cost is relatively low.

The Cons Of Kannaway

  • I find the compensation plan explanation not adequate enough for easy understanding.
  • To earn, you must sell and recruit.
  • Bonus and commissions are paid in multi-levels that tend to benefit the very few on top of the organization.  
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Kannaway has established its strong presence in the cannabinoid industry in just 6 years of operations.

 It is run by seasoned leaders in both the CBD product category and network marketing. The company continues to expand in some other country marketplaces as time went by.

 It is rated A+ in Better Business Bureau and offers a business opportunity that requires relatively low cost.

However, no company is perfect. Just like Kannaway, it has its weak points too.

 The sad thing is that I see these weak points in the company’s business opportunity offering.

 I find the compensation plan difficult to understand but basically it will require you to sell and recruit to earn.

 And, just like most MLM companies, it pays commissions in multi-levels. This scenario often leads to a situation where the coffers of the leaders on top grow at the expense of the income of the members on the lower level.

 In my research of MLM companies, there is always the glaring truth about the predatory nature of MLM business models.

 In the case of Kannaway, although the company comes in strong in some aspects, I cannot help but notice that it lacks some points particularly in proving that the business opportunity that it brings to the market is promising as it is projected to be. 

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