YOR Health MLM Review – Should You Look Elsewhere?

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YOR Health is a health and wellness company selling essential oils, skincare, health and nutrition products.

The product range is fairly vast and covers the most significant products in the health and wellness industry today.

If YOR Health caught your interest upfront with the products that they sell, chances are you want to know more about the company and learn how you will further benefit from it.

 Lucky for you, this post is focused on YOR Health, and here we aim to give you answers to the most pressing questions you have about this health and wellness company. 

Also, what makes YOR Health different from other health and wellness MLM companies like Globallee,  BeneYou, or Genesis Pure?

Read on to find out more.

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YOR Health MLM Review - Should You Look Elsewhere?

About YOR Health

yor health logo

YOR Health is a health and wellness company based in California, USA.

It is founded by Dennis Wong and his sister, Sophia Wong.

 The Wongs were in real estate prior to their venture into the health and nutrition industry.

Currently, though, it seems that Sophia Wong has parted ways with YOR Health and became the President of another multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Bydzyne.

 You can read my full review of Bydzyne over here.

Dennis Wong was involved in a FTC complaint in the past for deceptive marketing practices while in a company that he co-founded.

 A settlement was reached that imposed a monetary fine to Wong and his other co-founder. 

YOR Health lists its Global Advisory Board, Scientific Advisory Board, and Athletic Advisory Athletic Board on its corporate website.

 There is a list of professional customers and independent representatives (IR) available on the company’s corporate website as well. 

YOR Health is listed in the Better Business Bureau and is said to be in business for 15 years already. The company is also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).


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The  YOR Health Products

yor health products

YOR Health products are classified into essential oil blends, kits, and singles. Other products include Amber skincare and personal care products, YOR capsules, meal replacements, and accessories. 

Essential Oils

Essential oil blends range from $37.18 to $57.18 per 3 packs of 5ml bottles, single 5ml essential oils range from $27.84 to $34.51, and single 15ml essential oils cost $13.18 to $93.18. While essential oil kits containing 10 pcs of 15ml bottles, 10 packs of glass vials, some informational cards, and extra bottle accessories cost $461.83. There’s a fractionated coconut oil as well sold at $15.84 with 4oz volume.

Amber Line

The Amber product line offers the following products with the below retail prices:

Perfume 20ml - $200

Cleanser/Toner - $60

Eye Cream - $80-$106.67

Shampoo - $46.67

Conditioner - $50.67

Body Wash - $33.33

Lotion - $33.33

YOR Dietary Supplements

YOR dietary supplements include the following:

YOR AMP (84 capsules) - $62.51

YOR Digest Ultra (56 capsules) - $51.84

YOR Essential Vitamin (112 tablets) - $43.84

YOR Probiotics Ultra - $57.18 

YOR Repair Ultra - $45.18

YOR Meal Replacements

YOR meal replacements include berry, chocolate, vanilla, and supergreens flavored powdered formulations with price range from $38.51 to $54.51 per pack or canister. 

How To Join YOR Health

To join YOR Health, you have 3 options:

  1. Join as a retail customer for free,
  2. Join as a select customer for a fee of $25 and get 25% off on the products’ retail prices, and
  3. Join as a Promoter for a fee of $50 and get 25% off on the products’ retail prices and earn commissions.

To become an independent representative (IR), you must be enrolled as a Select Customer and click “Become an Independent Representative”. Then, you need to pass the IR Test with a provided study guide and you need to accept the IR Agreement.  

To remain active, you need to accumulate 60 retail product volume (RPV) every 28 days. To be a qualified distributor, you must have at least 2 recruits.

 To accumulate binary group product volume (BGPV), you need to accumulate 400 RPV.

The  YOR Health Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn from YOR Health compensation plan.

Retail Profit

Retail profit is from the difference between retail and wholesale prices. As an IR, you can purchase products at a discounted price and sell them at a regular retail price. The retail margin is generally at 25%.

Personal Customer Bonus

Personal Customer Bonus is paid at 10-20% of the orders PV made by your personally sponsored customers.

First Order Bonus

First order bonus is 5-20% of the first order PV made by your recruited customers or IRs depending on the PV range and your upline level.

Binary Match Pay

This is the bonus you get from the sales made by your binary downline.

Leadership Bonus

This is the bonus paid from a percentage of your binary match pay. The higher your rank, the bigger the bonus percentage you will be paid as well as the levels on which you will be paid will be increased.

Here’s the rank advancement table in YOR Health.

yor health rank advancement

For a detailed explanation of YOR Health compensation, you can check out this link here.

Can You Make Money With YOR Health?

In YOR Health’s income disclosure statement covering the period of December 23, 2019 to September 28, 2020 and based on the average monthly income of IRs by rank, less than 2% of the IRs are earning a full-time income in comparison with the income data based on the United States average annual individual income data of 2020. 

A link to YOR Health’s income disclosure statement can be found here.

yor health income disclosure statement

It is very clear on the table that the number of IRs that are actually earning a decent full-time  income are very few with the average monthly income leaning to the low value rather than the high-value income.  

Also, here are some of the company’s quarterly income disclosures as of October 2020:

  • about 76.21% or 41983 IRs have not received any commission
  • the median amount of commissions and bonuses is zero, and
  • the average amount of commissions and bonuses is $594.79.

With this income disclosure statement, we can see that YOR Health is no different from any MLM companies that we have already seen.

 Again, YOR Health just confirms that in a MLM system of business, only a few can actually benefit. In the case of YOR Health, decent earners are less than 2% of all the active IRs and if we consider the other inactive IRs, the number is even worse.

 It just goes to show that your chance of success as a distributor of YOR Health in terms of getting a full-time income is very small and even borders on zero possibility.

 Obviously, other income opportunities will surely have a better appeal than this scenario we are seeing from YOR Health’s income opportunities as reflected on its income disclosure statement or any other MLM companies that we have seen so far. 

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of YOR Health.

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The Pros Of YOR Health

  •  The company has been in the business for 15 years and has also been a member with the Direct Selling Association (DSA).
  •  The product portfolio is good with products under different categories.
  • There is an updated income disclosure statement.

The Cons Of YOR Health

  • The company executives are not featured on the corporate website.
  • It is listed in Better Business Bureau but is not-rated.
  • Advancing in ranks and getting more bonuses require building a team hence recruiting is a must.
  • The income disclosure statement reflects zero median income amongst distributors.
  • Only less than 2% of the distributors are earning a decent amount of full-time income from the opportunity.
  • Products are relatively high-priced than those of the usual competition.


YOR Health is a legit company under the industry of multi-level marketing (MLM) and health and wellness.

It offers quality products that are relevant to today’s customer demands.

 Although the company is scarce in sharing information about its executives, it sources its pride in the company’s advisory boards made of experts and professionals.

 The company is a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA). It is also listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) but is not-rated. 

It is easy to join the company with a minimal fee. The compensation plan is fairly detailed and the company has an updated income disclosure statement. 

The only significant problem that I see with YOR Health is on the  business opportunity that it offers.

 Looking at the company’s income disclosure statement, an IR’s chances of earning a decent full-time income is very low, with 1-2% only of all the active IRs earning full-time and 76.21% of all IRs receiving nothing at all. YOR Health just like other MLM companies pays multi-level commissions and requires recruitment and meeting sales quota to succeed.

 If you have what it takes to market and sell YOR Health products and create and guide your team to act as you do, then you have the chance of advancing in ranks and being a part of the upper 1-2% of the company’s earners.

 Otherwise, you will be riding along the waves of IRs who are struggling to be income earners in this given opportunity. 

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