Globallee MLM Review – Just A Waste of Your Time?

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The health and wellness industry seems to be one of the most active industries in this time of the pandemic. Boosting our immune system and staying healthy seems to be a wise way to survive.

 In some places, there was even a time when there had been a shortage of vitamins.

 Indeed, we cannot discount the role of health and wellness products in times like we have today.

Other health and wellness companies are Genesis Pure, BeneYou, or Unicity.

So, joining a health and wellness company is very timely at this time. Globallee is one of those companies that you may surely consider doing business with.

However, if you have more questions about this company, this article is for you as we give you here the things that you need to know about Globallee.

Read on to find out more.

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Globallee MLM Review

More About Globallee

globallee logo

Globallee is a health, wellness, and fitness company based in Texas, USA.

It was founded recently, in the year 2018. There’s not much that can be found on the corporate website that tells about the story of Globallee on how it started.

But, there is a mention of industry experts namely Mark McKnight and Lamia Bettaieb. On its Linkedin profile, Mark McKnight stated that he is the CEO of Globallee.

Also, in there, his previous work connections with other health and wellness companies are listed. Lamia Bettaieb, on the other hand, mentions that she is a founder of Globallee on her Linkedin profile.

A Globallee listing cannot be found on websites such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA).


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The  Globallee Products

globallee products

Globallee products are divided into the following brands: Taka, BeneTRIM, IACCEL, Eterno, and Eternity. 

Taka - $37.44

Taka is a beverage stick available in hibiscus, blueberry, and watermelon. It promotes healthy feeling, energy, vigor, and mental clarity. 


BeneTrim products aim to help with weight management. 

Capsule - $68.75

Coffee - $52.50


IACCEL nutritional drops are formulated to help boost the immune system. One bottle costs $56.25.


Products under this brand help in muscle strength and endurance. 

Eterno Capsules - $106.25

Eterno Cream - $34.34

Globallee also sells hand sanitizer at $14.95.

How To Join Globallee

To join Globallee, you need to register online, agree to the company’s policies and procedures and pay the annual enrollment fee of $49.99.

 This comes with your personal replicated website, back office and other digital marketing resources.

 There is no purchase requirement for the products but available packs sold are at the cost of $549.94 and $1049.94 for USA enrollments.  Details of product packs are available on the below links.

 Purchase of these starter packs is rewarded by the fast track bonus program in the compensation plan.

To remain active, ambassadors must maintain 50 QV monthly. 

The Globallee Compensation Plan

As stated by Globallee on its compensation plan’s summary, it aims to reward ambassadors when they enroll new preferred customers, maintain preferred customers and build a sales team who also enroll new preferred customers and maintain preferred customers. Here are some of the highlights of Globallee’s compensation plan.

Retail Customer Profits

As an ambassador, you can earn from buying the products at a discounted price and selling them by retail. Similarly, you can earn a 20% retail commission when your customers purchase from your replicated website. 

When you enroll preferred customers or those who avail of the autoship program, you will get 40% of the CV of that customer’s first purchase.

Fast Start Commissions

Fast start commissions are paid at 10% to 20% of initial orders of your newly-enrolled ambassadors. You can increase this bonus when you become a team builder in 7 days and a team leader within 21 days.

globallee fast start

Dual Team Commissions

Every time your right or left team accumulates at least 500CV each, this generates a cycle. Each cycle entitles you to a $50 commission. This bonus is accelerated every time you reach 10 cycles. This accelerator bonus is $250.

Dual Team Matching Bonus

As you advance in ranks, you get to earn a matching bonus on dual team commissions in your organizational tree.

Level 1 - 25%

Level 2 - 15%

Level 3 - 10%

Residual Commission

Globallee pays a residual commission of 5% of CV of related to product purchases of ambassadors in your team up to 9 generations.

Also, Globallee pays an infinity bonus to ambassadors with qualified ranks. Here’s the summary of Globallee’s compensation plan and ranks.

cloballee compensation plan

A detailed explanation of Globallee’s compensation plan is available here.

Can You Earn Money With Globallee?

Surely, ambassadors earn money from selling products and making business with Globallee.

However as to how much they are earning, Globallee is not disclosing anything because it does not have an income disclosure statement.

What the company has is an income disclaimer. 

globallee income disclosure

Looking at the products, they seem to be retail-viable.

 However the problem with Globallee is the fact that it is an MLM company with a compensation plan that pays multi-level commissions and encourages recruitment and autoships.

 I have reviewed several MLM companies in the past from the small ones to big ones and those that can show their income disclosure statement reflects a very low success rate in terms of income earnings of their associates.

 With this, I mean to say that no MLM companies have ever shown an income disclosure statement with more than 10% of its affiliates were able to earn a full-time income on a yearly basis.

 So, for MLM companies like Globallee, I see it as a downside when they cannot show an income disclosure statement to back how their compensation plan really converts to income for their affiliates.

Also, given the prevailing success rate in MLM companies, transparency like a show of income disclosure statement is a must for the business opportunity to actually appeal to prospective associates.

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The Pros Of Globallee

  •  The company has been in operation for only 2 years. It may mean more room to grow your business.
  •  The products seem to have been formulated with purpose and to deliver health and wellness benefits. They are retail-viable products.

The Cons Of Globallee

  • It has a relatively high enrollment fee and expensive starter packs.
  • The compensation plan is focused on rewarding sales to preferred customers or autoship customers.
  • The company is new and which on the downside could mean instability.
  • Recruitment and building your team is a must to benefit from the compensation plan.
  • The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Direct Selling Association (DSA).
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


To wrap up our presentation of Globallee, we learned that it is a relatively new company with only 2 years of operation under its belt.

 In the context of joining an MLM company, it may mean two things - the good and bad. The good side is that there is more room to grow your business in a new MLM company like Globallee because you have a bigger chance to be on top of the organization when the market is not yet saturated with products offered by the company.

 The bad side is that the company may not be fully stable and may crumble at any time and bring you down. In the case of Globallee, as of this writing, it is not yet listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Association (DSA).

For a new company, Globallee seems to have good product variety to offer to its customer. I must say they are real products that can be sold to customers.

However, I see a lot of downsides in the aspect of the company’s business opportunity. It has a relatively high enrolment fee and starter packs although the latter is not required upon enrollment.

 In reality, however, the purchase of starter packs is rewarded by the compensation plan. Also, sales to preferred customers or autoship customers are encouraged as well as recruitment. This way tends to saturate the market in your reach and may eventually make selling harder.

 As for paying in multi-level commissions, this tends to benefit only the leaders on top of the organization. If you will be able to establish your place in the organization and position yourself on top since this is a new company then lucky for you.

 Otherwise, you have at most a 10% chance of success. If these are the downsides that you think you can work around then Globallee can work for you.

 If you are on the other side of the fence, then I suggest you weigh your cards well before going into this kind of business.  

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