Is Genesis Pure A Scam? Our Not To Be Missed Review

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Product varieties in an MLM company give a lot of leeways for its associates to increase sales and expand their customer base as the more product options are available the more chance that the associates can sell.

This is the main strength of companies like Genesis Pure. However, having its previous leader faced a lawsuit for fraud, in some ways it has been approached with caution by prospective business owners.

 If you are curious about Genesis Pure and would want to know how it is operating today, then this article is for you.

 In this post, we give you our honest review of Genesis Pure for us to know if it is just another scam or a legit company that you may consider joining for the purpose of starting your own business.

Is Genesis Pure A Scam?

The Genesis Pure Company

genesis pure logo

Genesis Pure or PURE (People United Reaching Everyone) is a health, wellness, and weight loss company that offers products that support “whole health” as its marketing videos use it. 

The company was rebranded in 2017 to PURE under the new CEO Daren Hogge. Hogge served the company until October 2019 according to his Linkedin profile. However, he is still named as Genesis Pure CEO on some of the company’s websites.

 Dae Geun Jung is the founder of the company and is known to be a seasoned executive of the network industry.

The founding year of the company is in 2008.

The company is headquartered in Frisco, Texas in the United States of America (USA). Genesis Pure is listed in Better Business Bureau but not the headquarter office in Texas, USA. 

The company faced its biggest lawsuit in 2014 when its former CEO and Chairman, Lindsey Duncan was tried for fraud.

In one of the company’s marketing videos, it is mentioned there that currently, the company has about 134,000 IBOs.


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The  Genesis Pure Products

genesis pure products

Genesis Pure has more than 60 products on its portfolio. They are categorized into superfruits, nutrition, weight loss, energy, GPS sports performance, immunity, skincare and accessories.

The company’s core products that are mostly on its bestseller list are formulated to cleanse the body of toxins, to help with balance in such a way that mood and stress levels are managed, to build the body’s nutrients, and to help with focus and increase energy and mental clarity.

 It is said that the products are derived from natural sources and are created through natural processes. Here are some of the company’s bestsellers categorized by purpose with their retail prices


PurXcel - $59.95

Metabolic One - $37.95

Mila - $46.95


GoYin Single Bottle - $46.95


Daily Build - $66.95

Immune6 - $39.95

Organic Sulfur - $53.95

Focus and Energy

Energy - Variety pack - $66.95

Energy Orange Mango Sticks - $29.95

How To Join Genesis Pure

To join Genesis Pure, all you need to do is click join on its website and pay the enrollment fee of $25 plus applicable tax.

This fee gives you an opportunity to earn from Genesis Pure’s compensation plan and this comes with a replicated website where you can share with your customers from where they can purchase the products.

There is no purchase requirement upon enrollment but starter packs are offered at a cost of $186.95, $359.95 and $479.95, $599.95 and $933.95.

To remain active as an IBO, you need to have 100 personal volume (PV) monthly.

You can also join Genesis Pure as a preferred customer if you want to avail of its auto-ship program or as a retail customer if you just want to purchase the products as you wish.

The Genesis Pure Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn from Genesis Pure. Here is a brief discussion of the company’s compensation plan.

Retail Commission

As an IBO, you can earn a retail commission by buying products at a discounted price and reselling them at retail price. Also, when your customers purchase from your replicated website, you will earn a 25% retail commission. 

Sponsor Bonus

By sponsoring new IBOs, preferred customers and retail customers, you can earn 20% of the PV of their first order. This can go up to $400 on every new IBO or customer.

Customer Retention Bonus (CRB)

By encouraging your customers to order continuously, you can get CRB up to 50% depending on the PV accumulated. This is excluding your customers’ first volume. 

Other Bonuses

These bonuses are for Active Bronze Director or up. Team bonus is paid at 10% of the PV of your lesser team. Generation bonus is computed as 7% of total team bonuses paid to your team.

 The number of generations that you will be paid depends on your rank.

genesis generation bonus

There are other leadership bonuses such as having a share of the 3% of total company volume and leadership rank bonus. 

For detailed information about the compensation plan, you may check this link.

Can You Make Money With Genesis Pure?

In Genesis Pure marketing videos, there is a mention of about 134,000 IBOs who have been part of the company.

 However from the company’s income disclosure statement posted on this link,
it is only based on 35,690 IBOs who are based in the USA.

 From this number of IBOs, only 16.7% or 5952 IBOs actually received commissions from Genesis Pure. Median income of these active IBOs is at $147 per week (about $588 monthly and $7056 yearly) which is the average income of Bronze ranks.

For all IBOs however, the median is zero as all active IBOs consist of only 16.7% of all IBOs.

 Full time income levels that are near the household income based on the USA median income in 2018 can be earned from platinum ranks or up which accounts for more or less 11% of active IBOs or about 2% only of all IBOs. 

Based on this income disclosure statement, if you have what it takes to remain active as a Genesis Pure IBO, you have 11% chance of earning a full-time income from the company.

 This income disclosure statement does not deviate much from what we have been seeing from other MLM companies’ income disclosure statements. From almost all income disclosures that we have seen, the affiliates who are earning a full-time income do not go up to 10% of all affiliates.

 With Genesis Pure it is only 2% and if you will look at all the numbers of IBOs, the median income is actually zero.

 I hope you can now imagine your chances of earning from Genesis Pure with this presentation.

The way I see this if I may speak directly, I will not in any day consider this as a business opportunity that is worth my time and effort with this very low chance of earning a decent income to provide for myself let alone for my family.  

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The Pros Of Genesis Pure In A Nutshell

  • The company partners with charitable institutions as its way to give back to the community.  
  •  Genesis Pure has a rich product portfolio with about 60 products.
  • The products are retail viable.

The Cons Of Genesis Pure

  • The company has a history of lawsuits for fraud. 

    The products are relatively more expensive than those sold by non-MLM companies.

  • The requirement of 100PV to remain active is relatively high
  • Recruitment is necessary to receive bonuses other than the retail commissions.
  • The income disclosure statement shows only 16.7% of its USA associates are active, with median income for all IBOs falling at zero and only 2% of all IBOs earning a full time income. 

Conclusion - Is  Genesis Pure A Scam

Genesis Pure is definitely a legit company that has been operating for more than 10 years although it was recently rebranded after its CEO faced a lawsuit in 2014.

 Now, the company is in partnership with charitable organizations to give back to the community. It has a rich product portfolio with more than 60 products available to sell.

 The products are formulated with natural ingredients and are on the trend. Each is produced to offer specific health benefits making the products more retail-viable.

However, the company is no longer providing its leadership information on the website. The products are relatively more expensive.

 In terms of its business opportunity, it requires a higher PV from its associates to remain active. Also, recruitment is necessary to avail of bonus programs other than the retail commissions.

 Income status of IBOs are further highlighted by the company’s income disclosure statement with only 2% of all IBOs earning a full-time income, and zero median income when analyzing further the income disclosure statement and looking at the numbers of all IBOs and not just the active ones.

I must say that even though Genesis Pure is trying to be transparent on its compensation plan and income disclosure statement to avoid another lawsuit, they cannot hide the fact that only the few that is 2% of all its IBOs are actually benefiting from the business.

 For me, this is just another confirmation of how MLM companies just like Genesis Pure are being misleading when they offer a business opportunity to prospects when in fact the chances of earning are way too low in comparison to other business opportunities out there available for you to choose from.  

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