Can You Make Money Selling Dynamaxx – Our Detailed Review

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In my length of experience reviewing multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, health and wellness companies come in different forms but when you’ll look at them closely they offer the same products and claim similar benefits.

 However, I cannot deny that there are great products that you can only buy from these networking companies.

 In this article, we bring our MLM lens to Dynamaxx. I must say, I was immediately drawn to how its products were presented on the company’s home page.

Definitely, I had a good impression of the company.

 However, choosing a business endeavor requires in-depth study and careful thinking and in this article, I hope to help you in getting to know more about Dynamaxx.

 I am going to answer your questions most especially relating to whether or not you can make money selling its products and the business opportunity that goes with it. 

Read on to find out more.

Can You Make Money Selling Dynamaxx - Our  Detailed Review

About Dynamaxx

dynamaxx logo

Dynamaxx is a health, wellness, and fitness company founded by long-time friends Bill Ladwig and Jay Archer.

Bill has a background in finance and was part of 2 networking companies prior to Dynamaxx.

 Jay, on the other hand, is a seasoned entrepreneur, a licensed realtor, and at the same time owner of a real estate investment firm. Together, they established Dynamaxx and brought the company to the position it has today.

 Both founders also put up Gemini, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company dealing with CBD-based products. 

Read our full review of Gemini here.

Dynamaxx was founded in 2010 in Texas, USA where it has its headquarter up to now. The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating. 


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The  Dynamaxx Products

dynamaxx products

Dynamaxx flagship products are its Lights On and Lights Off line.

 Lights On is formulated to give you mental clarity and focus while Lights Off is created to aid you in getting good sleep.

 These products are said to be great tasting with low calories and with added benefits for the health such that they help with healthy blood flow and add antioxidants and immunity to the body. 

Dynamaxx also brings into the market its B4 Maximum Sports Nutrition and ORAC booster with probiotic, Dynamaxx Maximize.

 Products are sold as powdered formulations with prices ranging from $50-$65 for a 30-day supply.

According to the company, the products are made from natural ingredients.

How To Join Dynamxx

To join Dynamaxx, all you need to do is complete and submit an Associate Agreement to the company and pay the business registration fee of $59. This can be done online.

 Your paid enrollment comes with your replicated website and other tools for you to market and sell the products. This fee is good for 1 year.

There is no required product purchase upon enrollment. But, to remain active and to earn commission and bonuses, you need to maintain 50 commissionable volume (CV) monthly. 

Other companies in the health and wellness niche are Acti-Labs , Natures Sunshine , and Unicity.

To be able to receive team commissions, you need to maintain 2 personally sponsored and active associates positioned on both sides of your team (left and right). 

There are start-up packs that are available for purchase as well at a cost of $190, $440 and $940.

 When you decide to purchase these packs, your sponsor will get a first-order bonus of $25, $100 and $200 respectively.

The  Dynamaxx Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn with Dynamaxx, here are some of the highlights of its compensation plan.

Retail sales commission can be earned by associates in 2 ways. Once an associate, you can earn by purchasing from the company at a discounted price and reselling the products on your own at a higher price and you will get all the profit.

 Secondly, you get a retail sales commission when your customer purchases directly from your replicated website. You can earn from 20% to 26% commission on the retail price. 

Dynamaxx also offers a discount to elite customers.

First-order bonus as mentioned above is paid to sponsors of affiliates who decide to purchase a start-up pack upon enrollment. This bonus can be at $25, $100, or $200 depending on the type of packs that you and your personally sponsored affiliate purchases.

Fast start bonus leverages to an additional $100 or $300 when you enroll by purchasing the $440 or $940 packs and sponsoring people who also purchase the same packs during your first 14 days. If you get to help your recruits do the same for their organization then you will get $300 bonus. Commission from purchases of these start-up packs trickle-down up to the leaders in your organization as they are paid with mentor bonus as well. 

Dual team commissions are paid at 10% of the commissionable volume (CV) of the lesser leg. Excess CV from the stronger leg is carried over.    

There are more bonuses awaiting leaders and associates with ranks and growing teams such as bonus from additional IBCs, matching bonus, leadership bonus, luxury car allowance,  business developmental allowance and luxury trips.

Complete details of this compensation plan are available here.

Can You Make Money Selling Dynamaxx?

Surely, one can make money from selling Dynamaxx as it is retail-driven with retail-viable products.

Although the company offers only 4 products they seem to be formulated in such a way that they can appeal to many consumers of health and wellness products. The possible challenge in this respect is competition and brand recognition.

 Also, even though product pack purchases are not required upon enrollment, Dynmaxx fast start bonus negates this as it encourages chain purchases from sponsors and new enrollees through this bonus program.

 This can start saturating markets where associates will end up in a position where they don’t have enough places or customers to sell anymore.

 Also, by paying commissions at multiple levels, the benefit here mainly goes to the leaders of the organizations

. On top of these all, Dynamaxx has no income disclosure statement to show how well its associates are earning.

With this kind of system, I can only guess the portion of associates who actually earn and are paid well in relation to the efforts that they exert in selling and growing their business , they could not be more than 10% of all Dynamaxx associates and I have a strong feeling that they can go down up to less than 1%.  

The Good And Bad Of Dynamaxx At A Glance

  • It has a rating of A+ in Better Business Bureau.
  •  The company is transparent about its leadership information.
  • No product purchases are required upon enrollment. 
  • It has limited products.
  • Recruitment is highly encouraged by the compensation plan to maximize earnings.
  • Purchase of bulk product packs is encouraged to earn bonuses.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  • The enrollment cost is relatively high.


With 10 years in business, Dynamaxx is surely making a mark on its customers and associates. The company details are presented briefly but are concisely on its corporate website with information about its founding members who remain to be the leaders of the company up to now.

 It has an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau and could mean the company knows how to treat its customers and associates with great care.

Also, it is easy to join the company and there is no need to invest in inventory that you won’t need.

However, I find that the company offers limited products that may limit the associates’ customer reach and selling performance.

 Although there is no need to invest in inventory, the enrollment cost is quite high.

 Also, being retail-driven is becoming a facade for what is actually encouraged by the compensation plan.

Purchase of bulk product packs is actually encouraged and rewarded with more bonuses.

The same is true with recruitment. Just like in most MLM companies, multi-level payment of bonuses only benefit the leaders on top and is not making any good to affiliates at the bottom of the organization.

 A very common flaw of an MLM system. A well-presented income disclosure statement can surely negate these downsides of the company but Dynamaxx has none.

Going back to our original question. Can you make money selling Dynamaxx? The answer is clearly yes if you have what it takes to be the best salesman there is. But, would it be enough?

 Unfortunately, we cannot find enough evidence to confirm this, and if we look at the figures of those similar MLM companies that are showing the incomes of their associates and we will look at the odds, our answer will still lean on the negative, unfortunately. 

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