Should You Join Flori Roberts Cosmetics (Color Me Direct)?

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Recently, with the rise of Black Lives Matter movement, talks on racial difference that is in a great part influenced by one’s skin color are again becoming relevant.

 In the case of Flori Roberts Cosmetics however, it is totally different as this company was one of the pioneers to embrace the difference in skin color and in a way empower women of color to have their own makeup line.

So, if you are like me who have come across this company and are wondering what it can do for you, then you came to the right page as here I will be giving you the things that you need to know about this company particularly those that matter on the business side of things.

In the end, you will be able to decide whether or not you should join Flori Roberts Cosmetics.

Should You Join Flori Roberts (Color Me Direct)?

About Flori Roberts Cosmetics

flori Roberts cosmetics

Flori Roberts Cosmetics is a company established in 1965 by Flori Roberts herself.

 It was founded mainly to provide a cosmetic line for women of color, particularly African Americans.

Initially, the products were sold in department stores. These days, Flori Roberts Cosmetics are sold under Color Me Beautiful direct selling.

 Color Me Beautiful is based on a New York Times bestseller book of the same title. 

Since then Flori Roberts has been a  major player in the cosmetics industry by introducing her line for women of color. It became one of the top brands of cosmetics to grace the US department stores.

The company is headquartered in Virginia USA and is currently headed by Sharon Boone  who has been with the company for more than 20 years.

Other MLM cosmetics companies that may interest you are LimeLight (by Alcone) , Jafra Cosmetics, or Beauty Society .


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The  Flori Roberts Cosmetics Products

flori Roberts products

As mentioned above, Flori Roberts is one of the revolutionary players in the cosmetics industry for introducing makeup line for women of color.

 Now, the company has expanded its product portfolio to skincare and beauty accessories. The company is well known for its foundation and face powders. 

Flori Robert’s makeup line for eyes ranges from $15-18. For lips, the price range is $16-$22 and for face, the price range is $16-$30. 

For skincare, here are the categories and price range:

  1. Bodycare - $25
  2. Cleansers - $22
  3. Exfoliation and Lightening - $28-$35
  4. Moisturizers - $32
  5. Toners - $22

There are also bundled products sold at $19.50-$62 as well as accessories such as brushes and handbags. 

How To Join Flori Roberts?

flori roberts starter kit

To join Flori Roberts, all you need to do is click “Become a Consultant” on its website.

 You need to purchase the career kit at a cost of $99 or $325 and fill in your personal information. This kit contains products that will help you get started with your business.

A minimum of $100 sales monthly is required for consultants to be able to receive commissions of 30% up.

For other ranks, the minimum sales requirement is even higher.

The  Flori Roberts Compensation Plan

From Flori Roberts’ corporate website, it only mentions its affiliate program where affiliates can earn 25% commission on sales when your customers purchase through your link. 

But, from further research, I was able to get a link to some documents from and this applies to consultants.

Quick Start Bonus

It says there that a Flori Roberts consultant can earn as much as $500 in quick start commission by selling $1500 in personal sales in the first 60 days and sponsoring 5 consultants who can sell $600 each in their first 2 full months. 

Also, a consultant can earn $300 in a quick start bonus by selling at least $1500 in personal sales in his/her first 60 days and when he/she is able to recruit 3 consultants who can sell $600 each in their first two full months.

Similarly, with the same sales as above in the first 60 days and only 1 recruit, a consultant can earn $100 in a quick start bonus. 

In addition to this, depending on the ranks achieved, a consultant can earn as much as 3% on group volume and up to 5% on the sales of personally enrolled consultants for manager levels. 

Retail Bonus

If a consultant decided to order an inventory, a wholesale discount is available at 25-30% for orders under $500 and 52-60% for orders over $500. This is also the possible retail profit that a consultant can earn. 

Commission from Online Sales of Your Customer

Consultants can earn a commission from the online purchases of their customers at 30% for all sales up to $999.99 and 40% commission for sales of $1000 or higher. 

Can You Make Money With Flori Roberts?

Looking at the details of Flori Roberts Cosmetics compensation plan, it can be said that retail commission is standard at a minimum of 25%.

The good thing is that it can go up to 60% when you increase your sales. The problem however is that Flori Roberts is not releasing an income disclosure statement to prove that its compensation plan really converts to income for its consultants.

This is a problem given that the company follows a system of multi-level marketing (MLM). As it is a given fact that in the MLM industry, the compensation plan only works in favor of the few.

That is, to a maximum of 10% of all the consultants in every given business. In some companies, it can even go down to less than 1%.

So for an MLM company that cannot show an income disclosure statement, like in the case of Flori Roberts, it is but logical to approach it with caution in this respect.   

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The Good And The Bad Of The Flori Roberts MLM Company 

  •  The company has a long history from way back in 1965.
  • The brand is well-known in its particular niche. 
  • There is a brand recall for the products and it has a well-defined customer base.
  • The minimum startup cost is relatively higher than that of other MLM companies.
  • It is quite difficult to find information about the compensation plan of the company.
  • There Is No Income Disclosure.
  • To leverage income, consultants need to recruit to receive more bonuses and advance in ranks.

Conclusion - Should You Join Flori Roberts?

Flori Roberts is one of those revolutionary companies that made a mark on the niche of cosmetics. It has a long history from way back in 1965 when it was founded.

 It created a buzz in US department stores in the past and established a brand for itself that is now recognized by many. The products are no doubt saleable and have a great following.

 In this respect, the question about the legitimacy of the company is not anymore an issue. 

The next question however is whether or not Flori Robert’s business offering for you? Should you join the company?

 We believe that this is a business decision that only you can make but I would like to help you in the best way I can.

 The appeal of MLM companies like Flori Roberts is that you get to start your own business from home at a minimum cost.

With Flori Roberts, it is very possible. However, their startup cost is relatively higher than the other MLM companies.

 Also, it is quite hard to gather details about the company’s compensation plan but with extra effort, we were able to show you some.

 From those details, we learned that although the compensation plan is retail-focused, we cannot ignore the fact that to leverage your income, recruitment is a must.

Also, Flori Roberts Cosmetics does not have its income disclosure statement. With this document missing, many can be deduced about the company for the fact alone that it is an MLM company.

 If you think you have what it takes to be on top of the organization given the company’s products and structure, then I believe you should join.

But if you are still nagged by more questions such as about the company’s transparency especially on the matters of its compensation plan and income disclosure statement, then you must think again and carefully weigh your business cards before going into a venture like this one offered by Flori Roberts.  

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