What Is BeneYou? – Just Another Expensive MLM Company?

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Have you been approached by BeneYou affiliates and are you curious about what it offers?

To be frank, this company is quite confusing with the changes of ownership and mergers that it had been through in the past.

To make your research on the BeneYou MLM  company easy, we give you this article that focuses mostly on the legitimacy of the company and its products as well as the business opportunity that it is offering to business-minded people like you.  

Read on to find out more.

What Is BeneYou? - Another Expensive MLM Company?

More About BeneYou

bene you logo

 BeneYou is a beauty and wellness company. It is the coming together of 3 brands including M. Global, Jamberry and Avisae.

 The merger was officially launched in November 2018 and a year after the company was acquired by Youngevity International, Inc..

Read our full Youngevity review here.

M. Global is founded by Ryan Anderson who is now the chief sales officer of another health and wellness company called Plexus Worldwide. 

Youngevity on the other hand is co-founded by Dr. Joel Wallach, a biomedical researcher.

Youngevity has been in operation for 20 years now. BeneYou was originally headquartered in Utah while Youngevity is based in California.

Currently, Youngevity is headed by Steve Wallach.

Although BeneYou operates under the umbrella of Youngevity, BeneYou is still operating independently as a brand.

BeneYou company is listed in Better Business Bureau, with 2 years in business and has A- rating.


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BeneYou  Products

bene you products

As already mentioned, BeneYou is a conglomerate of 3 brands - M. Global, Jamberry and Avisae.

 M. Global carries products intended to provide extra energy and immunity to the body as well as assist in weight loss.

 While Avisae brings in the products that promote gut-health.

 Jamberry, on the other hand, has the nail caring and styling line.

 On BeneYou’s corporate website, its products are categorized into health and wellness, nails and beauty, personal care, love your gut, hydration, weight loss, and energy.

 Here are some of the products offered by the brands and their prices.

Avisae Brand

  • Capsules for 30 day-consumption - $28-$50
  • Pre + probiotic Pixies - $54
  • Repair+ L-glutamine + Fiber Gut Support - $45
  • Pre-Workout Pixie Energy + Focus - $27.75
  • Love Your Gut and Weight Loss Bundles - $170 for each bundle
  • Cleanse, Rejuvenate, Regenerate and Refine skin care products - $33-$40 each

M Global Brand

  • Hydration Stiks - Core, Smart - for brain boost, ElectroFuel, Trim, Soul - for enhanced mood, Replenish - Electrolyte - $44.95
  • Burn Caps - $49.95
  • Bliss Sleep Spray - $24.95


  1. Nail Polish - $15-$24
  2. Other Foot Care tools and supplies - $12-$25
  3. Brow Expression - $29
  4. Nail Basic Bundle - $58.50
  5. Trushine Essentials Bundle with 1 unit led curing lamp - $70-$75
  6. Tool Kit - $40

The  BeneYou Compensation Plan

To join BeneYou, all you need to do is click "join us" on its website and purchase your starter kit starting at $23.96. 

Since BeneYou is under the umbrella of Youngevity, it basically follows the latter’s compensation plan. 

BeneYou allows affiliates to earn retail profit from the difference of retail price they sold to their customers and from what they actually pay the company during purchase. This usually amounts to 20%. 

There are ranks to advance to in BeneYou here are the qualification requirements

beneyou rank qualification

 For affiliates who are able to build a team, they can earn from 10-55% residual income across levels in this case up to level 8, and in some cases to infinite levels depending on ranks.

For affiliates who purchase CEO Mega Pak that usually costs at $499, CEO-qualified rewards apply.

Also, there are quick start bonus, car bonus, rank advancement bonus and global revenue share bonus pool programs. These bonus programs however are only available for affiliates with ranks or those with recruits.  

For more information or if you need detailed explanation of this compensation plan, please click here.

Are Affiliates Earning Money From BeneYou?

BeneYou or Youngevity has not issued any income disclosure statement to show transparency on the income of its associates.

Therefore, it is very hard to say how affiliates are faring in terms of their income in this particular business opportunity.

 If you are regular on my website or have known other MLM companies like BeneYou before, it is common knowledge that even the biggest MLM companies are showing problematic income figures for most of their associates.

 By this we mean, all income disclosure statements that we encountered from MLM companies show about not more than 10% of affiliates are earning a full-time income or at least an income worthy of their time and effort.

 In some companies, this even accounts for only less than 1% of their affiliates earning a full-time income from the opportunity.

 These are clearly bad business figures that we cannot just ignore.

In the case of BeneYou, it is not releasing such income disclosure.

 Whatever the reason for the executives not bothering to give out this kind of information, they are the ones who know.

 Logically speaking though either such document is not good news or the company cannot keep track of information to put in there.

Whatever may be the reason, the lack of it becomes the downside of the company whichever way you look at it.

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The Good And The Bad Of BeneYou

  •  The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A- rating despite the short years of operations just yet.
  •  The company has a rich product portfolio.
  • The products are retail viable.
  • The company has quite a history of regularly changing ownership.
  • Product prices are relatively pricey.
  • Although one can start at $23.96 starter packs, investing in higher starter packs amounting to $499 is highly encouraged with bonus programs focusing solely to affiliates with this kind of starter pack purchase.
  • Recruitment is a necessity to earn residual income and other bonuses.
  • There is no income disclosure statement. 


We are at the end part of our review of BeneYou. Researching about this company is quite a task because of the changes in leadership and mergers that it went through in just a short while.

But, it can be a good thing that up to now it’s still in the market and is currently under the umbrella of a much larger company.

 This may be the case because of its rich product portfolio extending from health and wellness, beauty, cosmetics to personal care. I must say the products are retail variable and selling opportunity is there although prices are relatively higher.

Also, with only 2 years in business operation, it is being listed by Better Business Bureau with A- rating. 

However, looking at BeneYou’s compensation plan, this business opportunity is specially designed or can work if you already have the customer base or the guts and skills to actually sell the products to customers.

 Also, recruitment is a necessity in this compensation plan if you want to maximize receiving the bonuses that it offers. Affiliates that can invest more in their starter packs are rewarded more, here we are talking about $499 worth of CEO packs. 

With BeneYou’s residual income programs, I can see that this is where people on top of the organization can earn so much and in a way squeeze their way to the earnings of the people at the bottom. This is a common problem of MLM programs as well that should be highlighted. 

Lastly, it is important to note that BeneYou has no income disclosure statement. As we mentioned already, even the biggest companies in the MLM industry who published their income disclosure statement, are showing depressing results to about 90% of their affiliates.

So, what can we expect from MLM companies like BeneYou that cannot even show one. Logical thinking will most likely tell you to stray away from this company.

But, we are leaving you to make your personal business decision based on the important factors that may matter to you but may not matter to me.

 I do hope that the information I’ve given you can help you in making your next business decision wisely.  

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