Is Xyngular A Scam? – Our Must Read Review

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People today are starting to acknowledge the need of having a healthy lifestyle. Weight management specially is often becoming the goal of a person who is looking after their health and well-being.

 Xyngular is one of these companies that sees the increasing demand for weight loss and nutrition products.

In fact, weight loss products equal a multi million dollar business.

 If you are searching to know more about Xyngular, then you have come to the right place as this article is featured here to give you important information that you need to know about this company.

Is Xyngular a scam? in our must read review you will know all the facts in no time as you read on.

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Is Xyngular A Scam? Our Must Read Review

The Xyngular Company

xyngular logo

Xyngular  is a nutritional supplement and weight loss company headquartered in Utah, USA.

 The company was founded in 2009 and among the current company executives, Marc Walker has been with the company since the beginning.

 He is the current company President and had been the executive of other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies before like NU Skin and XanGo LLC as per his LinkedIn profile.

The company CEO is Russ Fletcher  and based on his LinkedIn profile, he had been with XanGo as well.

Xango, by the way, was aquired by Zija International in 2017.

You can read our full Zija International review here.

He was a former IT executive and had been a consultant to Harvard University prior to joining Xyngular.

The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau  but with 2.73/5-star average rating among 30 customer reviews. 

Xyngular faced a lawsuit for the presence of Lead exceeding allowable levels on some of its products in 2017 hence its products currently have the Prop 65 warning in compliance with this regulation. Xyngular dedicates a page to explain this warning on the corporate website. 

The  Xyngular Products

xyngular products

As already mentioned, Xyngular offers nutritional supplements and weight loss products. These products are offered in packs designed to help you meet your weight loss goals for 30 days. You can also purchase individual products as you need. 

The 30-day product packs are called Xyngular systems.  They are classified into Ultimate, Ignite, Core and Trim Down Trio. Retail prices of these packs range from $239 - $659. I can’t seem to find the retail price for the Trim Down Trio pack. 

Individual Products as listed in this link  have retail prices ranging from $36 to $102.

 Each of the system packs comes with free online support from Coach Xander otherwise, the coaching support can be purchased at $7 per month.

These individual products are mainly classified into weight loss, daily health, nutrition, and energy. These products are in the form of capsules, powdered beverage formulations, and bottled drinks.

Some ingredients used in the products are Acai fruit, Pomegranate, Konnyaku root, Boswellia serrata, olive leaf, Lady’s Mantle, Cumin Seed, Wild Mint Leaf, PurePropol, plant-based Phytonutrients, and many more.

Other product bundles and packs have retail prices of $108 to $220. Product prices are not readily available on Xyngular’s corporate website.  

How To Join Xyngular

To join Xyngular you need a referral link from an existing distributor and pay a distribution fee of $49.95 yearly.

The  Xyngular Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn from Xyngular’s compensation plan. Below you can find a brief explanation for each of them.

1. Retail Sales

As a distributor, you can purchase directly from Xyngular at wholesale price and sell the products at retail. You earn the difference from these sales. Also, you can refer customers to Xyngular website and you will be paid the difference between the retail and wholesale prices. 

2. Rapid Rewards

When you refer new distributors or members and qualify to the volume requirement, you will get rapid rewards amounting to $6 to $72 up to level 4 of your organization from new distributors or members in their first calendar month in Xyngular.

3. Quick Start Bonus

This is a bonus that you can earn in your first 30 days as a distributor if you qualify with 120 personal volume (PV) and recruit 4 more new distributors each with 120 PV. Quick start bonus is $100. 

4. Residual Earnings

Xyngular follows 8 level uni level compensation plan wherein every time you add more people to your organization, and qualify to at least 30PV volume requirement, you will get a commission as shown in the table below.

xyngular residual earnings

5. Corporate Sales Pools

This is the bonus where managers and higher ranks can get a share of 12% corporate sales pools. 

6. Leadership Bonus

This is a bonus for leaders that can hit at least 400,000 qualifying volume (QV) for 2 consecutive months. Bonus amount is $100,000 to $1,000,000 paid for 12months to 24 months. There’s a monthly maintenance QV requirement for distributors to get their monthly installment reward under this program. 

There’s the passport program where distributors get to earn travel rewards. Also, there’s the  Xyngular ranks and recognitions that reward qualified distributors with certificates, charm, clip and other types of recognition, features, and gifts.

For a detailed information about Xyngular’s compensation plan, please click here.

Can You Make Money With Xyngular?

According to Xyngular’s income disclosure statement from the data gathered in the year 2020, out of 16% of Xyngular members who are distributors, 68.42% of them did not receive any income from the company.

 Still referring to this 16% of the members who are distributors, less than 0.6% of the distributors earned an average monthly income that is close to the average household income amount in the US. 

xyngular income disclosure

This income disclosure statement from Xyngular is nothing new when compared to the income disclosure statements of other multi-level marketing. A success rate of less than 1% is a standard number when talking about the success rate of members across the MLM industry.

 One can surely earn money from Xyngular however your chance of success is close to impossible. This is the sad truth about MLM companies, you need to sell the products and recruit members to join the company so you can earn an income but the reality is it’s not that easy as most business opportunity presentations make it appear.

 When you look at the success rate, your chance in gambling will make it appear more worthwhile than your chance of success in MLM business opportunity as in the case of Xyngular. 

Here is the link to Xyngulars income disclosure.

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The Pros Of The Xyngular Opportunity

  •  The company has strong leadership and has achieved a level of stability.
  • It is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has an A+ trust rating in Better Business Bureau.
  • The company has a rich product portfolio with items that have on-trend targeted benefits

The Cons Of The Xyngular Opportunity

  • The compensation plan seems to require stronger recruitment efforts other than selling.
  • More than 50% of the distributors have no earnings based on the 2020 income disclosure statement.
  • The company products have a Prop 65 warning and have claims that have not been reviewed by the FDA.
  • The success rate in terms of earning a full-time income is less than 1%.

Conclusion - Is Xyngular A Scam

Xyngular is definitely not a scam. It is a real company with several years of operations and is headed by a strong group of executives. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association where its members are guided by a code of ethics in direct selling.

 It also has an A+ trust rating in Better Business Bureau. It has a rich product portfolio with items that offer on-trend benefits.

However, Xyngular has some limitations. Its products have Prop 65 warning and have an FDA disclaimer. Xyngular’s compensation plan requires stronger recruitment efforts as much as selling efforts from distributors.

 The company’s income disclosure statement doesn’t show much promise also. More than 50% of the distributors were not earning an income from the opportunity and only less than 1% were actually earning a full-time income. The rest were left struggling in terms of their income earnings.

Although Xyngular turned out to be a legit company with promising products, joining the company for its business opportunity offering is totally a different story.

 From what I’ve seen on the company’s income disclosure statement, I’m bound by logic and reason to recommend and suggest to just let this company pass. 

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