What Is Allysian Sciences – Is It An MLM Company?

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Have you been looking for a company that allows you to start a business from home with minimal startup cost?

You will find a lot of these kinds of companies around and mostly they are under multi-level marketing (MLM) business schemes. In the sector of health and nutrition, for example, you will find a long list of companies under this industry.

Similar companies for example are IDLife, Emris International, or Arogalife, just to name a few.

Have you come across Allysian Sciences in doing your research and have been wondering if it is an MLM company?

Then you have come to the right article as this post is focused solely on Allysian Sciences.

Read on to find out more.

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What Is Allysian Sciences - Is It An MLM Company?

About Allysian Sciences

allysian logo

Allysian Sciences is a health, wellness, and fitness company based in British Columbia, Canada.

 It is founded by Rod Jao and Apolo Ohno.

Rod Jao had a background in leading an investment company and had been one of the youngest top performers of Amway.

Apolo Ohno is an American Winter Olympian who holds some distinguished records under his name. Other top leaders and members of the advisory board of the company are posted on the company website.

 The company was founded in 2015 and currently has other offices in Washington, USA, and in Hong Kong.

As of this writing, the company is not listed in Better Business Bureau, a website that provides trust ratings for companies based on certain standards.

In 2018, Allysian Sciences with an address in Nevada, USA, faced a lawsuit for failure to warn its customers of the presence of lead and propargite on its Genesis Green products.

 The company has been also involved in property rights and trademark lawsuits filed by Elysium Health, Inc. 

The  Allysian Sciences Products

allysian science products

Allysian Sciences carry the following brands in its product portfolio: Mastermind, Genesis, Omega, Element Plus, Smartkids, Rise, Symphony, Essentials, Fit and Glow.

Prices indicated below are the retail prices of Allysian products.

Mastermind - cognitive support capsule - $79.99 (with 90 capsules)

This targets to improve memory capacity and mental focus and alertness.

Genesis Green + Berry Powder

This is a powdered formulation that helps improve endurance, digestive health, and promotes detoxification.

Omega - $52.49 (60 softgels)

This is Neptune Krill oil and Resveratol in a capsule. It helps promote eye and heart health among many others.

Elements Plus

This is a full-spectrum vitamin in gel capsules.


These are vitamins for kids in gummies.

Rise $48.75 (20 servings)

This is ultra-premium coffee with 100% Arabica.


Tea made of 100% organic Pu-erh tea with mushroom extracts.

Essentials - $39.99 (10ml)

These are essential oils.

Fit - $90 (with 15 servings)

This is a powdered formulation that promotes weight management. 

Glow $72 (with 15 servings)

This is a liquid packet that promotes skin nourishment from within.

Most Allysian Sciences products have some of these markings like cGMP, ethically sourced, no artificial additives, plant-based, and many more.

 It is said that although Allysian removed the non-GMO markings on its products, it is continuously working towards getting its product to have the non-GMO verified product status. 

How To Join Allysian Sciences

As per the Allysian corporate website, joining as an affiliate is easy and can be done in 3 steps - join, activate and teach.

 You can join by finding an affiliate near you or who can assist you and activate your account by paying an annual membership fee of $8.88. The system comes with your personalized website, online store, credit card processing, and mobile platform.

 Purchase of Allysian products is not mandatory upon joining. You can retain your active affiliate member status by generating at least 75 points or more retail sales every 4 weeks.

Allysian Sciences Compensation Plan

Allysian Sciences rewards its affiliates in several ways. 

1. Retail Profit

This is the retail profit that you can get as an affiliate by purchasing from the company at wholesale price and selling them to your customers directly at a retail price. This can also be earned when you refer your customers to your retail website where you will get retail profit from the difference between the wholesale price and retail price. Retail markup is 25%.

2. Three & Free

In this program, affiliates can earn and at the same get free products. If you have 3 retail or preferred customers who purchased the same product within a month, then you will receive a free product. 

3. Business Launch Bonus

This bonus is 20% of the total points generated by your personally referred affiliates on his/her one-time purchases during account activation. 

4. Binary Team Commission

This is the team commission that you will get from the points generated by your team with fewer points. The bonus percentage is 8% to 20% depending on your rank. You must remain active and must have 2 personally referred affiliates who are both active.

The binary team commission fast start accelerates your earning potential where your binary commission automatically increases to 10% and 12% when you activate your account with 300 or more points and 600 or more points respectively.

allysian binary team commission

There’s lifetime qualification for binary team commission by activating your account with at least 300 points and activating 2 affiliates from both legs each with at least 300 points. You must remain in good standing to continue availing of this bonus.

5. Matching Bonus

This is the bonus that you will earn computed at a certain percentage of the total binary team commission earned by the affiliates in your team. As you grow your rank your matching bonus increases to cover up to level 9 of your organization.

allysian matching bonus

Allysian also offers lifestyle bonus for executive rank or higher, one-time rank advancement bonus as you achieve a new higher rank, and travel opportunities.

 For crown ambassadors, they have the chance to have unlimited binary team re-entries.

Here's the Allysian rank qualification summary.

allysian rank qualification

For more information about Allysian Sciences compensation plan, please click this link here.

Can You Make Money With Allysian Sciences?

Allysian Sciences has no income disclosure statement that can show information on the income of its affiliates from the business opportunity. What Allysian has is a provision on its policies and procedures about income claims that states that,

“Affiliates may not display, in any manner for recruiting purposes or any other reason, their own or anyone else’s commission checks or make specific income claims or representations.”

This statement prohibits the giving of income claims when recruiting. The income disclosure statement is oftentimes considered as proof of how affiliates are faring in terms of income earnings in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

Does this apply to Allysian Sciences? Is Allysian Sciences an MLM company?

It is clear that Allysian Sciences is a multi-level marketing company wherein affiliates earn an income by selling the company products and recruiting members to join the business opportunity. Based on Allysian’s compensation plan, it pays binary commission and matching bonuses to its qualified affiliates.

 Matching bonuses are paid up to 9 levels of an affiliate’s enrollment tree. Also, to qualify for all the commissions and bonuses except for retail commissions on the company’s compensation plan, you need to recruit at least two affiliates. Hence, Allysian is an MLM company.

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It is important to note that in cases of MLM companies, the lack of an income disclosure statement is considered a red flag.

 However, you can always refer to the industry standard in knowing how affiliates are faring in terms of income in most MLM companies.

Unfortunately, the numbers are significantly discouraging with about less than 10% of members earning meaningful income and about less than 1% of the members are getting exceptionally high income.

 Also, you will be surprised to know that in most cases median income amongst members falls to zero.  

Let's do a short recap and look at the Pros and Cons of Allysian Sciences.

The Pros Of Allysian Sciences

  •  The company is legally established with adequate information about its owners and executives.
  •  Allysian Sciences offers retail-viable products consisting of supplements, tea and coffee.
  • Allysian allows you to start a business from home with minimal cost.

The Cons Of Allysian Sciences

  • Allysian’s compensation plan qualifies you for most of its bonus programs with recruiting requirements.
  •  The compensation plan encourages affiliates to purchase products upon enrollment and rewards affiliates with personally sponsored affiliates who purchase more products upon enrollment as well.
  • Product prices are relatively higher and can greatly impact the competitiveness of the products.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  •  The company once faced a lawsuit involving its products.
  • The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau.


In this article, we have learned a lot of things about Allysian Sciences. We learned that it is an MLM company.

 It is a legally established company with owners and executives who proudly market the products themselves.

 It has a rich product portfolio with targeted users and it offers a business opportunity that you can join with at a minimal cost. 

However, on the business side of things, I saw a lot of red flags in the case of Allysian Sciences.

The company has no income disclosure statement and the compensation plan is noticeably leaning towards a product-based recruitment scheme.

 With these glaring red flags about Allysian Sciences, I highly doubt that you have a better chance of success in joining this company. 

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