Is Emris International A Scam? Let’s Find Out Together

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Looking for a business opportunity that you can immediately trust is quite overwhelming especially when you consider joining newly established companies.

EMRIS International is one of those companies that has been launched recently. In the case of multi-level marketing companies (MLM), it is said that you can be at an advantage if you join the company at an earlier phase however this is not without risks.

Similar companies are Arogalife, Heart and Body Naturals, and First Fitness Nutrition, just to name a few.

As I already mentioned, EMRIS is a relatively new company offering a business opportunity that falls under the category of MLM.

 Oftentimes, our immediate question about newly launched MLM companies like in the case of EMRIS International is whether or not it is a scam?

 This article aims to answer such a question and to provide you the important information you need to know about this company. 

Read on to find out more.

Is Emris International A Scam?

About Emris International 

emris international logo

EMRIS International  is a health and wellness company founded in 2019 by Matthew Harris and Ilean Harris.

 Matthew grew up in South Africa and moved to the United States at the age of 18. He established his own lifestyle management company and had been a part of a network marketing company in the past where according to his corporate bio, he had been a part of the top 1%.

In 2016, getting inspiration from his late grandmother, he decided to create EMRIS with the goal of empowering entrepreneurs across the African continent.

 Ilean, on the other hand, is a Cuban immigrant to the United States. According to her bio, she is an award-winning marketer, trainer, and speaker.

 According to Matthew Harris, in his overview video about the company, EMRIS is registered in South Africa with 2 fully functioning warehouses.

 However, Harris and Ilean are based in Tampa, Florida. I saw from one EMRIS shopping website, that there’s also a company office in Ireland.

EMRIS International is not listed in Better Business Bureau.

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Emris International  Products

emris international products

The Emris International products are surprisingly not presented on EMRIS corporate website as of the time of writing.

The pieces of information stated below about the company products are from the company’s FB page and from the overview video by Matthew Harris.

 I can’t seem to get access to the EMRIS shopping website without the need to register. 

Synergy CBD Oil

This is made from organically grown hemp in the United States. This product is said to be third-party laboratory tested and is said to be manufactured by FDA registered and ISO certified facility. Synergy CBD oil is said to be completely free of THC.


This is a dietary supplement containing a blend of organic fruits, vegetables, and super greens.

Eniola Tea

This tea is formulated to support healthy digestion and helps in detoxification and weight management.


This contains dietary supplements in capsule form that helps in weight management.

Vitality Plus

This contains dietary supplement that promotes a healthy immune system, fights anxiety & stress, and many more.

How Can You Join Emris International 

To join EMRIS, you need to reside in the country or state where the company has officially opened.

So far, it seems that EMRIS is open for ambassadors from the United States and South Africa.

 You need to agree to the EMRIS brand ambassador application and agreement to join. The enrollment fee is $35. There are optional enrollment kits that you can also purchase upon joining. 

Income Builder KIt - R2,600 ($183)

Challenger Kit - R3,440 ($242)

Legacy Challenger - R7,500 ($527)

*Dollar equivalent is based on Google currency conversion.

To remain active, you need to generate 40 PCV for 5 weeks.

 To be bonus qualified, you need to have at least 2 personally enrolled active brand ambassadors positioned on your left and right legs.  

The Emris Compensation Plan

Here are the ways to earn an income from EMRIS.

1. Retail Profit

You can earn 20% retail profit when you sell EMRIS products to your retail customers.

2. VIP Customer Bonus

This is the bonus that you can earn when you personally enroll VIP customers. You can earn 10% on the personal commissionable volume generated from such orders. 

3. VIP Power Bonus

This is the bonus earned from selling to VIP customers and achieving certain thresholds. As a brand ambassador, you can earn 10% to 15% of the volume you generated from VIP sales depending on the volume you generated in a month.

4. Global Customer Bonus Pool

Here, you will get a share of the 1% revenue generated by the company from VIP sales. You only need to generate at least 1000 VIP customer volume and retain at least 3 personally enrolled VIP customers with 40 VIP customer volume. 

5. Fast Start Bonus

You can earn this bonus when you recruit new ambassadors and when they purchase business starter packs. The bonus ranges from $26 to $103 per business packs as converted from Rand to US Dollar.

EMRIS also pays team bonus based on its so-called hybrid binary structure, matching bonus, and leadership bonus pools. The table below shows EMRIS rank qualification.

emris international rank qualification

The full text of EMRIS compensation plan is available on this link.

Can You Make Money With Emris International?

EMRIS has no income disclosure statement so we don’t have an actual basis to say how brand ambassadors are faring in terms of income earnings. What EMRIS has is an income disclaimer that says the following,

“ EMRIS International Holdings, LLC makes no guarantees about the levels of income that Brand Ambassadors can earn. Each Brand Ambassador's results will very. Success as an EMRIS International Brand Ambassador requires hard work. Some people may make no money at all. The earnings of an EMRIS International Brand Ambassador will be 100 % dependent upon their work ethic, skills, leadership capabilities, and commitment. Common sense would suggest that in most opportunities, one would find exceptional individuals performing well above average, while others perform under the average.”

However, we do know the numbers in terms of income earnings for MLM members across the industry. One surely has the chance to earn an income from an MLM opportunity like in the case of EMRIS.

 However, your chance of earning an adequate income equivalent to a full-time salary is very low. It is an established fact across the MLM industry that the success rate especially in terms of income cannot go as high as 10% with median income amongst members mostly falling to zero.

Exceptional cases of members who earn lucratively usually fall to less than 1% of all the members. 

In the case of EMRIS, although I am seeing from its compensation plan an emphasis on rewarding retail sales to customers, recruitment should still not be neglected as there are some bonuses that can only be earned by recruiting members to your team.

Also, EMRIS fast start bonus encourages selling to brand ambassadors instead of selling to customers. Usually, this kind of program that encourages selling to ambassadors instead of retail customers brings a business opportunity to fall under a product-based pyramid scheme which is considered a red flag in assessing MLM opportunities.

But, it must be said that this is optional for EMRIS ambassadors.

The Pros Of Emris International

  • Information about the company leaders is readily available on the corporate website. 
  • The company offers you an opportunity to start a business from home with minimal start up costs.
  • The products seem relevant and on the trend.

The Cons Of Emris International

  • The company is relatively new and  is not listed in Better Business Bureau.

  • You can only view the product prices after you register.
  •  There is a focus on rewarding retail sales however selling to newly recruited ambassadors is also encouraged and rewarded as well as recruitment.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - Is  Emris International A Scam

I may have doubts about the stability of EMRIS International due to the newness of the company but I must say that it is surely not a scam.

 The company leaders have been fearless and diligent in promoting the company and the products seem relevant and on the trend. Also, the company offers an opportunity to start a business from home at a lesser cost.

Knowing the company through the corporate website is quite difficult. I cannot even find a direct link to product pages through it.

What is available on the corporate website is the information about the business opportunity. I must say that EMRIS tried to focus on rewarding retail sales based on its compensation plan however in some instances it did encourage selling products to its ambassadors.

Recruitment is also needed for an ambassador to earn more and grow in ranks. It is clear that EMRIS opportunity is an MLM opportunity and having no income disclosure statement yet to show is considered a red flag in this respect.

 They say that joining an MLM business at an earlier phase of its inception can give you some leverage. This can be true but I’m quite not sure about the stability of EMRIS International.

 I must say that it is still an MLM company and the journey to the top can be quite taxing and impossible to achieve if you don’t have what it takes to make exceptional sales and build your network to create your team successfully.  

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