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Apoptosis or the body’s natural process of repairing or replacing damaged cells is the central target of Aroga Pathways products.

 These products aim to support and improve cellular wellness. If you have heard of these products before or if they sound interesting to you then you need to get to know a company named Arogalife.

In this post, I bring to you my MLM review of Arogalife. I hope I can give clarity on the things you need to know about Arogalife especially on the aspect of its business opportunity offering.

 So, let’s get started and find out what kind of MLM company Arogalife is. 

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Arogalife MLM Review

The Arogalife Company

aroga life logo

Aroga or Arogalife is a health and wellness company based in Texas, USA.

Aroga comes from the Sanskrit word that means healthy and well.

It was co-founded in 2015 by Dr. Bill McAnalley who is known for his discovery of isolating the active therapeutic ingredient in aloe vera. He is also a published author in several scientific journals and a doctor of pharmacology and toxicology. 

Together with Dr. McAnalley in leading the company are his children and other professionals. 

Dr. Bill McAnalley had a short history as a consultant of Mannatech, also a multi-level marketing (MLM) company selling dietary supplements.  

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau  but is not rated.

The  Arogalife Products

Arogalife products are classified into cellular wellness, essentials, and wound care.

Similar companies are E.Excel North America, IDLife, or It!Works.

Cellular Wellness

This category consists of Aroga Pathways products that are said to collectively facilitate apoptosis or the body’s natural process of repairing or replacing damaged cells. These are in capsule form.

  • Pathways Core - $148.75
  • Immune Support - $68.75
  • Bone, Joint, & Endocrine Support - $68.75
  • Brain & Nerve Support - $68.75
  • Gastrointestinal Support - $68.75
  • Cardiovascular Support - $68.75
  • Skin Support - $68.75


These are multivitamin supplements needed for achieving optimal health.

  • Aloe Essentials - $68.75
  • Multivitamin Essentials - $13.75
  • Theragel - $36.25

This is an FDA-approved mouth rinse that targets the healing of sores, wounds, ulcers, lesions, and irritations of the mouth.

Products are also sold in combo packs. These products are said to be hand-packed in the USA.

How To Join Arogalife

aroga life start up kits

To join Arogalife and its business opportunity, you need to register and purchase a startup kit for as low as $49.

Below are the other startup kits with product inclusions: 

  • Marketing Pack - $49
  • Innovation Pack - $199
  • Plus Pack - $497
  • Pro Plus Pack - $997

Once enrolled in Arogalife’s business opportunity, you will be called a Wellness Partner.

The  Arogalife Compensation Plan

There are several ways to earn from Arogalife Compensation Plan. Here are some of them.

Power Selling Commissions

I think this is the retail commission version of Arogalife. This commission ranges from 10%- 25% depending on the volume of your sales.

Wellness Partner Pack Bonuses

This is the bonus that you can get from selling startup packs to your recruits. This bonus is available for $497 and $997 packs only and the bonus starts at $25 for 2nd level upline and up to $200 for 1st level upline.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonus is at $100 when you qualify in your first 30days from the enrollment date with 2000 team volume and at least 3 recruits positioned in your 3 separate legs.

Fast Start Enroller Bonus

This is at $75 and is paid when your recruit qualifies for a fast start bonus.

Fast Start Senior Director Bonus

This is the bonus paid to the 1st upline Senior Director or above of a partner who is paid with a fast start bonus.

Team Bonus Commission

You can qualify for this bonus when you have at least 100PV or have 200PV from 2 or more customer orders. Bonus is up to 5% and up to 10 levels depending on your rank.

arogalife team bonus commission

Arogalife also offers 10% check matching bonus, car bonus for Senior Directors or higher, the organization bonus for 1-star ambassador or higher and more incentives for qualified partners. 

You can check out the links for a detailed explanation of Arogalife’s compensation plan.

Here’s the title qualification in Arogalife’s compensation plan.

arogalife title qualification

Can You Make Money With Arogalife?

Arogalife has no income disclosure statement available on its corporate website. What the company has is an income disclaimer found on its business opportunity video and Wellness Partner Agreement stating as follows:

“Aroga, Ltd. does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Wellness Partner Compensation Plan. The compensation received by each Wellness Partner is dependent upon their own efforts, diligence, and skills.”

It is clear from Arogalife’s compensation plan that it is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Showing an income disclosure statement is a usual practice for MLM companies in proving that the business opportunity that it offers can turn to real income for its members.

 For Arogalife, it is something that it lacks as of this writing. 

It has to be noted that you cannot immediately earn retail commissions with Arogalife, you must reach a certain threshold first.

 The good thing with Arogalife is that retail sales are encouraged since sales commission increases as your sale volume increases. But, such an increase is only up to 25% of sales commission which is just a standard in other similar companies.

Arogalife’s compensation plan rewards selling of startup packs with products to partners. This can be a compliance issue since it encourages selling to partners instead of selling to retail customers.

Just like in other MLM companies, team bonuses are calculated based on the sales of multiple levels in an enrollment tree depending on ranks. This way, to get the most of Arogalife’s compensation plan, you need to recruit in addition to selling the company products.

This system has never been proven across the MLM industry to have benefited the majority of the members.

 What most MLM companies’ income disclosure statements have shown us is that only the few benefit in such kind of a business opportunity. We are not surprised to see a success rate of less than 1% in most cases when it comes to the members’ income earnings. In fact, we also rarely see a success rate going as high as 10%.

This is the sad truth about MLM companies on which Arogalife’s business opportunity has been patterned and failed to reveal. 

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The Pros Of Arogalife

  •  The products are formulated based on science and by proven experts in the field.
  • The company allows you to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • The products are retail-viable.

The Cons Of Arogalife

  • The products are facing tough competition from that of the other companies.
  • To earn you need to sell the products and recruit partners.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  • The company is not rated on Better Business Bureau website.

Wrapping It Up

Arogalife is a company started by an expert in the field, Dr. Bill McAnalley. The company products are the results of Dr. Bill’s years of scientific researches.

These products aim to supports our body’s natural way of repairing or replacing damaged cells. The products are retail-viable but lack brand recognition.

 These products also face tough competition in the market saturated with several types of dietary supplements. 

Just like most MLM companies, Arogalife offers you a way to start a business from home at a minimal cost. However, to succeed, you need to sell the products and recruit members to join the business just like you.

 We know that MLM numbers are not really convincing in the aspect of the members’ income earnings.

 In the case of Arogalife, it does not have an income disclosure statement to show how its members are faring in their income earnings. As I always say, joining an MLM business is easy but the real challenge comes from making your business succeed.

 Even though you plan to sell online and get leads from there, these tasks are not for beginners. You need the right training for you to make your presence online to make actual sales or to effectively convince people to take action in the business opportunity that you offer.

Arogalife’s strength lies in its products being formulated by proven experts however its business opportunity offering is nothing special from what we have already seen in other MLM companies who failed to bring about the promise of income to its members.  

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