Is E.Excel North America Legit Or Just A Scam?

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In a sea of health and wellness companies that emerge in different parts of the world, having been founded by a renowned professional in the field makes a company stand out among its competitors. This is the case of E. Excel North America.

 Having been founded by a distinguished Immunologist several decades ago, now the company is offering nutritional supplements, beverages, and skin care products under the business model of network marketing.

 If you are looking to build a business in this field particularly with E. Excel North America, this honest MLM review is for you.

 Don’t miss this MLM review of E. Excel North America and find out the things that you need to know about this company. Could E. Excel North America be a scam or is it a legit company?

 Let’s check the facts and find out below. 

Is E.Excel North America Legit Or Just A Scam?

More Info About The E.Excel North America Company

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E. Excel North America (E. Excel) is a health, wellness and skincare company founded in 1987 by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, an Immunologist who has done extensive research on cancer for years.

She explored the link between plant-based nutrition and the human immune system.  Dr. Chen has been a recipient of several awards for her contributions to human health studies and advancement.

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 The Jau Fei Chen E. Excel Scholarship and Research Fund has been established and supported by the company as a way to give back to the community.

E. Excel stands for Extra Excellence.

The company is headquartered in Utah, U.S.A with business centers in Canada. The international counterpart has offices in other countries like Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and parts of Europe.

E. Excel is listed in Better Business Bureau but is not rated.

The  E.Excel Products

e.excel products

E. Excel offers a wide range of plant-based nutritional and skincare products. The nutritional products are classified into wholefood capsules, powdered beverages, beverages & concentrates, signature products, and healthy home products. Here are some of the company’s products and their wholesale prices.

Millenium 1000ml - $173.89

This is an award-winning beverage that contains prickly pear cactus.

Nutrial (30pk) - $41.67

This is a low-fat beverage that contains plant protein.

Nutrifresh (30pk) - $38.89

This is a fat-free powdered beverage formulated with non-GMO soy and wholesome fruits and vegetables.

DNP Capsules (240capsules) - $91.66

These capsules contain different types of botanicals to provide your body with the basic nutrients it needs to function well every day.

EverNew (30pk) - $54.44

This is a fiber-rich beverage that can help promote a healthy heart.

Nutricardia (30pk) - $73.33

It is a powdered formulation that is also great for the heart.

Orchestra Variety Pack (16pack) - $66.67

This is a herbal tea concentrate with a nutritious formulation.

Refresh Herbal Tea (60pk) - $35.

On the other hand, skincare products are classified into Elemente Energy, Oasis, Moisture, Cleanse, Hair Care, Rose, Cactus, Essence of the Sea, Lip and Oral essentials.

How To Join E.Excel North America

To join E. Excel as a distributor, you need to select a starter kit with the following cost - $1000, $330-350, and $200.

 You can also avail yourself of the option of choosing your own items.

 You also need to sign and submit a Distributor Agreement with a copy that is available here.  

The  E.Excel Compensation Plan

E. Excel rewards its distributors with developmental bonuses, qualified master bonuses, and master leadership bonuses.

 Each distributor on their own can also earn a retail bonus by selling the products at retail price and buying them at a wholesale price from the company.

There are several ranks that a distributor can reach in E. Excel’s compensation plan. These are the distributor, master, silver master, gold master, pearl master, jade master, and diamond master. Please see the table below for the qualifications of each rank.

e.excel rank qualification

Distributor Developmental Bonus

This is a bonus received by distributors that is equal to 5% of the Personal Commission Volume (PCV) of their first qualified level 1 and another 5% of the PCV of their first qualified level 2.  

Qualified Master Bonus

As the name implies only master rank or up are qualified for this bonus. This is 10% of the master’s personal group commission volume.

Master Leadership Bonus

This is the bonus for qualified master rank and up. Depending on their rank level, they get 2% to 10% bonus up to generation 6 of their organization’s master group commission volume.

It has to be noted that E. Excel’s distributors are not paid directly for recruiting members to their team rather they earn through retail profit and from the sales of the distributors in their organization.

e,excel compensation plan

You can check out the original chart of the E. Excel’s compensation plan here and the full text of the companies policies and procedures here. 

Can You Make Money With E.Excel North America?

e.excel income disclosure

E.Excel has issued its 2020 Income Disclosure statement that is available on this link.

Since distributors earn retail profits on their own direct face-to-face to selling to customers, these profits are not included in the company’s income disclosure statement figures. Here are some relevant highlights of E. Excel’s income disclosure statement.

3.24% of the distributors received an average annual commission of $33,000 and up. 

More than 50% of the distributors get an average annual commission of $310 or lower.

Based on these figures, we see a success rate in terms of earning a full-time income at less than 4% with E. Excel. This is above the 1% success rate that is prevalent among other MLM companies that we have reviewed.

 However, I must say that this success rate is not high enough to set E. Excel apart from other MLM companies. As we can see more than 50% of the distributors are earning significantly low income from the company’s compensation plan. 

E. Excel’s compensation plan pays in multilevel income to its distributors. This is very typical of MLM companies where upline can prey on the works done by their downline and getting commissions for the achievements that they have little to do about. 

Let's check out the Pros and Cons of E.Excel in a nutshell .

The Pros And Cons Of The E.Excel Opportunity

  • The company has a strong presence internationally.
  • The products are wide-range and are retail viable.
  • It allows you to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  •  The company has been founded by an award-winning expert in human health and has been in operation for several decades.
  • Bonus and commissions are paid in multi-level that are not really beneficial for new entrants.
  • Retail prices of the products are not readily available.
  • There is a 4% success rate in getting a full-time income based on the company’s income disclosure statement.
  • More than 50% of the distributors are earning a negligible amount of income.

Conclusion - Is  E.Excel Legit Or Just A Scam

Definitely, E. Excel North America is not a scam. It is a company founded by a renowned professional in the field of human health, is headquartered in the USA, and has been operating for more than 30 years now.

 It has a strong international presence with offices in several locations internationally. The products are wide in range and are formulated based on the studies mainly of Nutritional Immunology and good health.

 It is a company that offers business opportunities for those who are looking to start a business from home at a minimal cost. 

Similar companies are Black Oxygen Organics, ItWorks, or Sunrider International.

However, being a network marketing company, E. Excel has some drawbacks.

 It is hard to find the retail prices of the company products. Bonus and commissions are designed using the principle of multi-level marketing hence there is always the tendency for people on top of the organization to prey on the works done by new entrants or those in lower ranks.

 This problematic setup is revealed by the company’s income disclosure statement where only 4% of the distributors are getting a full-time income from the company and more than 50% were earning almost nothing.

 Just like most MLM companies that we already reviewed, E. Excel’s business opportunity is quite challenging to get involved with if you aim for income success. 

Here Is What I Recommend To Make Money

I am not a fan of MLM, not because it is not legit, but through my own experience of being a sales representative (the school of hard knocks).

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  • It is free to get started.

I was able to build an online business with affiliate marketing that is now making a 4-figure monthly income stream.

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It is time to start a REAL business!

~ Anke

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