What Is First Fitness Nutrition About? Get All The Facts Now

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Are you looking for a business opportunity that you can do from home in the field of health, wellness, and skincare?

 Multi-level marketing companies often come to mind because they are perceived to be the fastest way to make a lucrative income for ordinary people especially those who lack experience in starting a business.

Despite studies that confirm the very low success rate in terms of income earnings of MLM members, many people still want to try and give such opportunities a shot.

In the field of health, wellness, and skincare products, FirstFitness Nutrition has been one of the companies that have established longevity in the market.

 So, if you are looking for more information about what FirstFitness Nutrition is all about, then you can get the facts right now here on our honest review of FirstFitness Nutrition.

 Let’s get started.

What Is First Fitness Nutrition About? Get All The Facts Now

More Info About The First Fitness Nutrition (FFN) Company

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FirstFitness Nutrition also known as FFN is a network marketing company that offers nutritional supplements, wellness, and skincare products.

 It was founded by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson. Lee is said to be the pioneer in formulating diet milkshakes while Nigel has a strong background in sales.

The company was founded in 1989 in Texas, U.S.A.  The company’s medical advisory board is comprised of scientists, doctors, and health professionals. These experts run the company’s product research and development and also train members on the proper use of the company products.

Similar companies are Oxo Worldwide/Quantum Lifestyle, Nikken, or Max International.

The company supports charities including The Children’s Hunger Fund and The Special Olympics.

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

The  FFN Products

first fitness nutrition products

FirstFitness offers nutritional supplements, wellness products, and skincare items. The products are classified into collagen, weight loss, cleanse, CBD-Hemp, wellness, energy, and skincare. 

Here are some of the company’s top products and their retail prices.

Collagen Peptides (30 servings) - $59.95

Dissolves in water and can help strengthen your hair, skin, nail and promotes joint health.

Ant-Aging System - $169

For all skin types that include firming serum, eye repair gel, and rejuvenation creme.

Reneu (100 capsules) - $34.95

One of the company’s pioneer products. It targets cleansing of the inner body and colon. It has been improved with the addition of probiotics among many others.

CBD-rich Hemp Oil (30 servings) - $99.95

Trimbolic Fat and Cellulite Fighter (30 servings) - $33.95

Powdered beverage formulation to help you lose weight and smooth cellulite.

Zavita Whole Body Wellness from the Amazon Rainforest (32 servings) - $49.95

Bottled beverage that promotes overall wellness and vitality.

SPN Energy Drink (14 packets) - $26.95

It is a powdered formulation drink mix with zero sugar to get you energized.

The claims made by FFN on its products are not confirmed by FDA research.

How To Join First Fitness Nutrition

In joining FirstFitness, you need to purchase a team member kit worth $39. This pays for your 1-year FFN membership, your FFN website, access to Office2Office, and a sample of marketing materials.

 You have the option to make your first product purchase through discounted product packs that cost, $149, $279, $549, and $1095.

To remain active as a team member, you need a $100 Auto-ship or a personal volume of $150 each month.

The  FFN Compensation Plan

first fitness nutrition compensation plan

There are several ways to earn from FFN’s compensation plan. Here are the company’s commission and bonus programs.

Retail Profit

As an FFN member, you can earn 20% to 40% retail profit depending on your accumulated personal volume or the value pack you purchased for the month. 

VIP Smartship Bonus

You can earn a 10% to 30% commission on your customers’ smartship or auto ship orders. There is also the VIP power bonus that can go up to $1500.

Fast Start Bonus

As a team member and you enroll or upgrade new recruits with startup value packs, you can earn from $30-$250.

Wholesale Bonus

You will earn 20% on your personally enrolled team members’ personal purchases.

Royalty Bonus

You can earn up to 6% on your downline directors.

Leadership Bonuses

Although not directly mentioned, based on the company’s published compensation plan, it seems that the ranks of FFN’s members have the following order: 20% team member, 25% team member, 30% team member, 40% Director, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Presidential, Diamond, Crown, and Triple Crown.

 From Presidential rank and up, you can earn 1% to 2.25% bonus.

Advancement Bonuses

From bronze rank and up, each rank advancement is rewarded with $250 to $10000.

Mercedes Car Bonus

Gold ranks and up can be rewarded with a car bonus amounting to $600 to $1200 per month.

You can check out the full text of FFN’s compensation plan here.

Can You Make Money With First Fitness Nutrition?

FirstFitness Nutrition’s income disclosure statement, if there is one, is not available on the company’s corporate website or anywhere on the internet.

An income disclosure statement could provide figures to support that a company’s compensation plan is actually converting into real income for the members. However, this is not the case with FFN. 

Looking at the company’s compensation plan, it is clear that FFN rewards members for their retail and wholesale sales, autoship sales, organizational performance, and rank advancement.

So, for you to earn as an FFN member, you need to sell the company products, recruit people to join the company, and train them so they will replicate your best efforts.

These points of FFN’s compensation plan highlight the fact that the company follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) framework. There are established findings of how members of MLM companies benefit financially from this kind of system and the truth is that mostly, only 1% are earning a full-time income from the opportunity and the rest are struggling with more than 50% not earning at all in several cases.

Given the low success rate in terms of income earnings in joining MLM companies like FFN, a lack of income disclosure statement is a big drawback that should not be ignored in assessing business opportunity offerings made by these companies.   

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The Pros And Cons Of First Fitness Nutrition In A Nutshell

  • The company was legally established and has been in operation for more than 3 decades.

  • The company has an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau.
  • It allows you to start a business from home at a minimal cost.
  • The products are facing tough competition from other more established brands.
  • To remain active you have to have either an autoship order of $100/month or $150 in personal volume each month. That puts a lot of pressure on the FFN representative.
  • Studies have shown a low success rate in terms of income earnings for members on similar business opportunity offerings.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Wrapping It Up

FirstFitness Nutrition is a legitimate company that has been operating for more than 30 years. Its founders still lead the company up to now and have been supporting charity works.

 Its trust rating with Better Business Bureau is A+. The pioneering products of the company are still being offered now and are continuously developed.

I must say the products have a  wide-range and are retail viable. However, like many other products, FFN’s products are facing tough competition from other competitor companies.

 Just like most MLM companies, FFN allows you to start a business from home without the need for big capital.

However, earning an income in an MLM company like FFN is a tough road to take. You need to sell the company’s products and recruit people to join the company.

 In turn, your recruits need to replicate what you do, and their recruits as well making it an unending process of selling and recruiting. This business model tends to saturate your area with sellers and recruits where it can lead to you running out of leads.

The problem with First Fitness Nutrition is that it does not have an income disclosure statement to show an average or overview of how its members are earning from the business.

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This leads us to MLM studies that show us disheartening findings of MLM especially on the part where most members are actually not earning a decent income that one can usually profit from other business types.

 In the case of FFN, such a scenario is a very high possibility given the business model that it follows is no different from what we have already seen in most MLM companies. 

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