Max International MLM Review

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Welcome to our Max International MLM review.

 Max International calls itself the Glutathione company, so before we dive into more details about this MLM company, lets check what Glutathione is.

Glutathione is a naturally occuring substance in the body that helps in many processes such as tissue building and repair, creating chemicals needed by the body and supporting the immune system.

Although no clear scientific studies confirm that it actually works, it is often taken as a pill and used as an ingredient for skincare products.

Max International is a company that believes in the power of glutathione for improving health and making life better.

So, in this article, we give you our honest review of Max International, The Glutathione Company.

Max International MLM Review

Find Out About The Max International Company

max international logo

Max International, The Glutathione Company, is a nutritional supplement company based in Utah, U.S.A.

 The company was established in 2006 according to its Better Business Bureau file where it gets a trust rating of A+.  

The company credits the efforts of Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa and the other experts comprising its product research and development for the advances on its glutathione products.

 It was mentioned that the company has earned its U.S. patent for Riboceine, a high-performing glutathione enhancement. 

Similar companies are Nature's Sunshine, Arogalife, Allysian, or Coseva.

Max International supports charities through its Max Gives Back program. 

At present, the company is headed by Jim Stevralia and Joe Voyticky as the company President and CEO respectively. Joe graduated from Harvard Law School and has been with Max International since 2009.

Jim is also a lawyer and has been with the company since 2010.

The company has worldwide operations with offices in several countries around the globe.

The  Max International Products

max international products

Max International products are classified into Beauty, Weight Management, and Nutritionals.

Here are some of the company’s products and their prices:


  • Clean Canvas Photo Finish Foundation, available in 16 colors - $31
  • Lash Lift Mascara Thickening & Lengthening - $25
  • Pamper Pout Perfecting Lip Spa - $25
  • Stay All Day Primer & Setting Spray - $27
  • Glow Getter Shape Face Contour/Blush/Highlight - $35

Weight Management

  • Switch Supplement Capsule (90 servings) - $87.50

    *Supports healthy metabolism for proper weight management.


  • Cellgevity Advanced Riboceine Technology (1month supply) - $90
  • MaxOne Focused Riboceine Supplement (1month supply) - $75
  • *Supports Glutathione production
  • MaxGXL (1 month supply) - $75
    *Helps optimize the production of Glutathione.
  • MaxATP Riboceine Fuel (1month supply) - $75
  • Max N-Fuze Nutritional Supplement (1month supply) - $75

How To Join Max International

There are several ways to earn with Max International. You can shop and join, join as a preferred customer or join as an associate.

 In this post, we will focus on how to join as an associate. Associate needs to purchase the business starter kit that costs $49. Membership as an associate should be renewed annually at $25.

Associates need to agree on the terms and conditions, policies and procedures, and the compensation plan of the company.

To remain active as an associate and earn bonuses and commissions, you need to have at least 50 personal volume (PV) in a month.

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The  Max International Compensation Plan

max international ranks

Max International Compensation Plan sources of income are divided into 3 parts - Customer Income, Bridge Income, and Residual Income.

Customer Income

1. Retail Customer Income

This is the money you earn from selling the products to your customer at retail price and buying it from the company at an associate’s price. This can also be earned when your customers purchase the product from your replicated website.

2. Preferred Customer Income

This is the income you earn from the purchases of your preferred customers. This is 25% of the commissionable volume for each completed purchase. Sales volume from your preferred customers’ purchases also contributes to your PV.

Bridge Income

1. Fast Start Income

This is the income you earn from the enrollment pack purchases of your new enrollees.

2. Prime Bonus

This is the bonus you earn for helping your downlines duplicate your efforts of having 3 personally enrolled associates.

3. Global Bonus Pool

This is the bonus you earn when you reach 1000 CV above your historical high equivalent volume. You will get 1 share of 1% of all of the global volume of the company for each 1000 CV increased. 

Residual Income

1. Binary Income

This is the income you earn from building a team where you earn a commission for the sales volume of your lesser leg.

2. Max Living Bonus

This is the monthly bonus for platinum ranks or higher for maintaining their ranks.

3. Matching Check Bonus

This is the bonus you earn from the volume of the generations created in your downline. A generation is created for every Bronze rank associate or higher that is created in your team. Your commission will depend on the volume that is generated by your power team relative to the volume of other teams in your organization.

Rank qualification in Max International follows this hierarchy associate, sr. associate, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, double diamond, triple diamond, and crown diamond.

The full text of Max International’s compensation plan is available on this link.

Can You Make Money With Max International?

max international income disclosure

On the company’s latest policies and procedures, there is a mention that any income claims made by associates are prohibited. 

I was able to find the company’s income disclosure statement in the year 2011 only. This is quite outdated really.

But, let’s discuss it anyway. Considering the 2011 US median household income of $50,054, less than 0.5% of Max International’s active associates earn above this level.

 Only 2.63% of the associates earn an annual average of $10,000 to $38000. The rest earn an annual average of $200 to $4100 with 64.83% earning an average of $227.

These figures from Max International’s income disclosure statement is not surprising given what we know about MLM companies.

 Although I expected more with Max International given its years of operation and background. The good thing about this is that it reflects the figures from 10 years ago.

 If changes have been made, we would like to hope for a more balanced figures from Max International’s next income disclosure statement release.

The Good And The Bad In A Nutshell

  •  It is a legitimate company based in the U.S.A. with worldwide operations.
  •  The company has a strong executive team comprising of experienced lawyers as its President and CEO.
  • It allows you to start a business at a minimal cost.
  •  The company is rated A by Better Business Bureau.
  • The company is an MLM company and for associates to earn they need to sell the products and recruit people to join the business.
  • The compensation plan is built in a model where the higher ups gets residual income from the efforts made by their downlines as far as the bottom of their organization.
  • The income disclosure statement is outdated and shows a discouraging figures with very low success rate in getting a full-time income.

Wrapping It Up

There is no doubt that Max International, The Glutathione Company, is legitimate company with strong leadership.

 It is based in the USA with worldwide operations. The company has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. The products use ingredients to enhance glutathione production of the body.

The products are unique, on trend and retail-viable. Using a multi-level marketing model, Max International offers an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business at a minimal cost.

Because Max International is an MLM company, for associates to earn, they need to sell the products and recruit people to join the business. These tasks are not for everybody.

 It requires the right skills, commitment and determination to succeed. Also, just like with other MLM companies, there are some aspects about the Max International compensation plan that only benefit the people on top of the organization.

 The 2011 income disclosure statement of the company reflects this weak point of MLM business model. Only less than 1% of Max International’s consultants earn a significant amount of income and more than 60% earn an annual average of $227 only.

 These figures are quite disappointing and if this is the case up to now, logically speaking I cannot see any business opportunity from it.

Here is what I would recommend to earn a passive income, without selling or recruiting.

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