Is Coseva A Scam? – All You Need To Know Right Now

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Toxins are all around us even in our food. The good news is that our body has its own way of detoxifying itself so long as our organs designed to eliminate toxins are healthy and well.

However, if you want the help of some products to improve your detoxification system and start a business in the process then you may have come across Coseva’s TRS (toxic removal system).

 In this article, we give you all the information you need to know right now about Coseva.

Can Coseva be a scam? Should you invest time and money into this MLM company?

Let’s get started and find out.

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Is Coseva A Scam? - All You Need To Know Right Now

More About The Coseva Company

coseva logo

Coseva is a health and wellness networking company with a focus on toxin removal products.

 The company CEO is Rob Gulbrandsen, an entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in the real estate sector.

Development and manufacturing of the products are headed by a nano-chemist, Dr. Agnes Ostafin.

There’s limited information about the company on the internet but it seems that the company was founded in 2014.

Coseva’s headquarter is in Utah, USA. 

In 2017, Coseva sued Results RNA also known as Lifestyle Wellness for violation of intellectual property rights.


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The  Coseva Products

coseva product

Coseva is currently selling only one (!) product called Advanced TRS.

TRS stands for Toxic Removal System. This product targets to detoxify your body from heavy metals. It is formulated with 100% pure nano-zeolite (clinoptilolite). It contains zero preservatives and is packaged with 28ml or about 140 sprays per bottle.

 The product is made in the USA. The retail price is $95 and the wholesale price is $68.

 Suggested usage of the product is by spraying it in your mouth a few times in the morning and in the evening.

The product contains laboratory-made clinoptilolite and ultra-pure water. It is 3rd party tested by an independent laboratory.

There’s a link in the company’s corporate website where the science behind the product is explained. 

How To Join Coseva

There are 3 ways to get involved with Coseva: as a retail customer, as a preferred retail customer, and as a distributor.

It must be noted that you cannot purchase Coseva products from its corporate website, you need to find a distributor to do it.  

Once a distributor, you can purchase the product at wholesale price. To receive commissions from Coseva’s compensation plan, you need to be active by accumulating at least 100QV in personal purchases or at least 200QV in personally enrolled retail purchases. 

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Since our focus here is to know more about Coseva’s business opportunity, we will be focusing here on how to become a Coseva distributor.

 So, to be a distributor, you need to agree to Coseva Policies and Procedures that are available here. Purchasing a product is required to be a distributor.

coseva distributor packs

coseva distributor packs

The  Coseva Compensation Plan

There are different ways to earn an income from Coseva’s unilevel compensation plan. 

Retail Bonus

This is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price from the purchases that your enrolled customers make. 

Customer Bonus

This is the bonus paid from the purchase made by your personally enrolled preferred retail customer. It is 15% of the product’s BV or the points assigned to it.

Unilevel Bonus

As a distributor, you can get a bonus of 2% to 5% of the total downline BV from the orders for up to level 10 depending on your rank status.

coseva unilevel bonus

For a detailed information about Coseva’s compensation plan, please check this link here.

How Much Can You Earn From Coseva's Business Opportunity

Coseva has no income disclosure statement available on its corporate website or anywhere on the internet.

In line with income and opportunity claims, Coseva has this to say on its Policies and Procedures:

“No unreasonable or misleading claims or intentional misrepresentation of earnings or potential income may be made by a Partner. Income guarantees of any kind are prohibited by the Contract and by law, as is the exhibition of actual or copies of Commission checks or earnings statements.

 Income representations must be honest and based on fact. In addition, income representations must include disclaimers that earnings may vary depending on the degree of effort employed. No earnings are guaranteed, and a Partner is not guaranteed to reach a certain compensation level.”

Looking at Coseva’s compensation plan, we see that it pays retail commissions and encourages auto ship by paying customer bonuses for this kind of order to its distributors.

 Also, Coseva pays unilevel bonus up to level 10 with qualifying requirements based on your team’s volume, number of recruits and for higher levels, based on the number of your members with ranks.

 In relation to this system, Coseva is obviously a multi-level marketing company where members are required to sell the products and recruit to earn an income. We already know that there are several drawbacks when joining an MLM business especially if you have zero experience in selling and recruiting.

 The problem with paying bonuses at multiple levels allows few leaders on top to exhaust income from the sales of their downline who are already struggling on their own to expand their customer base and their network.

 This kind of system eventually becomes counterproductive which tends to saturate the market where new members do not have any more room to grow.

This is also evident when we look at the success rate of members in MLM across the industry. We usually see a success rate as low as 1% and we only see rare cases where the success rate of members in terms of their earnings goes as high as 10%.

So, in the case of Coseva, without an income disclosure statement to show, it cannot claim that the success rate on its business opportunity is better than the discouraging numbers prevailing across the MLM industry. 

The Pros Of Coseva

  • The company is legally established in Utah, USA with distributors worldwide. 
  •  Coseva’s product is science-based and are developed by a nano-chemist.
  • The product is developed through the company’s proprietary method and has unique and on the trend targeted benefits.

The Cons Of Coseva

  • Although the product is developed scientifically, Coseva’s TRS has not been evaluated by the FDA yet.
  • Product purchase is required to join Coseva as a distributor
  • Coseva’s product is retail viable but the company has only one product. This can limit your sales as a distributor.
  • The company is not listed in Better Business Bureau or in Direct Selling Association. Listings on these websites show the trust rating of the company and ensure that minimum standards are being followed by members.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.
  •  To succeed you need to sell the products and recruit at the same time.

Conclusion - Is  Coseva A Scam

Let's recap: 

Coseva is a registered company based in Utah, USA. It created its proprietary-based product through scientific research led by experts.

 It distributes its products worldwide and has its own policies and procedures. The product is retail-viable as well although it has not been evaluated yet by the Food and Drug Administration. In this respect, we are definite that Coseva is not a scam.

However, Coseva has some downsides that we need to take notice of. It offers its products through its network of distributors and you can only make a purchase if you have their unique links.

 Coseva currently has only one product to offer and this can also limit your sales as a distributor. Furthermore, Coseva is an MLM company so for you to succeed, it is a necessity that you make decent sales of the products and build your team of distributors by recruiting.

So, if you are new to a networking company, this can pose a big challenge to your success. Also, as we already know, there are greater risks of failure when you join an MLM company. This is from what we have seen already on the prevailing rate of success across the MLM industry.

 The exceptional successes often featured on MLM talks do not actually represent the reality in the organizations. The sad truth is that 90% and in most cases more than this fraction of members fail and lose on their business.

Unfortunately, in the case of Coseva, we cannot say that the outcome can be different. Coseva has no income disclosure statement.

 This document can supposedly clear all doubts of prospective distributors in joining Coseva’s business if there is such proof that existing members are earning a decent income from the business.

But, that is not the case with Coseva. It has none to show. So, with all these things in mind, I can’t find in me to give this company’s business opportunity a thumbs up.  

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