Is Bellahoot The Right Business Opportunity For You?

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Nail styling or nail art is a way for most women to express their fashion style.

 If you are looking for a business from home focused on nail art and styling, then BellaHoot is a company that may interest you.

 I've gathered the information about this company, its background, products, and most importantly the business opportunity that it offers.

 At the end of this article you will be able to decide if BellaHoot is the right business opportunity for you.

Read on to find out more.

Is Bellahoot The Right Business Opportunity For You?

More About The Bellahoot Company

bellahoot logo

BellaHoot  is a nail polish strips company that is said to be a family-owned business. There is no contact address on the company’s corporate website but it seems that the company is based in Arizona, USA from the address indicated for the return of items to the company.

 In one of the members’ posts, it was mentioned that products are available not only in the USA but also in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and UK.

Furthermore, it is stated there that the company was launched in May 2018. 

There’s not much information about BellaHoot’s company background on the internet but I saw the company listed as a business on the government website of the City of Avondale, Arizona.

The company founder and owner is Michelle Kennedy as mentioned on one of the member’s websites. She also owns “Stamped 4 You.”  a personalized jewelry network selling company.


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The  BellaHoot Products

bellahoot products

BellaHoot offers nail strips and dip powders to its customers. These products are classified into different types and designs.

Nail Polish Strips - $2 - $7

These come in several designs and colors including mini polish, sheer polish, slims polish, sparkle polish, stickers, and stylish polish. Usually, these include 14-16 double-ended nail strips.   

Premium Polish Strips - $7-$8

These include nail strips with larger sizes and containing mostly 18-22 nail strips. Style variations include stylish, sparkle, sheer & French tip, solid colors including pearl, holographic and metallic. 

Vinyl Nail Strips - $2-$7

These are similar to polish strips but with vinyl backing. 

BellaHoot Exclusives - $3.50 - $7

These are designs exclusive for BellaHoot. Now the company has a product line inspired by musician, Sawyer Auger.

Seasonal Collection

This features designs perfect for all seasons like spring, summer, fall, and winter.

There are also patriotic designs, mommy & me, and many more. You'll also find powder dips, pigments and nail styling tools available in the company’s online shops.

 All these nail strips are easy to apply. All you need to do is stick them to your nails and use the nail file to remove and smooth the excess.

How To Join BellaHoot

To join BellaHoot, you can host a party or join as a consultant by purchasing the starter kits. You can join as a consultant or founding member. 

The starter kits for consultants cost $25 and $100.

Becoming a BellaHoot founding member will cost you $250. This will unlock your compensation to 7 levels for life, early preview on the products and VIP seating, and recognition on company events.

 As a founding member, you will enjoy zero monthly fees and zero purchase quotas.

bellahoot starter kits

The  BellaHoot Compensation Plan

bellahoot compensation plan

BellaHoot pays retail commission, team commission and rank achievement bonus.

Retail Commission

You can earn retail commission of 25% of your personal volume upon sign up. This retail commission can increase to 30% after you reach $1000 accumulated personal volume.

Team Commissions

As you recruit members on your team, you can get 3% commission on the sales of your Level 1 members and each rank that you will unlock, you can get 2% commission on the sales of your level 2 members onwards until level 7 depending on which rank you have achieved.

Rank Achievement Bonus

As you grow your sales and recruit more members to your team, you can improve your rank and get a one-time bonus for each rank that you advance to amounting to $500 to $5000 depending on which rank you have achieved. There are 4 rank achievements that you can unlock in BellaHoot’s compensation plan.

*insert compensation plan pic

You can check BellaHoot’s detailed compensation plan in this link here.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons of  BellaHoot.

The Pros And Cons Of BellaHoot

Pros of the BellaHoot Opportunity

  • The company is a legally-established company headquartered in Arizona, USA.
  • The products are available for selling internationally.
  • The company products are specialized and are surely retail viable.
  • Starting a business requires minimal cost.

Cons of the BellaHoot Opportunity

  • There’s limited information about the company ownership.
  • The company is new.
  • There is no company listing in Better Business Bureau nor in Direct Selling Association.
  • To succeed you need to be passionate about selling the products and expanding your network to recruit people to your team. 
  • There is no income disclosure statement.

Is BellaHoot The Right Business Opportunity For You?

BellaHoot is a relatively new company and after thorough checking, I cannot find any income disclosure statement issued by the company.

An income disclosure statement can serve as proof that members are earning an income from a business opportunity especially in the case of a multi-level marketing business (MLM).

Upon checking BellaHoot’s compensation plan, it is clear that the company operates in an MLM model, and without an income disclosure statement to show the status of its members’ income, we can’t help but expect the same result for BellaHoot with what we have already seen from most MLM companies that we already have encountered and featured on my site. 

Time and again, I have reviewed several MLM companies and the outcome especially in terms of the success rate using income as measures is very low across the industry.

 It is a very rare occasion when I see the success rate of 5% to 10%. In most cases, it is below 5% and the majority is even at the level of below 1% success rate. This is the sad truth in MLM. 

Also, in BellaHoot, early joiners get to advance in ranks early hence leaving new joiners at the bottom of the enrollment tree. Those at the bottom have to rise on top of the enrollment tree with their enrollers as their competition while these enrollers on top are benefiting from the latter’s sales at the same time.

This makes rising on top a tough challenge for MLM members and in most cases become an impossibility. This occurrence is most likely possible with BellaHoot’s business model. 

So, if selling nail strips is not your thing and if recruiting is not your game then joining BellaHoot’s opportunity can surely turn to anything but right. In this case, BellaHoot will not be the right opportunity for you.

Wrapping It Up

We know that BellaHoot is a legally-established company founded in Arizona by a woman who wants to share her love for nail strips. Her offer comes with a business opportunity designed for women who want to start a business at a lesser cost.

The products are available to be shipped internationally and are surely unique and catchy. I must say that the products are retail-viable. If you are passionate about nail styling, this business surely offers you an affordable way to start a business from home.

However, BellaHoot is a new company. There’s not much that can be found about the company on the internet. It is not listed on websites like Better Business Bureau so we don’t have enough information about the company’s trust rating based on its consumers.

We cannot find a listing of the company in Direct Selling Association where members were bound to follow a certain code of ethics in direct selling.  

Most importantly, BellaHoot is following an MLM business model but is not able to show its income disclosure statement. In this respect, I find more risks in joining BellaHoot than the rewards that you can gain from its business opportunity.

I cannot find enough reasons to recommend it especially if you are in doubt about your abilities to sell its products and recruit people to duplicate your efforts. 

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