Should You Get Involved With Hello Pink? Our Detailed Review

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Fashion items are trending products to sell online. Putting up an online boutique can be quite a task when starting from scratch.

 So, if you are looking for easier ways to put up your online boutique, chances are Hello Pink has already popped up on one of your searches.

 If you are looking for more information about Hello Pink, then this feature is for you.

In this article, I have gathered more information about Hello Pink to help you decide whether or not to get involved in this business.

Read on to find out more.

Should You Get Involved With Hello Pink? Our Detailed MLM Review

About Hello Pink

hello pink logo

Hello Pink is a clothing and apparel network marketing company founded by Lauren Gagnon, a stay-at-home mother of 3 girls.

She lives in Michigan, USA where she also established Hello Pink.

 Lauren started the company in 2014 and in 2017 she opened Hello Pink to prospective independent distributors or what she called independent stylist.

There’s not much information that can be found about the company’s background or its owner aside from what I have already mentioned. I also cannot find any listing of the company on Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Direct Selling Association (DSA).


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The  Hello Pink Products

hello pink products

Hello Pink products are classified into several sub-categories of fashion and accessories.

Ohana & Kai - $21 - $54

These are jewelry products that are sold in partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. A percentage of your purchase of these products goes to the support of the latter.

Graphic Tops - $16 - $44

These are tops mostly for women with catchy statements printed on them. There are statements for health & fitness, motivation & kindness, humor, sports, pets and many more.

 These are available in different sizes from baby to adult. 

Tops and Dresses - $10 - $58

In this category, you will find tie-dyed tops, tunics, cardigans & kimonos, sweaters & sweatshirts, basic tops, dresses, and lounge wear & pajamas.

Bralettes and Tanks - $16 - $32

These products are said to be made of double brushed fabric. Available sizes are from kid to adult. 

Bottoms - $16 - $58

Here, you will find joggers, denim, pants and also leggings.

Accessories - $8-$74

Under this category, you will find masks and filters, jewelry, slippers & socks, purses & wallets and scarves, hats & mittens.

There are also maternity dresses, shoes & sandals, and men’s graphic tops. Hello Pink products are said to be mostly American-made.

Hello Pink strategy is that each night, it uploads new items with limited quantity to the site.  

How To Join Hello Pink

hello pink account types

To join Hello Pink, you need to sign up on its website and purchase a stylist kit.

 You have the option to choose between a basic account and a premium account with access to your online back office.

 The monthly fee for a premium account is $6.99 and $4.50 per month when you pay it one time for the whole year.

 There are no startup kits posted on the corporate website but it seems that the company has a promo ongoing where you can get instant access to your stylist account at $10.

 Membership also gives you your own online store in the form of a replicated website.

The  Hello Pink Compensation Plan

hello pink compensation plan

The Hello Pink compensation plan is quite simple. You earn from this opportunity from retail bonus or personal discount and team bonus.

Similar companies are  Buskins Leggings and Leggings Army.

There are 6 ranks that can be achieved in Hello Pink. Qualification is based on personal volume, group sales volume and leg volume cap.

These ranks are as follows:

  • Stylist
  • Associate
  • Star
  • Lead
  • Elite
  • Lotus

Stylists are entitled to 25% discount and a retail bonus of 20% to 25% depending on their rank.

Stylist with down-lines can earn 9% to 24% from their qualifying group sales volume up to level 3 of their downline. 

Hello Pink stylists have been mentioning that there are no sales quotas to start earning commissions from this business opportunity.

Should You Get Involved With Hello Pink?

If you are fond of selling fashion items and you want to start your business at a minimal cost, then Hello Pink can be a decent option as you can earn 25% personal discount and 20% retail bonus.

However, if you plan to maximize your earnings in joining this business opportunity, you must not only sell but you also need to recruit people on your downline. For you to earn team bonuses, you need to maintain at least $100 in personal volume and $150 in group volume monthly with a cap on each of your leg, so recruitment is a must. 

Hello Pink has no income disclosure statement to show to prospective stylists and they have these to say on its policies and procedures regarding earning representation,

“Do not comment or post any statements that disclose actual or implied financial performance or condition of Hello Pink. Do not comment or post any statements that represent the actual or potential sales or earnings of Stylists. Also, do not make any statements that could be deemed a violation of federal or state securities laws such as disclosure of nonpublic information.” 

“Do not make any lifestyle claims regarding the benefits of a Hello Pink Independent Stylist.”

So, getting yourself involved in Hello Pink would mean you need to sell and recruit as is the case when joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. So, if you don’t have what it takes to sell and recruit, then joining Hello Pink can be counterproductive for your business goals. 

We already know that MLM success rate and the turnover rate for members joining and leaving are quite discouraging, so without any basis like an income disclosure statement from Hello Pink, there’s no way to think otherwise and give this MLM company the exception.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Hello Pink.

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The Pros Of Hello Pink

  • It offers an opportunity to start a business at a low cost.
  • It is a legally established company. 
  • Products are retail viable and some have competitive prices.

The Cons Of Hello Pink

  • There’s not much information about the company on the internet.
  • To maximize your earnings, you need to sell and recruit just like in most MLM companies.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


An opportunity to start a business at a low cost is indeed an attractive offer that is hard to refuse. I think this is the main strength of Hello Pink.

 It is a legally established company founded by a mother from Michigan and it offers clothing and accessories under different categories with wide choices on styles and variations.

 Some products especially leggings have competitive pricing as well. I must say that the items are retail-viable.

However, in business, we set goals to grow our business. Having an online business, in this case, an online clothing business can face tough competition from other platforms.

 When searching about Hello Pink, there’s not much information about it except for the information available on its corporate website. Although the company is not saying it outright on its website, it is clear that Hello Pink is operating under the model of multi-level marketing as for you to earn, you need to sell the products and recruit members on your team.

As we already know, joining an MLM business especially when you are lacking the right skills to sell and create your own network can turn counterproductive in the long run.

 Joining Hello Pink is simple however, getting your desired results can be tough given the competition that you will be facing.

 Hello Pink is not showing its income disclosure statement so there’s no basis really in anticipating how you will succeed in this business.

There are higher risks in joining MLM companies than your chance of success on it. With a very low success rate and high turnover of members joining and leaving, MLM is not for those who have a weak will to sell and recruit.

 So, if you cannot do the aggressive selling and recruiting, better skip joining MLM companies as is the case in joining Hello Pink. 

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