Nature’s Sunshine – A Real Income Opportunity?

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Nature's Sunshine is one of the oldest health and wellness companies in the multi-level marketing industry with over forty years of being in business.

So, does Nature's Sunshine offer an inspiring income opportunity for you where you can actually make money or should you rather look for other work-from-home opportunities?

My Natures Sunshine review will not only reveal some interesting facts not many people know about but will also explain the joining process and compensation plan.

Without further ado, let's check out what Natures Sunshine has to offer for people who are looking for flexible hours and a great income at the same time.

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Nature's Sunshine - A Real  Income Opportunity?[Review]

What Is Nature's Sunshine?

natures sunshine logo

As a matter of fact, Natures Sunshine was founded back in 1972 by Gene and Kristin Hughes as a family-owned MLM company.

Natures Sunshine is one of over a  hundred direct selling/multi-level marketing which are based in Utah.

When I researched another Utah-based MLM company, Zija International, I found some interesting facts that doesn't align with Natures Sunshine official company history.

Kenneth E. Brailsford, the founder of Zija International, was one of the co-founders of Natures Sunshine which is also known as NSP by the way. This has been not mentioned on the NSP website.

According to Wikipedia, K. E Brailsford is also considered as 'Father of Herbal Encapsulation' and "was the first to commercially introduce herbs in capsule form."

This version doesn't align with NSP again when they say that it was Kristin Hughes who suggested to putting herbal powder into capsules.

Natures Sunshine is now available in 24 countries worldwide and is also the parent company to Synergy Worldwide. But this will be part of a different review.

Since September 2018, the new CEO for NSP is Terrence Moorehead who followed in the footsteps of Gregory L. Probert.

More About The Nature's Sunshine Products

natures sunshine products

Natures Sunshine has an impressive array of over 600 products in its range.

The products are divided into 15 product categories like Essential Oils, Children's Health, Probiotics,Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Women, just to name a few.

Nature's Sunshine develops, manufactures, tests, and stores products on site to ensure consistently high-quality products.

And indeed, there are rarely any negative product reviews to be found online.

The products are surprisingly affordable and therefore will be more likely attract a wider audience than overpriced products from other health and wellness MLM companies.

Nature's Sunshine now offers also an online health assessment tool with customized results in four categories:

  • Mental And Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Environment

This assessment reminds me a lot of IDLife which offers something similar. 

For new (and existing) customers this tool will be a great asset in finding out what products are best suitable for the individual.

 Let's face it, choosing the right product out of 600 can be pretty overwhelming.

NSP's Money-Back Guarantee

If a customer is not completely happy with a product, they can return any unused portion of the product for a full refund in within 90 days.

How To Save Money On The Products

If you are not interested in becoming a member/distributor for Nature's Sunshine, you can still save money by signing up for the auto-ship program which is called the 'Sunshine Rewards Program.'

In return for free shipping and earning 25% back in rewards points, your order must be at least a $100 each month.

The sunshine rewards points can be redeemed for free products.

How To Join Nature's Sunshine

natures sunshine how to join

The joining process is pretty easy and doesn't cost too much. You can either pay a $40 joining fee or order products worth $40.

Becoming a member/ distributor saves you up to 33% on the products, gives you access to promotions, and includes invitations to workshops and online webinars.

It is worth noting that you can join Nature's Sunshine as aNatural health practitioner who would like to promote the products to his clients. Or, you could also sell the products via a retail store.

But for this review, I will only be focussing on the 'normal' membership.

Nature's Sunshine Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is called 'Legacy' and is surprisingly simple to read. By the way, there is also another plan, the 'Classic compensation plan' which is for health practitioners and people who would like to sell NSP via a retail store.

In a nutshell, these are the perks and benefits for people who are sharing the income opportunity and selling the products and getting paid via the 'Legacy' plan.

  • Purchase products at wholesale prices (save up to 33% off retail)
  • Receive rebates of 10–20% on product purchases
  • Earn an exclusive 40% sponsoring bonuses when you sign others up with NSP (Legacy Plan only)
  • Make commissions on purchases made by those you sponsor, and people that they sponsor for up to six levels
  • Advance in rank and qualify for up to $1000/mo car payment
  • Qualify for exotic vacations to Europe, China, cruises and more! [Source: NSP website]
  • Nowhere in the compensation plan does it say though what kind of requirements are needed in personal purchases to qualify in ranks.

    Read the Legacy Compensation Plan here.

    So, I would love to hear from any NSP member what the requirements are.

    I've read somewhere that it would be 100 QV/ month which equals $100.

    How To Sell The Products

    One way of selling the products is via the 'Health to Home Events.'

    This is basically a party plan business where the hostess gets rewarded for inviting friends around to check out the products.

    NSP offers a 15 points sunshine reward for the hostess which is really not much.

    You as a presenter, will get rewards points as well. To qualify as an event, the party needs a minimum sale of 500 QV, with 250 QV from new sign-ups.

    Wow, that is a lot of sales one will need to get to 500QV.

    Can You Actually Make Money With Nature's Sunshine?

    nature's sunshine income disclosure

    Nature's Sunshine income disclosure from 2014 doesn't include "... any retail markup earned by the Distributor, nor consider[s] any expenses incurred by the Distributor in the promotion of their business."

    As usual with any MLM company, only the distributors who made it to the higher ranks are earning a substantial income.

    Everyone else may earn a few hundred dollars a month.

    But there is something I do like about Nature's Sunshine. They offer a lot of support to its distributors through product webinars, online training videos, social media marketing tools, and ongoing support from mentors.

    Not very often I have seen this kind of support in network marketing.

    The Pros Of Nature's Sunshine

    • The joining fee is low with only a $40 membership fee which is waived when you order products worth $40.
    • No monthly additional ongoing costs.
    • BBB accredited with an A+ rating and no (!) complaints.
    • An easy to understand compensation plan.
    • Natures Sunshine offers lots of training like product tutorials, webinars, and local events as well as business tools.

    Here Are The Cons Of Nature's Sunshine

    • It seems like the focus on selling products is via in-home presentations called 'Health to Home Events.'
    • Incentives for hostesses are very basic and may not be appealing. 
    • It is  not clear what the minimum requirements are to qualify for team commissions etc.

    Conclusion - Is Nature's Sunshine A Real Income Opportunity?

    Nature's Sunshine is a well-established health and wellness MLM company.

    The range of over 600 products is impressive and also the fact that NSP develops and manufactures its products on site with strict quality procedures.

    There is a lot to like about the company like the training tools they offer and the low joining fee.

    But according to the income disclosure, there is not much money to be made especially in the lower ranks.

    I would assume that a lot of people join as members/distributors to take advantage of the wholesale pricing. 

    The products are supposed to be sold via in-home presentations (event) but the incentives to hold a presentation are not very appealing.

    The rules for a qualifiying event are very high with a minimum of at least 500QV.

    Overall, it seems that the income opportunity with Nature's Sunshine is quite low.

     It doesn't look like that they offer a personalized website for active members either.

    Here is what I would recommend to earn money with Nature's Sunshine ...

    How To Sell Nature's Sunshine (And Other) Products And Actually  Make Money

    There is still a way to promote and sell Nature's Sunshine and, as a matter of fact, any other products you'd like to recommend and actually make money with it - without doing home events or recruiting.

    It is called affiliate marketing which is basically what and is my preferred way of earning passive income online.

    Related post: My Guide To Make Money Online

    The process is pretty simple. You share your affiliate link on your website, via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

    Read, how I earn four figures a month with affiliate marketing

    The key is to have your OWN website/blog.

    That means you can build your own personal brand by creating a fitness blog, a health- and lifestyle blog, or a 'mom' blog.

    Doing it this way, you can promote any product you like, not just Nature's Sunshine.

    gif sloth tell me more

    I know, I know ... the thought of building your own website can be overwhelming and scary.

    But trust me when I say, it is easy when you know how to. It literally takes two minutes. Check it out here.

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    I do hope this post will help you to increase your sales and has shown you that you don't need to rely on just one company.

    To Your Success!

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