Synergy WorldWide – Spend Money To Make Money?

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Welcome to my detailed review of Synergy WorldWide , a Utah-based MLM company that offers health and wellness products.

I have come across Synergy WorldWide when I was researching Nature's Sunshine which turns out to be Synergy's parent company. More about it a bit later ...

As a  matter of fact, both companies don't have too much in common, except that they both operate as MLM companies.

While Nature's Sunshine received a mainly positive review from me, I can't say the same about Synergy WorldWide.

So, if you are keen to learn more, especially about the compensation plan and if you actually can earn money, please rad on.

Spoiler alert: with Synergy WorldWide you have to spend money (and quite a bit) first before you even earn anything.

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Synergy WorldWide - Spend Money To Make Money? [Must Read Review]

What Is Synergy WorldWide

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Founded in 1999 by Dan Higginson, Synergy WorldWide quickly joined forces with Nature's Sunshine in 2000 which is spezialized in herbal dietary supplements.

Synergy WorldWide is led by President Dan Norman and is available in 26 countries worldwide.

Synergy WorldWide's mission statement to " transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions." is really no different from all the other MLM companies in the health and wellness industry.

The Synergy WorldWide Products

synergy products

Just to be clear, my review is not aimed at reviewing the companies product I'd rather look at the income opportunity, Synergy offers to potential propects.

Still, it is important to look at the products to see if there would be a good market for you to sell the products.

Synergy's products are aimed at improving your gut's health.

The product categories are as follow:

  • Energy
  • Skin Care
  • General Nutrition
  • Weight Management

The companies flagship product is ProArgi- 9+ which contains l-arginine.

According to Wikipedia, argenine is an essential amino-acid in humans. They also say that "Most healthy people do not need to supplement with arginine because it is a component of all protein-containing foods and can be synthesized in the body from glutamine via citrulline."

Synergy recommends to start with its Purify program with the Synergy Purify Kit which consists of Biome DT, Biome Shake, Biome Actives, Body Prime, and ProArgi- 9+.

Step 2 is to carry on with Synergy's other products to achieve 'Elite Health.' These products include meal replacement shakes, skin care products, and dietary nutrition products.

A canister (375g) of ProAgri- 9+ retails at $84 or $70 wholesale price. This equals 60 CV. The Biome Shake is a bit cheaper with $58.50 retail for 600g.

CV stands for commisionable volume, by the way, which we will learn more about in Synergy WorldWide's compensation plan.

How To Join Synergy WorldWide

To become a member with Synergy WorldWide, one has to fill in a membership form and activate one tracking center with a 150CV order. This basic option is called the Leader option.

A 150 CV order would be a Trulum skin care pack for example which costs $225 wholesale.

The second option is to activate three tracking center's with a single order of 300 CV, around $500. This is the Executive option.

The third option is to spend 500 CV/around $800 to activate three tracking centers as the Elite option.

To maintain your active status, you need to purchase at least 240 CV/$280 every six months.

But wait, there is more money to be spent.

 Let's check out the compensation plan...

The Synergy WorldWide Compensation Plan

synergy compensation plan

Before we even talk about how to earn commissions with Synergy, we need to look at the monthly qualification to even be eligible to earn one single dime.


The third step is to maintain qualification of your Tracking Center(s) on a monthly basis . Your Tracking Center(s)will be qualified each month by purchasing a minimum of 60 CV of product for resale on Tracking Center 1 .

Basic Qualification

Basic qualification allows you to earn Retail Markup and Basic Commissions only.

By placing an order of at least 60 CV on your Tracking Center 1, you qualify at the Basic level for that month’s commissions . Basic qualificationwill not maintain banked volume.

Standard Qualification

Standard qualification allows you to earn all bonuses during that commission month except for Elite Rebate.

There are two ways to achieve Standard Qualification:

•Either place 120 CV or more in total orders on your Tracking Center 1 .

•OR- Place an Autoship order of 100 CV or more.

Elite Qualification

Elite qualification allows you to earn all bonuses during that commission month including the Elite Rebate.

As with Standard qualification, the best way to qualify at the Elite level is by setting up an Autoship order 150 CV or more on a specified date each month ." [source: Synergy compensation plan]

Wow, what a compensation plan that is... 🙁 Let me rephrase  it: the more you pay, the more you could potentially earn.

What happened to commission payments based on sales volume? Nothing to be found on the Synergy compensation plan. 

The basic commission on team sales is very low with only a 10% pay out.

To get the Mega Match bonus (earn 100% on your team members commission payments), one has to have at least 120CV a month.

It is very clear that the emphasis is on recruiting, and more recruiting, and on Synergy members making personal purchases to qualify for commission payments.

Is this a pyramid scheme? I'll let you be the judge.

Can You Make Money With Synergy WorldWide

Unfortunately, there is no income disclosure available online which doesn't surprise me.

Unless you are an experienced network marketer and are able to recruit lots of people, I don't think you can make money with Synergy WorldWide at all.

It is most likely that you spend more than you actually earn considering the amount of personal product purchases each month to qualify or commission payments.

The Pros Of Synergy WorldWide

  • The company has been around for 20 years and operates in over 20 countries.
  • So far I haven't seen any negative reviews of the products or customer service.

The Cons Of Synergy WorldWide

  • Not accredited with BBB and no rating.
  • It is not clear what training tools, if any, and support the company offers to its members.
  • To qualify for commissions, members have to make monthly purchases of at least 60 CV/$70. The more products one purchases, the commission payments are possible.
  • Low team commission payments of 10%.
  • The focus is on recruiting not selling. Pyramid scheme?

In Conclusion

While Synergy WorldWide's products may be of high-quality and worth the money, the Synergy income opportunity is rather appealing.

It is always a red flag to me, when personal purchases of members are required on a monthly basis.

It should be the product sales that qualify a member for commission payments not monthly personal purchases.

If recruiting is your strong side then you may be able to earn an income but otherwise, it may be better to stay away from this company and this way of earning money.

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