Zija International – Get Down To The Nitty Gritty

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Are you curious what Zija International is all about? Are you looking for a work-from-home job and have been approach by a Zija distributor to join the Zija 'business' opportunity?

In my detailed Zija International review I will not only talk about the joining process but also if you can make money with this company?

To be honest with you. It was quite challenging to find detailed information regarding the starter kit and its prices and other requirements regarding the income opportunity.

But what I have found out in the end, is not very exciting. Let's just say, the whole Zija opportunity is underwhelming.

Without further ado, get down to the nitty gritty and find out, what it all means for you.

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Zija International - Get Down To The Nitty Gritty

What Is Zija International?

Zija International logo

Zija International is a health and wellness MLM company that is focusing on products that contain parts of the Moringa Oleifera plant, also known as Drumstick tree.

It is yet another MLM company that is based in Utah, just like LifeVantage, Usana, and Nu Skin.

The company was founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford in 2006 and the products are now available in over 50 countries world wide.

Kenneth Brailsford has had a long history in direct selling and network marketing with being one of the co-founders of Nature's Sunshine in 1972 and Enrich International (now Unicity) in 1985.

He was actually the first person to introduce powdered herbs in capsule form commercially.

Under Ken Brailsford leadership, Zija acquired another Utah-based MLM company called "Xango" in 2017.

As of February 2019 the new CEO and President of Zija International is Jeremy Redd.

More About The Zija International Products

zija international products

Most products Zija International offers, whether it is the home essential products, skin care, weight managment, or essential oil range, is based on the Moringa Oleifera plant.

Zija's flagship product is the Core Moring Supermix which is really expensive at $145 retail or $130 wholesale price.

In general, the products cost a lot, especially when you compare them to similar items you can find on Amazon for example.

Chief Operating Officer Dr. Josh Plant explains the higher price tag with more labor intense stages of preparing Moringa Oleifera for further processing.

"In shade dry houses near the fields in India where all of Zija’s trees grow, workers turn the Moringa leaves manually—“almost like a chicken would turn its egg,” Plant says—as the leaves dry slowly on smooth rocks that create a convection-oven effect.

Other companies dehydrate their moringa in a couple of hours in the sun, continues Plant (who may be the most appropriately named executive in the natural supplements business). Zija’s process can take from five days to two weeks and produces a more nutrient-dense product because the leaves aren’t exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. As a result, Plant explains, it would take 250 capsules of Moringa dried in the conventional way to equal one sachet of the Core Moringa SuperMix." [source: DSN]

That sounds all nice and dandy, but does it convince customers to fork out triple the amount of money for a Moringa Oleifera product by Zija?

In the highly competitive health and wellness niche, it all comes down how well the products work and if you get value for your money.

How To Join Zija International

zija international basic system

Unlike other MLM companies, it was really hard to find out details on how much it cost to join the company as a distributor and what is actually included in the starter price.

Other third party reviews speak of a $40 membership and starter kits that start at $200 and go up to around $1300.

Here is what I have found out. By the way, to get more details I had to pretend that I wanted to sign-up as a distributor.

It looks like that Zija International is in a Beta stage at the moment, meaning that they have changed or are still in the process of changing starter kits which they call Starter Systems. 

You can choose from: Basic30, Builder Plus, Builder Pro, and Builder Premium system.

The joining process was as follow: you pay first a $20 enrollment fee which renews every year and then costs $25.

Next up, you need to choose a starter system but I got offered only the Basic30 System for $199/150 PV.

Next up you need to agree to a monthly auto-ship order but it is not clear if there is a minimum purchase requirement involved.

My guess is that the whole enrollment process is not quite updated yet because some things really didn't make sense.

For example, I didn't choose a starter system or any products at all but I still got the message that I will receive products each month through the recurring auto-ship order. What products though?

Can You Make Money With Zija International? The Compensation Plan

As outlined in Zija's binary compensation plan (they call it 'Impact'), you can either become a customer with no joining fee and receive products at whole sale price, and earn free products points.

You do have to sign-up for a monthly recurring auto-ship order in return.

If you want to become a distributor and earn commissions and bonuses, you fill in an enrollment form and pay a $20 fee which renews every year.

The compensation plan is not too difficult to understand, even though a I had to read the different definitions for certain terms a few times.

Zija offers five different ways to earn money. One of them is the Fast Start Commission.

 When it comes to the Fast Start Commission, Zija distinguishes between an Active75 Distributor and Active150 Distributor.

zija compensation plan

To get a better understanding of Active 75 and Active 150, it is important for you to know what Personal Volume means.

Here is the companies definition: "PERSONAL VOLUME Personal Volume (PV) is defined as the Volume associated with a Member purchase for purposes of resale, for use as samples, or for personal use."

Read the full compensation plan here.

To make it clear, you as a distributor have to have a monthly order of at least 75PV which is a monthly expense of $100.

To earn more commission and to advance or maintain a rank, a 150 PV/ $200 monthly purchase is a must.

That is a lot of money to be spent every single month!

To stay active, you will need to have these PV's, either at least 75PV or 150PV.

To qualify for team commissions etc. you have to be qualified. "This means that you must have at least two Personally-Sponsored Distributors/ Customers who each meet a minimum Active Level requirement."

To make it clear, you will need to find at least two people who are willing to spend each month at least $100 on the products.

gif really?

Another critical thing I've noticed is the excessive number of ranks in the compensation plan. All up, I counted 24 ranks, the highest being 'Triple Crowne Diamond Elite'!!! 

So, Can You Actually Make Money With Zija International?

Just by looking at the compensation plan and the requirements for distributors to qualify for commission payments, the one who earns a whole lot of money is Zijah International itself.

It doesn't matter if the products are produced ethically or the company wants to lead a 'Natural Health Revolution.'

To ask its distributors to make monthly purchases of at least $100 and more to qualify for commissions and to maintain a rank is a huge red flag in my eyes.

On top of that, there is no income disclosure available so I can only guess that the income potential for the majority of distributors is low.

Remember, first, you have to pay at least $100 each month for your personal purchase. To earn enough commission each month to cover these expenses takes a lot of effort especially for inexperienced network marketers.

Thumbs down from me.

Here is a quick overview of the Pros and Cons of Zija International.

The Pros Of Zija International

  • The enrollment fee is considerably low with $20.
  • Zija International is accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating. Even if this sounds positive, I take this rating with a 'grain of salt'. There are still quite a few negative reviews.
  • Zija is available world wide and has been around for over a decade.

The Cons Of Zija International

  • The products are way more expensive then similar items that contain Moringa Oleifera and are available on Amazon.
  • Distributors have to order products each month for at least $100 or $200 to count as being active and to qualify and maintain ranks.
  • To qualify for team commissions you have to be an Active 150 distributor and need to have two personally sponsored distributors/customers in your team that have an active auto-ship order of at least 75PV ($100).
  • Zija International has not published an income disclosure yet.

Is Zija International A Scam?

Considering that Zija International has a wide range of products and has been around for a decade, I can't really say that Zija is a scam.

But, there are a few red flags that don't sit well with me. 

The monthly expenses of at least $100 to be counted as active distributor is a big 'NO' in my opinion.

Secondly, the requirements to qualify for team commissions. It would be challenging to find two people who are willing to pay a lot of money each month on products that are overpriced.

Thirdly, the extensive number of ranks in the comp plan. 24 ranks - Really?

Last but not least, what kind of training does Zija International provides besides motivational events? I have read in a third party review about an app they are providing but haven't found anything on the Zija website itself.

I don't like this hush hush mentality. The same applies to the costs of the starter systems. I had to pretend that I want to become a distributor to see only one starter kit. 


In my Zija International review, I have tried to show you all the facts you should know about Zija International with the Pros and Cons. 

So it is really up to you if you want to become involved with Zija or not.

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