Is Mannatech A Scam Or A Legit MLM Company?

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In my years of reviewing network marketing companies, I found a number of companies dealing with products using aloe as the key ingredient.

 It does not come as a surprise because aloe has been known to have a lot of health and skincare benefits. Mannatech is a company that was born because of its leaders’ belief in the ingredient coming from aloe.

 In this review, we bring our focus to Mannatech. Just like you, we would want to know if Mannatech is a scam or not?

 Mannatech has been in the market for years and has been through some lawsuits and controversies.

 In this review, we want to get the facts about Mannatech and we would be happy to help you in getting to know more about this company.

Read on to find out more.

Is Mannatech A Scam Or A Legit MLM Company?

The Mannatech Company

mannatech logo

Mannatech is a health and wellness company that started in 1993.

 As per the Wikipedia article on Mannatech, the company was founded by Samuel Caster, a person who also founded Eagle Shield that sold insulation products that were said to be based on NASA technology.

 Prior to founding Mannatech, Caster also marketed Electracat, a pest control device. Both of these products were declared by the Attorney General of Texas to have wrongful claims.

Caster served the company from its founding until 2007. Now the company is headed by Alfredo Bala who has been with the company since 2007. 

The company is headquartered in Texas, U.S.A, and is operating in several countries around the world.

 Mannatech became a publicly traded company in 1999. The company has been subjected to several lawsuits for its false marketing claims in the past.

 The latest of which was in 2017 where the company received an FDA warning letter for complaints on illegal marketing of its products as medical agents and violation of FDA’s regulations on good manufacturing practices.

The company is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association .  Mannatech is also listed in Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

The company gives back to the community by advocating the health and well-being of children and by supporting the M5M Foundation. 

The  Mannatech Products

mannatech products

Mannatech was launched when its leaders recognized the benefits of acemannan, a compound developed from mannose, a key polysaccharide in aloe.

Similar companies are Beauty Society, SeneGence, or Rodan and Fields.

 Now the company uses this compound as one of the key ingredients of most of its products. The products are classified into Integrative Health, Targeted Health, Essentials, Weight & Fitness, and Skin Care.

Here are the company’s best-selling products.

Integrative Health

  • Advanced Ambrotose (120caps) Immune Support Formula - $52.99
  • Ambrotose Life (100g) - $146.99
  • Ambrotose Complex (60caps) Immune Support Formula - $37.99

Targeted Health

  • BounceBack (60caps) Proteolytic Enzymes & Botanical Supplement - $49.99
  • ImmunoSTART (60tabs) Colostrum and Glyconutrient Supplement - $39.99
  • Manna-C (60caps) Seasonal herbal Nasal & Sinus Support - $37.99

Weight & Fitness

  • Empact+ Energy Drink - $74.99
  • Osolean (366g) Whey Protein Supplement - $55.99

Skin Care

  • Emprizone Hydrating Gel - $27.99
  • Firm with Ambrotose Moisturizing Cream - $27.99
  • Uth Skin Rejuvenation Cream - $104.99

How To Join Mannatech 

To join Mannatech’s business opportunity, you need to purchase a Build a Business pack that costs $49.99.

 This comes with 90 days of free premium business tools and other perks like a 180 day money back guarantee, and loyalty points.

However, it is not clear what the premium tools cost after the first 90 days are over.

 You need to provide your information and agree to Mannatech’s Terms and Conditions. 

Mannatech associates must renew their accounts yearly. 

The  Mannatech Compensation Plan

mannatech unilevel bonus

Mannatech unilevel bonus

There are several ways to earn from Mannatech and we listed them below. Just like in most MLM companies, there are leadership ranks to advance to in Mannatech’s compensation plan.

These are: Associate, Silver Associate, Gold Associate, Director, Silver Director, Gold Director, Executive Director, Silver Executive Director, Gold Executive Director, Presidential Director, Bronze Presidential Director, Silver Presidential Director, Gold Presidential Director, and Platinum Presidential Director to Crown Platinum Ambassador.

1. Customer Bonuses

mannatech power seller bonus

Mannatech power seller bonus

This bonus is comprised of Power Seller Bonus and Business Development Bonus. In Power Seller Bonus once your monthly customer volume including your personal purchases reaches 200 personal point volume (PPV) and you have 2 active preferred customers, you can earn a 10% bonus of your PPV.

 Once you have 500 PPV or more with 5 active preferred customers, you can earn a 15% bonus. 

Business Development bonus rewards you with $100 to $250 per month when you enroll at least 2 associates who create 500 PPV or more on their own.

mannatech business development bonus

Mannatech business development bonus

2. First Order Bonus

This is the bonus paid for every first product order of your new Associate recruits or new preferred customers. This is 25% of the first product order.

3. Mentor Bonus

This is a monthly bonus amounting to $30 to $100 for qualified active leaders from Gold Associate rank and up. 

4. Uni-level payouts/Infinity Bonus

Uni-level bonus is paid to Silver Associate rank or higher. Qualified associates earn 3% to 8% of their downline’s product sales, up to level 7 depending on their ranks. A side volume infinity bonus is paid on level 8 and below for Presidential Director rank and up.

5. Leader Check Match

This is the bonus paid to Silver Executive Director rank and up as a percentage of their downline Executive Directors and higher team bonuses. 

6. Global Pool Bonus

This bonus is paid to Bronze Presidential Directors and up as a share derived from 1.5% of the company’s global finished product sales.

You can see the full text of Mannatech’s compensation plan on this link here. 

Can You Earn Money With Mannatech?

mannatech income disclosure

Mannatech released its 2019 U.S. Income Averages Statement reflecting the average income earned by the associates in the U.S.A for the year 2019. This document is available here.

Considering the median household income in the U.S.A in the same year, only less than 0.01% of Mannatech consultants were able to earn an income above this level.

 Associates who earned at the level of $14,000 to $55,000 average annually comprised 0.57% of all the company’s consultants. Also, it should not be disregarded that 95.65% of the consultants earned an annual average of $20.73 in 2019.

These figures from the company’s income disclosure statement just confirmed how disheartening the income figures of associates in Mannatech were in 2019.

These income averages of Mannatech consultants say a lot about your chance of success in this business opportunity. You will see that you need to climb a high peak to be able to earn enough from this business opportunity.

 Looking at these figures, I cannot see any opportunity for income that is worth recommending especially for ordinary people without experience in similar business ventures. 

This case of Mannatech comes as no surprise for me at all as these are the figures that we often see in most multi-level marketing companies’ income disclosure statements.

 However, I would want to say that these figures from Mannatech are much worse given the company’s longevity and market reach.

The Pros And Cons Of The Mannatech Opportunity

  •  The company is a publicly traded company and has been operating for close to 3 decades.
  •  Mannatech is a member of the Direct Selling Association and is listed with an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau.
  • Products are wide in range and are retail-viable.
  • The start up costs are affordable.
  • The company has been subjected to a number of lawsuits and controversies in the past.
  • It is an MLM company where you can only earn by selling the company products and recruiting people to also join the business.
  • The leadership ranks in the compensation plan are like a rough climb with too many steps along the way before you can reach the top.
  • The U.S. income averages statement is disheartening showing a less than 1% success rate of getting a full-time income from the opportunity.

Conclusion - Is  Mannatech A Scam Or A Legit MLM Company

Although Mannatech had been subjected to lawsuits and controversies in the past, but there is no denying that the company overcame most of them.

Now, the company still stands with almost 3 decades of operation that spans the globe.

Surely, it is save to say that Mannatech is not a scam. It is a publicly traded company that knows how to give back to the community.

 The company has a rich product portfolio covering different categories from health, nutrition to skincare.  The company gives an opportunity for ordinary people to start a business at a minimal cost.

My problem with Mannatech is mainly about its business opportunity offering.

 I have noticed that Mannatech has the most number of ranks to advance to on its compensation plan relative to other compensation plans that I’ve seen from other MLM companies.

So, getting on top of the organization can be a rough climb. Just like in most MLM companies, to earn an income you need to sell the products and build your team hence you need to recruit people to join the company.

Also, looking at the company’s income average statement for its US consultants, less than 1% of the company’s consultants were earning a decent.

It is quite disheartening to see and just by looking at it, I don’t see any opportunity that I would want myself to get involved in in the near future.

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