Beauty Society MLM – A Full Review

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Beauty products are everywhere in the market and they are easy to find but finding the right products for our unique skin type is quite a challenge most of the time.

Here comes Beauty Society and it has a long list of beauty and skin care products with scientifically proven formulation that seeks to renew, rebuild and transform the skin.

Can this company be the answer to your beauty and skin woes? Can the company products really help empower women by giving them more confidence?

Is the business offered by Beauty Society a step to achieving financial freedom?

These are just a few questions that we aim to answer in this honest review of Beauty Society.

Similar companies are Mary Kay, Avon, and Ever Skin Care, just to name a few of the ever growing number of MLM companies in the beauty niche.

 We hope to cover as much relevant information and answer the most pressing questions that you have about this company. So, let’s begin.

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Beauty Society MLM - Our Full Review

The Beauty Society Company

Beauty Society logo

Beauty Society  is a company founded by Jeannie Lorin in 2007.

 The company is headquartered in California, USA.

 The founder’s educational and previous business credentials are not directly stated in the company website.

 What is mentioned is that Ms. Lorin started working with leading chemists where she discovered scientifically proven ingredients for youthful looking skin.

The company’s Facebook page currently has 16,653 followers as of this writing and is rated 4.8 based on the opinion of 33 people.

Its Youtube channel has only 295 subscribers with 2.6K views on its most popular video upload.

Beauty Society is listed in Better Business Bureau but is not accredited and has an NR rating.


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The  Beauty Society Products

beauty society products

Beauty Society products are advertised as cruelty-free with no animal testing, gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free. The products are made in the USA. The brand also recognizes the love for the environment with its eco-friendly product refills and tree planting partnerships.

Those items with notes are the company’s bestseller products to date.

Skin Care

The skin care line offers multiple variants of cleanser, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and mask.

· Easy Going - Gentle Crème Cleanser - $29.50

· Set Me Free - Pore Clearing Cleanser - $29.50

*This is not just a facial cleanser. It is also effective for back and shoulder acne as well as makeup brush cleaner.

· All Nighter - Age-defacefying Night Resurfacer - $68.50

*An evening regimen aims to reduce if not remove acne, age spots, sun-damage and discoloration.

· Crystal Ball - Microdermabrasion Treatment - $34.50

*This is a face scrub formulation that helps remove dead skin on heels, elbows and lips.

· Fake ID - Glycolic Rejuvenating Serum - $47.60

*This skin serum is formulated to reverse sun-damage and reduce fine lines, enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles.

· Immortal Eyes - Eye Crème-Gel - $49.50

With cultured stem cells as one of its main ingredients, this eye gel prevents new lines from forming, smooths and lifts the eye area for a more youthful look.

· Our Little Secret - Firming & Wrinkle Repair Serum - $59.50

*This is another anti-aging serum for all skin types.

· Perfect Form - Neck and Décolétte Repair - $38.50

· Poker Face - Instant Crease & Wrinkle Relief Crème - $34.50

· Youth Accelerator - Apple Stem Cell Serum - $59.50

· Love Thy Face - Miracle Moisturizer - $54.50

*Formulated with rosemary to rebuild lipid oils on the skin, this moisturizer is perfect for all types of skin.

· Anytime Anywhere - Time-released Moisturizer - $42.50

*Another moisturizer great for all skin types.

· Making Shade - SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen - $34.50

· Liquid Luxury - Lipid Repair Oil - $38.50

· Drama Free - Repair Serum - $59.50

*This serum is best for multiple skin issues and can be even applied to cuts and bruises.

· Let's Face It - Oily Skin & Acne Fighting Masque - $26.50

· True Salvation - Immaculate Complexion Serum - $34.50

· Saving Face - Foaming Facial with Advanced BTX - $59.50

*This is an anti-aging foaming facial mask that purifies, oxygenates and plumps the skin.

· Baby Calm Down - Calming & Hydrating Masque - $26.50

· Face Stuff - Men's Anti-Aging Moisturizer - $28.50

· Fix It - Men's Anti-Aging Eye Cream - $28.50


The cosmetic line has complete products for lips, face and eyes.

· Matte Liquid Lipstick - $22

· Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss - $18

· Lip Balm - $14

· Lip Scrub - $12

· Lip Liner Pencil - $12

· Liquid Foundation - $32

*The Absolute Perfect 10 variant is one of the bestsellers.

· Powder Foundation - $28

· Highlighting Pwder - $28

· Matte Glow Bronzer - $28

· Bronzer/Blush Duo - $28

· Powder Blush - $26

· Concealer - $12

· Highlighting CReam - $24.5

· Photo Shoot Facial Primer - $36.5

*This facial primer effectively hides rough surfaces, wrinkles, pores and discoloration on skin and is popular as an under all makeup application.

· Eyeshadow Quad - $38

· Mascara - $24

· Eyebrow Enhancing Gel - $28

· Eyelash Conditioning Serum - $59.5

· Magnetic Palette - $8

· High Pigment Eyeshadow - $11

· Eyeliner - $12

Beauty Tools

This line brings all the needed tools for your makeup application and finishes.

· Hair Towel - $22

· Body TReatment - $12

· Dual Action Cleansing Wand - $18

· Blending Bomb - $14

· Silicone Mask Applicator Brush - $12

· Foot Scrubber - $8

· Kabuki - $22

· Powder Brush - $14

· Contour Brush - $14

· Foundation Brush - $14

Hair & Body

· Outer Glow Body Shimmer - $18.5

· Redemption Conditioning Spray - $29.5

*This product is one of the bestsellers and is a hair conditioning spray.

· Sanctuary Salt Scrub - $24.5

· Sanctuary Hand Cream - $26.5


· Bank - Men’s Cologne - $48

· Success Perfume - $38

How To Join Beauty Society

beauty society box

Beauty Society’s affiliates are called Legacy Beauty Society Advisors. Interested parties can be one at an initial cost of $59.

This package contains $190 worth of products for free shipping. This gives advisors the following benefits:

· 3-month active membership,

· a discount of 60% on retail for products of choice,

· full virtual back office,

· a personal website shop link for customers, and

· access to online training.

An advisor has the initial option to avail of beauty box monthly at a cost of $45 monthly. This box contains over $200 worth of products, samples and coupon codes to help advisors drive their personal sales.

After the first 3 months of the active membership that comes with the legacy beauty box, a fee of $9.99 membership fee is charged.

This monthly active advisor membership fee comes with the following benefits:

· free shipping for over $40 order

· 25% off discount on every product,

· full service backoffice,

· e-commerce website, and

· 25-55% commissions on products sold.

The  Compensation Plan

beauty society compensation plan

Beauty Society highlights 11 strengths of its compensation plan.

1. Personal Sales Commissions of up to 55%

Retail commission is at 25% generally but by increasing one’s PV (personal volume), commission is also increased up to 20% more.

· 500 – 1,999 PV = 5% Bonus + 25% Base = 30% Commission

· 2,000 – 3,499 PV = 10% Bonus + 25% Base = 35% Commission

· 3,499 – 5,000 PV = 15% Bonus + 25% Base = 40% Commission

· 5,000 PV & above = 20% Bonus + 25% Base = 45% Commission

Also, for every new active advisor a member recruits, he/she earns 1% bonus on personal volume each month.

· 1 new advisor - 1%

· 2 new advisors - 2%

· 3 new advisors - 3%

· 4 new advisors - 4%

· 5 new advisors - 5%

· 6 new advisors - 6%

· 7 new advisors - 7%

· 8 new advisors - 8%

· 9 new advisors - 9%

· 10 new advisors - 10%

2. Unlimited levels of earning potential, with no pay level limits

Earning potential in Beauty Society is increased by rank. Here are the rank achievements that advisors can advance to in this company with their respective qualifications as well as the percentage of downline commission payout based on commissionable volume (CV) reached.

· Associate Advisor - $100PV, $500GV, 1 active leg - 5% on the CV on level 1 team

· Regional Advisor - $200PV, $2500GV, 2 active legs - 6% on the CV of level 1 and 5% on the CV of level 2

· National Advisor - $300PV, $5000GV, 3 active legs - 8% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2, 5% on the CV of level 3

· Premier Advisor - $500PV, $10000GV, 5 active legs (2 of which are paid as regional advisors or above) - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity

(insert premier advisor photo)

· Senior Advisor - $500PV, $20000GV (no more than 40% from any one leg), 5 active legs (2 of which are paid as regional advisors or above), 1 qualified premier advisor leg - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity, 6% on the CV of generation 1

· Executive Advisor - $500PV, $30000GV (no more than 40% from any one leg), 5 active legs, 2 premier advisor legs - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity, 6% on the CV of generation 1, 4% on the CV of generation 2

· Principal Advisor - $500PV, $60000GV (no more than 40% from any one leg), 5 active legs, 3 premier advisor legs, 1 executive advisor leg - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity, 7% on the CV of generation 1, 4% on the CV of generation 2, 3% on the CV of generation 3

· Select Advisor - $500PV, $110000GV (no more than 40% from any one leg), 5 active legs, 3 premier advisor legs, 1 principal advisor leg - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity, 7% on the CV of generation 1, 5% on the CV of generation 2, 4% on the CV of generation 3, 3% on the CV of generation 4

· Ultimate Advisor - $500PV, $190000GV (no more than 40% from any one leg), 5 active legs, 8 paid as premier advisor legs, 2 paid as select advisor legs - 10% on the CV of level 1, 6% on the CV of level 2 to infinity, 7% on the CV of generation 1, 5% on the CV of generation 2, 5% on the CV of generation 3, 4% on the CV of generation 4 and 3% on the CV of generation 5

Other strengths of being a Beauty Society advisor are the following as listed by the company:

3. Inventory free business

4. 25% advisor discount on all personal orders

5. Promos, free offers and free products upon checkout

6. Zero credit card transaction fees

7. Unlimited pay levels for Premier Advisors

8. Weekly payouts

9. Free training and coaching

10. Free shipping on all personal orders over $40 and discounted shipping under $40

11. Free hostess gifts and perks.

 Can You Make Money With Beauty Society?

Beauty Society has no income disclosure statement to show prospective advisors so we cannot really tell how advisors are doing in terms of income earnings from the company.

 The retail margin of 25% is a fair percentage but it should be noted that joining Beauty Society is not free.

There’s a start-up fee and monthly subscription fee.

And, to enjoy other bonus commissions aside from the retail profit, an advisor must recruit and increase personal volume at least $500 each month.

 Being active requires $100 personal volume as well and a monthly subscription fee.

 Without recruiting and reaching the $500 PV, an active advisor can only benefit from the 25% commission.

With the right customer base and willing recruits, then surely, an advisor can earn money from Beauty Society. However, sans assurance from Beauty Society and by withholding income disclosure statements to prospective advisors, this can seriously be an issue.

As we already know, income distribution in an MLM company just like with Beauty Society is mostly concentrated to a very small minority with affiliates earning $10000 and up annually a rarity.

 You will be surprised to know that members earning above the $10000 mark annually hardly reach 5% in most MLM companies that we have already reviewed.

There are even MLM companies with more than 50% of affiliates earning nothing at all.

With the current setup of Beauty Society and absent its income disclosure statement this similar unfavorable income occurrence is a high possibility.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Beauty society.

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The Pros Of Beauty Society

  •  It subscribes to popular manufacturing best practices such as cruelty-free, environment-friendly and the likes.
  •  The company has been standing for more than 10 years already and this can be a sign of stability.
  • The products have positive testimonial results from customers.
  • The products are made in the USA.
  • The start up costs are reasonable.

The Cons Of Beauty Society

  • The company is not BBB accredited.· The company has no income disclosure statement.
  •  The products are relatively costly when compared to similar products available in the market especially those sold under non-MLM companies.
  •  In my opinion, the monthly subscription is too much as a requirement to remain active in addition to the PV requirement.
  • Recruitment is necessary to advance in ranks and to be rewarded with additional commissions.


Beauty Society is one legit MLM company in the sector of skin care and beauty. It has proven its stability with more than 10 years of existence.

It subscribes to relevant and timely best business values and practices.

The company continuously improves its product line so when one looks for beauty and skin care products, Beauty Society has them.

However, on the business side of things, I think Beauty Society is no different from other MLM companies.

Although the company rewards retail sales just fine, I think it is not enough because rank advancement and access to higher commissions are dependent upon one’s ability to recruit.

 This way efforts of affiliates in the base of the organizational tree are mainly exhausted by the executives on top.

 And, I do believe that if advisors are actually doing well, an income disclosure statement can easily silence detractors and avoid skeptical questions about this opportunity however this is not the case with Beauty Society.

 So, if you do not want to risk your time and effort in this opportunity, approach it with caution and ask for the info you are missing if in any case an advisor approaches you.

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