Is beFragrant The Right Direct Selling Company For You?

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Fragrances emanating from scented candles and essential oils are great mood boosters and can actually help us feel good. Scented candles are also indispensable as home, restaurant, hotel, office or spa decors to some.

 Making these products in a much safer, healthier and eco-friendly version is becoming the trend.

 If this is your thing, then beFragrant can be of interest to you.

 BeFragrant brings to the US market its brand of soy-based candles and fragrances through the home party business plan.

If you have an interest in this business opportunity or its products then we welcome you to read on as we give you our detailed and honest review of beFragrant, a direct sales company that is said to carry all-natural soy candles and home scents.

Read on to find out if beFragrant is the right direct selling company for you.

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Is beFragrant The Right Direct Selling Company For You?

More About The beFragrant Company

befragrant logo

BeFragrant is a direct sales company based in Idaho, USA. It was founded in 2012 to around early 2013 by Denise Petersen.

BeFragrant’s story started with the founder’s search for a safer alternative to home fragrance - one that has no “fine print” warnings, is non-toxic and so on.

 The company started as a candle business and has grown bigger than it was before.

There’s not much to be found in the World Wide Web about this company but they remain active in social media platforms like LinkedIn and on the company’s official website.

Similar companies are Pink Zebra and Party Lite.

Also, I cannot find the company listing in Better Business Bureau nor the Direct Selling Association websites which are known to list most direct sales and MLM companies.

But, it is included in LaConte Consulting’s MLM list. The company is present in Social Media but has a very few following. That is 1525 views in Youtube , 1001 followers in Twitter , and 3121 followers in IG .

There are recent updates and posts to indicate that the company is active up to now.


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The  beFragrant Products

befragrant products

BeFragrant products are manufactured in the USA and they are made from pure soy wax. Here are some of the benefits of choosing soy as listed in the company’s website:

· clean burning wax with beautiful scent,

· burns longer than paraffin candles,

· biodegradable and more environment-friendly,

· non-toxic and safe for children and pets,

· all natural wicks, no lead or zinc, and

· easily cleaned up with soap and water.

Here is beFragrant’s product list:

Hand Sanitizers 1oz - $4.95

This is made from plant-derived alcohol and is slightly scented.

Soy Wax

Soy candles are the main products of beFragrant and they are listed below:

· Soy Melt 3 oz - $6

· Soy Tart 6 oz - $9.5

· 16 oz Wickless Soy Candle - $19.5

· 8 oz Soy Candle - $13.5

· 16 oz Soy Candle - $20.5

· 2 oz Travel Tin Soy Candle - $6

· 6 oz Travel Tin Soy Candle - $10.5


BeFragrant extends its product line to home fragrance such as the following:

· Air Freshener - $6.5

· Fragrance Mist 4 oz - $9.25

· Linen Spray 4 oz - $9.25

· Room Spray 4 oz - $9.25

· Poo’ Parfum – stocks are currently not available

BeFragrant offers various types of scents for its soy candles, home sprays and freshener with themes and starting price listed below. The company has a rich collection of different scents for various preferences.

Scents for Products with starting price of $6 Scents

· All Girlfriend scents except little black dress

· All spring summer scents

· All paradise scents

· All sugar rush scents except bourbon sea salt caramel

· All man cave scents except Abercrombie fierce

· All fresh scents except supernova

· All spa scents except karma

· All kid zone scents

Scents for Products with starting price of $7 Scents

· All designer scents

There are other scents available as well for products with starting cost from $4.8. These scents are only available until supplies last.

Wax Warmers - $12.95 - $36.95

These are decorative warmers for soy wax melts, tarts and pearlz. There are full-sized and plug-in warmers.

Pet Candles 16 oz in Mason glass jar - $20.25-$21.25

These are soy wax candles in mason jars best for cats and dogs.

Citronella Scented Soy Wax in Candle tins 8oz - $14.95

Spotted Love - Giraffe Conservation Soy Wax Melt 3 oz - $7

40% of the sales from this line will go to support Giraffe Conservation Foundation programs in Africa

Bundle Deals

· 5 Soy Melts 3 oz + 1 Free - $30

· Ceramic Plug-in tart warmer + 3 Soy Melts 3oz + 1 Free Soy Melt - $35.95

· 5 Soy Tarts 6 oz + 1 Free - $47.50

· Full-sized Tart Warmer + 3 Soy Tarts 6 oz + 1 Free - $55.45

VIP Scent Club

This is beFragrant’s monthly autoship option where one can save 23% off on items and $3.75 on shipping fees.

BeFragrant also offers fundraising packages for interested parties.

How To Join beFragrant 

befragrant starter kits

Joining beFragrant is easy in 2 ways. One way is becoming a Scent Ambassador and another is becoming an Independent Consultant.

As an ambassador, one only needs to subscribe to $1/month Ambassador membership fee and to sign up on the website.

As an independent consultant, one has to sign up.

 The consultant’s personal website is free of charge for the first month and costs $9.95 each month after.

Starter kits are optional and cost $29.95 and $59.

The  beFragrant Compensation Plan

befragrant scent ambassadors

As mentioned, there are 2 ways to join beFragrant, as an ambassador or independent consultant.

As an ambassador, one only needs to share beFragrant products and be rewarded with 15% commission on customer product sales and on personal purchases.

A 5% of monthly product sales can also be rewarded to an ambassador if he/she reaches the $50 monthly personal sales volume.(see above screenshot)

As an independent consultant, beFragrant is quite vague on giving details about its compensation plan.

Here are the 3 ways how an independent consultant earns from beFragrant as stated in the company’s website:

· Commissions on personal sales qualifying volume,

· Bonuses from the sales volume coming from one’s downline team members, and

· Royalties from one’s entire downline team group volume

What is provided by beFragrant on its website is that retail commission is 25% of one’s personal volume.

Also, there are 5 titles to aim when joining beFragrant as a consultant. Here are the titles with their respective qualifications. Minimum requirement for a consultant is a payment of the monthly membership fee to remain active.

· Consultant

· Pear Consultant - $500 up lifetime personal volume and 2 personally recruited consultants

· Topaz Consultant - $500 up lifetime personal volume and 2 levels of downline with at least 4 consultants

· Ruby Consultant - $500 up lifetime personal volume, 2 personally sponsored Topaz and 3 levels of downline with at least 8 consultants

· Diamond Consultant - $500 up lifetime personal volume, 3 personally sponsored Ruby and 4 levels of downline with at least 16 consultants

Unfortunately, bonuses and royalties from downline’s sales are not outlined with complete details by beFragrant.

What is being outlined though is the Hostess Awards Program.

By hosting a beFragrant party, one can benefit from a discount of 50% off on the products when the party sales exceed $150.

bnt hostess rewards programe fragra

Can You Make Money With be Fragrant?

What is great about beFragrant is that there is no minimum sales requirement to remain active as a consultant.

However, the $9.95 monthly subscription fee should also be noted.

With the right customers, a consultant can capitalize on the 25% retail profit to earn an income.

In saying that, if you are unsure if you can cover the monthly subscription by relying mainly on your retail profits then I guess it is reason enough to skip this opportunity.

The company has no income disclosure statement but in one BlogSpot, the founder said that one can earn up to $350 in product credit in the first 90 days.

Also, it should be noted that beFragrant encourages recruitment by rewarding rank advancement and team building.

 However, it would be unfair to comment on how the company rewards group effort if we lack the details about it.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons of beFragrant.

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The Pros Of be Fragrant

· The company has been in existence for years and it started in retail before venturing into direct sales.

· The company is trying to give back to the community by partnering with environmental organizations and offering programs for fundraisers.

· The products are eco-friendly with superior quality and are made in the USA.

· Product prices are fairly reasonable.

· There are several scents to choose from for various preferences.

· There is no sales requirement to remain active and one can easily earn from retail selling.

The Cons Of be Fragrant

· The company is not accredited by organizational bodies like Better Business Bureau and Direct Sales Association.

· The company has very few following in Social Media.

· The startup cost is reasonable but there is a monthly recurring membership fee.

· Detailed compensation plan of the company is not readily available on the website.

· Recruiting is encouraged to increase commissions and to advance in ranks.

· There is no income disclosure statement.

Wrapping It Up

I must say scented candles and home fragrances in an MLM setting is becoming more popular.

In beFragrant, I think this is where its main strengths come from - on its eco-friendly and superior quality products with surprisingly fair prices if not the best.

The company has been in existence for years now and has remained true to being eco-friendly by not just offering environmentally friendly products but by becoming part of animal protection movement.

The start-up cost is reasonable as well and there’s not much pressure on the part of affiliates to maintain a specific sales volume to remain active.

However, I must say that beFragrant is lacking in its presentation of the business opportunity that it offers.

The compensation plan available in the company’s website is quite vague with just the retail profit and rank qualification details presented clearly.

 The group commissions were not even explained. On top of this, beFragrant also did not bother presenting an income disclosure statement of its existing consultants.

Also, the positive pull to prospective consultants of removing the sales requirement quota is negated by the monthly membership subscription fee.

It is a good thing that retail commission is at 25% however beFragrant did not go far from how the usual MLM’s business opportunity is promoted when it uses the same tactic of encouraging recruitment with additional bonus rewards.

As mentioned before, there is no income disclosure statement available. Therefore we can't at least see how ambassadors and consultants are doing in terms of income.

 For a business, beFragrant is lagging behind in social media following as well.

So, our take with beFragrant is that the product line is promising and unique. The presentation of the business opportunity though is a little bit lacking I guess.

Product following requires much more work on the part of the owner, ambassadors and consultants.

Hence, if home decor and aromatherapy is your passion, beFragrant can be a business opportunity for you.

 However, just a word of caution, beFragrant follows a typical MLM’s compensation plan where growing your business entails recruitment and building a team of consultants.

 You can surely earn from retail commissions with beFragrant but it can be the case that you can be just another warm body in the company feeding the coffers of consultants on top of the organization.

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