Black Box Cosmetics MLM Review

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When we talk about products in beauty, health and nutrition sectors, we can find a long list of direct sales companies in this side of industry.

Companies like Beauty Society, Lifewave, or Maskara come to mind, just to name a few.

 If your passion falls in these categories finding the best company can be quite a challenge.

BlackBox Cosmetics chooses to rise to the challenge of this competitive sector and make a name in the industry.

In this review, we bring BlackBox Cosmetics or BlackBox Universal to your scrutiny.

 Are products really superior to that of other direct sales companies in the same sector?

 Is the company true to its words that it is the highest paying business opportunity?

 Let’s find out and learn how BlackBox is doing in the sea of similar multi-level marketing (MLM) companies out there.

Read on to find out more.

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Black Box Cosmetics MLM Review

About The Black Box Cosmetics Company

black box cosmetics logo

Founded in 2009, BlackBox Cosmetics or also called BlackBox Universal is a cosmetic and nutrition company based in Sarasota Florida.

Its story started with Kevin B. Evans, a multi-awarded and proven health and nutrition executive who seeks for non-toxic, advanced, effective and luxurious nutritional supplements and personal care products.

He created BlackBox to realize his vision of creating top-notch health and personal care products and an efficient business opportunity that is pitched to be as revolutionary as its products.

The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating but has zero reviews so far.

 BlackBox seems to have no official social media pages and most related pages are managed by affiliates.


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The  Black Box Cosmetics Products

black box cosmetics products

BlackBox products are said to be all-natural, paraben-free, and have the most advanced age-reversing ingredients. 

Here are some badges of BlackBox products:

· USDA Organic

· 100% natural Non-GMO

· Made in the USA

· Gluten Free

· Vegan

· Eco-friendly

· Cruelty-free

Cosmeceuticals - Age Defy

Restoration Skin Kit - $169.95

Contains 7 products - 6 Minute Miracle, Infusion AM, Defiance PM, Little Secret Weapon, Radiance AX, Frost and Sea-Mask. This is the ultimate age-reversing regimen kit.

Prices provided on the products below are for regular/large sizes respectively.

· Infusion AM - serum - $39.95/$109.95

· Revive GX - glycolic acid serum - $44.95/$119.95

· Tetra C-15 - Vit C serum - $58.95/$154.95

· Hydra HA -50 - Hyaluronic Acid rich moisturizer - $38.95/$109.95

· Collagen LT Serum - $49.95/$139.95

· Firming Serum - $59.95/$159.95

· Luminous - anti-aging daily face protection - $46.95/$131.95

· CBD/Sulforaphane Serum - $58.95/$149.95

· Sea-Mask - $23.95

· 6 Minute Miracle - gives a quick mini face lift - $24.95

· Ageless Retinol/Peptide Capsules - $36.95

· Ageless Firming Capsules - $34.95

· X-out Age Spot Corrector/Removal - $29.95

· Balance Face Prep/Toner Fine Mist Spray - $19.95

· Balance Face Prep Toner - $19.95/$24.95

· Spray Tan (Fine Mist) 4oz Island Temptation - $24.95

· EO Retinol/HYaluronic Acid/Vitamin C/Peptide Gel - $34.95

· Creamy Coconut Moisturizer - $38.95


· CBD Sleep 30 Plus Servings - $74.95

· Viral Defense Liquid 16oz - Lemon Berry Zinger - $64.95

· Ultra Pumped - Melon Lemonade - pre and post workout formula - $42.95

· Green Forcefield Latte in 3 flavors 1/3month supply - $59.95/$161.95

· Heart Potion in 2 flavors - $69.95

Makeup - Face

· Makeup Remover Creme 4oz - $24.95

· Duo Corrector - $21.95

· Perfect Creme Foundation - $39.95

· Full Coverage Concealer - $34.95

· Perfect Contouring Stick - $29.95

· Perfect Blush Glow - $20.95

· BBC Signature Brush Kit - $129.95

Makeup - Eyes

· Super Lash Primer - $17.95

· Mascara - $21.95

 Mineral Eye Shadow - $15.95

Makeup - Lips

· Tinted Lip Balm - $16.95

· Long Lasting Shimmer Matte/ Lip Cream/Lip Plumper - $17.95

· Back Order - Vitamin C Lip Treatment Lipstick - $14.95

· Liquid Lip Gloss - $19.95

Acne/Problem Skin Care

· Geniskin System Kit - contains Face Wash, Treatment Serum, Facial Scrub, Face Masque & Spot Treatment - $98.95

· Face Wash - $21.95

· Treatment Serum - $34.95

· Astringent/ Face Prep - $17.95

· Activated Charcoal Essential OIl Soap Bar 3/6pk - $32.95/S54.95

Bath & Body

· Antiseptic Hand Gel flip cap/airless bottle - $27.95/$29.95

· CBD Hand Potion MOisturizer 2oz - $39.95

· Sugar & Shea Body Polish 10oz - $24.95

· Sun Guard Sunscreen - $26.95/$39.95

Hair Care

· Shampoo - $24.95-$34.95

· Conditioner - $29.95-$41.95

· Hair Masque 9.25/16oz - $39.95/$49.95

Men’s Product

· Hair & Body Wash - $29.95

· Shaving Lotion - $16.95

· Deodorant - $29.95

It should be noted that there is an FDA Compliance disclaimer in the BlackBox website.

Also, independent sales affiliate are allowed to purchase products at wholesale bulk prices and sell at a suggested online retail price for better margins.

How To Join Black Box Cosmetics

To join BlackBox as an independent sales affiliate (ISA), one needs to purchase a Flex Sales Affiliate Package at a cost of $149.

 This package contains the following:

· a $100 shopping credit,

· an online personal shopping cart,

· access to a personal back office, and

· promotional materials.

This is a one-time fee for joining the company and there is no recurring subscription fee right after.

The  Compensation Plan

The BlackBox compensation is available in this link.

 Here are some of the highlights of this compensation plan:

· 30% initial retail commission and is increased to 40% for life upon sponsoring at least 3 new sales affiliates to build one’s organization. This 30-40% serves as a personal discount for the ISA’s personal purchases as well.

· There are no sales quota and referral qualifications. It is up to the ISA whether or not to recruit and grow his/her organization.

· The following commissions are earned by sponsoring new sales affiliates or customers. That is 1-8% commission of every item sold out of the shopping carts of one’s referred ISAs up to level 5.

black box compensation plan

How Much Money Can You Earn With Black Box Cosmetics?

BlackBox has no official income disclosure statement on its website.

 I guess this is quite understandable given the fact that the company’s compensation plan is quite straightforward.

 However, it may help if BlackBox has at least shown its list of top earning affiliates or some figures on how much the company has already paid in terms of commissions or bonuses.

The amount of income that an ISA can earn really depend on how he/she builds his/her business by increasing sales, spreading the word and building his/her organization.

 The choice can be on the affiliate whether he/she makes BlackBox a full-time business. A great product line of the company is a fair reason to start a business with this company but making it a full-time income can be quite a challenge I must say.

Based on my computation, retail sales of $2100 monthly with 3 recruits can give one an annual income of about $10000 annually from retail profits alone.

However, if one does not want to venture into recruitment, retail sales of about $2800 monthly can give one about $10000 annual in retail commissions. These are not small monthly sales targets for sure.

The challenge of growing your BlackBox business depends on how  you plan to sell the products whether by  selling online, face to face or a mixture of both ways.

When selling online, driving traffic to your personal shop link and optimizing your website and social media accounts can be resorted to.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons of Black Box Cosmetics in a nutshell.

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The Pros Of Black Box Cosmetics

  •  The company has been in existence for more than 10 years and has currently about 150 products in its portfolio. This  shows the stability and growth of the company over the years.
  •   The products are in the trend being 100% natural, non-GMO, Gluten-free, vegan, ecofriendly, cruelty-free and are made in the USA.
  •  The company is listed in Better Business Bureau with A+ rating.
  •  There is just one time enrollment fee and no recurring fees after.
  • The compensation plan is simple and straightforward and there are no sales and referral requirements to remain active.
  •  It has a relatively-high retail sales commission for its affiliates.

The Cons Of Black Box Cosmetics

  •  There is no income disclosure statement or any income chart to show how much affiliates are earning in terms of commissions.
  •  To avoid inventory stocking, online selling is preferred but may pose some challenges especially to those who lack the skills and knowledge.
  •  The challenge is how to increase sales as an affiliate. It is a business that surely requires an informed planning.
  •  Even though recruitment is not required, still one cannot ignore the fact that recruitment is rewarded by the compensation plan. Having sponsored affiliates increases one’s retail commission to 40% and entitles an affiliate to residual income.
  • To avoid inventory stocking, online selling is preferred but may pose some challenges especially to those who lack the skills and knowledge.

Wrapping It Up

BlackBox has indeed made a good impression in terms of having all-natural, toxin-free, advanced and effective products. With its continuous growth, it has become a one-stop shop for all kinds of beauty, health and nutrition products.

Another strength of this company is having a straightforward and simple compensation plan that requires no sales quota and recruitment count to its affiliates to remain active.

 Indeed, it leaves an impression that it is a product-focused company.

Unfortunately, BlackBox Cosmetics also comes with some limitations. The company has no income disclosure statement or at the very least an income chart of earning affiliates.

 It can be understood if this chart shows more affiliates are not earning because all affiliates who have completed the enrollment are BlackBox affiliates for life unless they request for termination of their membership with the company.

 So, any affiliate may choose not to purchase or sell on his/her terms which is a good thing if one is doing this business part-time and wants to relax on some days.

Also, although there’s is no pressure to recruit affiliates on one’s downline, BlackBox makes it a point to encourage it in a way by placing an additional bonus scheme for those affiliates who have recruits.

 This way, BlackBox is already singing the same tune the other MLM companies has been singing for so long. Just like in most businesses, in order to earn, an affiliate must make a sale and in the given set-up of BlackBox Cosmetics, online selling must be given high importance by affiliates.

 And, such a move needs much work and skills.

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