Is Revital U A Scam – Don’t Miss Our Review

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Offering free samples is surely an effective way to spread the word about the products.

 This way a company can drive more traffic to its websites, raise awareness and collect contact details of prospective clients.

 Revital U is one of these companies giving free samples to customers. In fact, the company’s tagline is “The Sample First Company.”

In this article, we give you our honest review of Revital U, a beverage company specifically carrying weight loss tea and coffee to customers.

What is there to know about this company? Can Revital U be a scam?

This question is especially of interest if you are looking for a way to make money with the 'business' opportunity Revital U offers.

 If you came across this company before, have tried some of its product samples and you are curious to know more, then we give you this Revital U’s comprehensive review.

Read on to find out more.

Is Revital U A Scam? 

About The Revital U Company

revital u logo

Revital U is a beverage company headquartered in Texas, USA.

 It was launched in 2016 by its current President and CEO, Andrew MacWilliams, a seasoned entrepreneur in the field of multi-level marketing.

MacWilliams has been with Momentis as well as a President and CEO and with other MLM companies before that.

Revital U has 95 reviews in Trustpilot with 56% bad rating and 37% excellent rating.

The company is rated B in Better Business Bureau  with 17 total complaints in the last 3 years, 8 of which relates to problem with a product or service.

There is a warning letter from Food and Drug Administration  updated as of November 5, 2019 citing Smart Caps as adulterated dietary supplements.

Prior to this, a warning letter was issued by FDA to Alternative Laboratories for similar issue on some of its products including Revital U Smart Coffee.

Obviously, Alternative Laboratories is Revital U’s manufacturer and of other MLM beverage companies like Valentus.

 I cannot seem to find updates about these warning letters if they have been resolved already.

The company’s social media followings consist of 13k Instagram followers, 1525 Twitter followers, 2.3K Youtube subscribers with 8.8k views on its most popular video and 84,968 followers on Facebook.

The  Revital U Products

revital u product

As already mentioned, Revital U is a beverage company and they carry weight loss tea and coffee on its portfolio.

Prices provided below are for one-time purchase/for those with VIP access.

· Smart Coffee Tub 30 servings - $49.99/$39.99

· Smart Coffee Sticks Box 30 servings - $54.99/$44.99

· Smart Caps 30 capsules - $49.99/$39.99

· Smart Cocoa Tub 30 servings - $49.99/$39.99

· Smart Cocoa Sticks 30 sticks - $54.99/$44.99

These products are said to help improve focus and mental clarity and control appetite. They are complying with the requirements of the below badges:

· Plant based

· Gluten free

· Soy free

· Dairy free

· Vegan

· Non-GMO ingredients, and

· No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Sweet Dreams 30 drops - $54.99/$44.99

This is a CBD-based dietary supplement to help one achieve a sense of calm and restful sleep.

Slim Tea 15 sticks - $44.99/$39.99

These products are said to have the benefits of detoxifying and cleansing the body. They are said to help with weight loss as well. They abide by the requirements of below badges:

· Plant based

· Gluten free

· Caffeine free

· Soy free

· Dairy free

· Non-GMO ingredients, and

· No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Bundle products are also available for purchase.

Revital U provides an explanation to the proprietary ingredients of its products on this link. Common ingredients for tea, coffee and capsules are as follows with benefits that are said to come with them.

It should be noted that these claims have not been evaluated by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

· Citicoline (Choline CDP) – for mental energy and focus

· Chromium Chloride – helps retain healthy blood sugar levels

· Coffee Arabica (Fruit) Extract

· Garcinia Cambogia (Fruit) Extract – for appetite control and weight management

· Grape & Apple Polyphenols (Vinitrox) – a powerful antioxidant

· Green Tea (Leaf) Extract (Catechin Oligomers) – supports mental focus and endurance

· L-Theanine – provides relief from anxiety and stress

· Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Bean Extract

· Niacin (Vitamin B3)

· Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Extract – helps fight fatigue and uplift moods

· Saffron (Stigma) Extract – helps in lifting mood and appetite control

The company offers free samples of the products and a 30-day money back guarantee.

VIP access offers product discounts and free shipping on month 4 of subscription among many others.

revital u vip access

The  Revital U Compensation Plan

Joining Revital U’s business as a brand influencer requires a $29.99 subscription fee to one’s personal back office.

 This subscription also comes with a personalized website, a sample platform, a mobile app, full corporate support and executive module business and leadership training.

Here are the ways to earn from Revital U as a brand influencer (BI). The details here are from Revital U’s compensation plan as posted here.

New Customer Bonuses

A new BI can earn as much as $500 bonus for sponsoring new customers within the first 60 days from joining.

revital u new customer bonus

Personal Customer Commission

A BI is rewarded with a personal customer commission (PCC) of 5-25% depending on the number of his/her active customers.

Revital U’s Ranks and Team Customer Commission

· Qualified Brand Influencer (QBI) - 5 personally enrolled active customers (PEC)

· QBIs can earn as much as 2%-6% team customer commission (TCC) depending on the number of his/her active customers.

· Executive Brand Influencer (EBI) - 5PECs, 2QBIs

· Senior Brand Influencer (SBI) - 10PECs, 3EBIs with 25 active team customers each, 75 team customers in total

· Regional Brand Influencer (RBI) - 10PECs, 3EBIs with 250 team customers each, 1000 team customers in total

· National Brand Influencer (NBI) - 10PECs, 4EBIs with 1000 customers each, 5000 team customers in total

· Global Brand Influencer (GBI) - 10PECs, 4RBIs with 2500 customers each, 150000 team customers in total

· Platinum Brand Influencer (PBI) - 10PECs, 6 legs with 5000 customers each, 50000 team customers in total

Influencers with ranks from EBI to PBI are rewarded with accumulated TCCs based on the below Table.

revital accumulated TCC

Each rank is given a certain grace period from 15 days - 270 days to catch up with meeting the requirements.

Global Bonus Pool

Qualified EBIs with 3 new personally sponsored BIs and 3 new customers within the quarter can get a share of the 5% gross profit of the entire company every quarter.

Team Achievement Bonus (TAB)

QBIs are rewarded by the number of new BIs added to their team.

One-Time Rank Up Bonuses

BIs get one-time rank up bonuses if they advance to another rank on a certain time frame from their joining date. The figures below are based on February 2020 promotion.

· Executive Rank Promotion - $250 bonus when a BI becomes an Executive within 30 days

· Senior Rank Promotion - $500 bonus when a BI becomes a Senior within 60 days

· Regional Rank Promotion - $1000 bonus when a BI becomes a Regional within 90 days

Higher ranks reward one-time bonus without any time frame.

· National Rank Promotion - $5000

· Global Rank Promotion - $10000

· Platinum Rank Promotion - $50000

How Much Can You Earn with Revital U?

Revital U has no income disclosure statement posted on its website so it is really hard to tell how much an average influencer is earning.

But, what is positive about Revital U’s compensation plan is that it is retail focus. Influencers are rewarded based on the number of customers that they sold the products to and this reward increases as the number of customers increases.

This way, an influencer’s earnings are driven by his/her ability to sell to customers.

However, Revital U still encourages building a team of influencers for additional bonuses. This way, just like in most MLM companies, Revital U’s compensation plan tends to make lower rank affiliates as unwilling contributors to the coffers of influencers on top of the organization.

Revital U’s lack of income disclosure statement can be attributed to the newness of the company however it does not help to its reputation as we already know that MLM set-up is not for the soft-hearted entrepreneurs.

 To be successful in MLM set-up one has to be on the upper 10% of the top sellers and recruiters of the organization which in reality is quite a difficult climb.

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The Pros Of Revital U

· It is a company supporting a cause.

· The company is listed in Better Business Bureau.

· It has an active status and reasonable following on Social Media sites.

· Customers are offered with free samples.

· Products are backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

· Relatively low-cost start-up business.

· Retail sales is encouraged with increasing retail commission as an influencer’s number of customers grows.

The Cons Of Revital U

· Revital U is a relatively new company.

· The reviews of the company in independent review websites are unimpressive with more complaints than positive rating.

· I find the videos posted in the website not very informative.

· There is a warning letter from FDA citing adulterated dietary supplements.

· The products are manufactured by a third party supplier that is the same supplier of other MLM companies.

· The prices are relatively lower than that of other MLM companies in the same sector but are still higher across beverage industry’s standard.

· There is no income disclosure statement so there’s no way of knowing how much influencers are earning.

· Although not the focus, recruitment of influencers are encouraged and is part of the qualifications of some ranks. More recruits also means more commission.

Conclusion - Is Revital U A Scam?

Obviously, Revital U is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that pays and offers real products to customers.

 It is a company that is supporting a cause, has a decent Social Media following and even offers free samples to customers.

 The products are even backed by a 30-day money

back guarantee. On the business side of things, it is a low-cost business to start with and rewards increasing retail sales.

However, Revital U lacks on some aspects being a newly launched company.

So far, it receives unsatisfactory reviews in some independent review websites. It received a warning letter from FDA and it is unclear up to now if the issues raised in the letter were already resolved.

The products are more competitive in terms of pricing with that of its competitors in the MLM sector, across industry standards its product prices are still relatively high.

There is also no income disclosure statement to back the strengths of its compensation plan and just like in most MLM setup, recruitment is a requirement to advance in ranks and to receive higher commission.

With the absence of Revital U’s income disclosure statement, relying on the usual MLM affiliates success story is even more unconvincing.

 In our review of several MLM companies out there, financial success only accounts to less than 10% of all affiliates.

 In some cases it hardly even reaches 1%. Some of these companies are older and have more impressive profiles than Revital U.

 Given all this information, we cannot help but be skeptical of Revital U’s product and even business offerings as well.

 So, before joining this business opportunity, our advice is to revisit your strengths and capabilities if you have what it takes to succeed in this setup.

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