Is Valentus A Scam Or A Great MLM Opportunity?

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Coffee is indeed one of the top beverages worldwide and tapping coffee as a base for health and wellness products seems promising.

 This is what Valentus did. Since the company's founding in 2014, Valentus has surely expanded its market reach to several locations internationally.

It even solidified its product line to include more unique products on the list.

So, is Valentus a direct-selling company with the best business opportunity? Or, can it be just another scam?

 We will find out soon in our honest review of Valentus in this article.

 As the company's presentation says "Valentus" means "prevail," can one really prevail by joining this organization?

 Let's find out together.

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Is Valentus A Scam Or A Great MLM Opportunity?

The Valentus Company

valentus logo

Valentus  meaning "prevail" is a health and wellness company founded by Dave Jordan back in 2014.

 The company is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with distribution offices in other international locations.

As a backgrounder, Dave Jordan started his business with sports memorabilia stores and later on joined direct selling businesses as a distributor.

 However, he became unsatisfied with the usual business practices in those companies he joined with and decided to create his own which he then called Valentus.

Valentus is a member of Direct Selling Association UK and is listed in Better Business Bureau  with an B+ rating.

It received 12 complaints there relating mainly to delivery issues and problem with products or services.

Valentus products have received several warnings from some government bodies specifically from Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand and from FDA in the US (read more here) to have tested positive of components not allowed or regulated in dietary supplements.

 These components include addictive stimulants such as Phenethylamine (PEA), dimethylamylamine (DMAA) and DMHA.

 In the UK, Valentus reportedly dissolved its operations around April 2017 however the UK site is still up to this writing.

Also, Valentus was subjected to lawsuit collection claims initiated by its previous supplier in the past.

 There have been reviews on the products saying that there are batches that taste different from the others as well.


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The  Valentus Products

valentus products

Valentus products come in different types but are mainly introduced and sold as health and wellness products.

 I believe that if there’s one signature product in Valentus it would be its slimming coffee.

Skin Care

· Instant Youth - a collagen-based skin regimen

· Ageless - naturally formulated skin nourisher

Weight-Management Coffee and Cocoa

This line consists of coffee, cocoa and other natural ingredients based formulations (powdered or capsules) that help with weight loss.

· SlimRoast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee - 30 servings

· SlimRoast Optimum Cocoa - 30 servings

· ThermoRoast Coffee Dark Roast Coffee - 30 servings

· Thermo Cocoa - 30 servings

· SlimRoast Italian - 24 servings

· SlimRoast Brazilian - 24 servings

· SlimRoast Cocoa - 15 servings

· Prevail 24/7 Carb Burner AM Formula - 60 capsules

· Prevail 24/7 Carb Burner PM Formula - 60 capsules

· Prevail Trim

· P4 Meal Replacement Shake - 15 servings

· HiBurn8 - helps with weight management as well as improve sleep

· Keto Creamer - 20 servings

Overall Wellness

This line brings product formulations that aim to help with electrolyte delivery, mineralization, oxygenation and rejuvenation of the body as well as supports immune health.

· M.O.R.E + Detox H2O Enhancer - 30 servings

· Prevail Immune Boost

Sugar "Chaperone"

This line offers dietary supplement to help with the body's sugar management and overall maintenance of the body's health.

· Prevail eMulin - 60 capsules

· Prevail emulinC - 60 capsules


This category consists of powder/spray products that act as energy booster and improve body performance.

· Prevail Energy

· PrevailMAX

· Prevail K-9 - for pets


This line includes products that aim to help you cleanse your body.

· Prevail V-Tox - Natural Balance Detox Tea - 30 servings

· Breakthrough AM/PM

Valentus Start-up Business Packages

valentus start up packages

When buying products from Valentus, you will need a sponsor and you can create an account either as a preferred customer or an independent representative.

 You can choose from the below product packs and just add $20 one-time fee to activate your website/back office as an Independent Representative (IR).

Basic Pack - $59.95 - receive 1 product

Starter Pack - $145.95

- receive 3 products

- save 25% discount on products

- automatic qualification to Gold rank for the rest of the month and next month

Advanced Pack - $239.95

- receive 6 products

- save 35% discount on products

- automatic qualification at Platinum Rank for the rest of the month and next month

Builder Pack - $575.95

 - receive 16 products

- save 45% discount on products

- automatic qualification at Ruby Rank for the rest of the month and next month and possibly to Emerald rank after 3-6 months

Career Success - $1199.95

 - receive 36 products

- automatic qualification as an Emerald

- no need for the $20 activation fee

The  Valentus Compensation Plan

valentus compensation plan

The detailed Valentus compensation plan is available here .

It says that there are 7 ways to earn from Valentus and below is our own discussion about those income schemes.

To remain active as an Independent Distributor (IR), 50BV personal volume is required.

1. Retail Commissions 25%

Retail commission of 25% is rewarded to active IRs from all orders made to their website link.

There is also a reward for preferred customers when they refer at least 2 preferred customers who purchase equal or greater than the value of the referrer’s order.

2. Fast Start Bonus (FSB)

Valentus Fast Start bonus

When an IR's first purchase is Basic/Starter/Advanced packages, he/she is entitled to a one-time fast start bonus on the next order as per FSB corresponding bonus shown on the table above.

For Business Builder and Career Success Packs first purchase, the FSB bonus immediately applies

Similarly, for multipacks first order, FSB bonus immediately applies.

3. Legacy Coded Bonus $100 - Unblocked to Unlimited Levels

Ruby ranked or above IRs who completed their foundation team consisting of 3 personally enrolled Ruby/Emerald IRs are qualified for $100 legacy bonus on each IR from their fourth personal enrollee who is Ruby/Emerald ranked as well. From there an IR can create his/her legacy team and can give him/her unlimited legacy bonus if the qualification is met in return by his/her legacy team members.

Rank Achievement Requirements

To be able to discuss this commission scheme, we need to look at first the rank achievement requirements in Valentus compensation plan.

 As we already know, to remain an active IR a 50 BV is required and to advance to leadership ranks one must meet the requirements.

· Silver

· Gold

· Platinum

· Ruby

· Emerald

· Diamond

· Double Diamond

· Triple Diamond

· Blue Diamond

· Royal Diamond

· Black Diamond

· Crown Diamond

· Crown Ambassador

4. Dual Team Commissions up to $100000 per week

After the first order bonus and legacy qualification are computed and paid out, dual team cycle commissions are then considered.

Dual team BV allocation on first order is lesser than BV allocation for succeeding orders where it is being computed at 100% of the BV value. To qualify for this commission, one must have 100 personal BV or higher and sponsor at least 2 IRs.

5. Dual Team Matching Bonus Seven Levels Starting at 20%

Up to 20% of dual team cycle commission earnings of one's IRs in his/her team is paid to qualified IRs with minimum 100BV monthly.

6. 1% Global Volume Shared Enrollment Pool

To qualify for this bonus, one must personally sponsor and qualify 3 new Ruby/Emerald IRs in the same calendar month and maintain 100BV. The bonus is 1 share in the 1% enrollment pool.

7. Vehicle Bonus - $400 to $3000 Monthly

This bonus is rewarded from Diamond ranks or higher.

How Much Can One Earn with Valentus?

Valentus has not issued any income disclosure statement on their website so we have no way of knowing how much IRs are earning by average.

By investment, joining Valentus' opportunity cost a minimum of $79.95 but to be able to enjoy the full perks of the company's compensation plan, one must be able to maintain 100BV monthly that is equivalent to 3 boxes of products at $149.95 cost.

Out of 7 ways to earn with Valentus 5 require 100BV monthly to qualify.

 This is quite challenging and makes Valentus opportunity recruitment driven instead of retail sales driven. In fact retail prices of products are not posted in Valentus website.

Without thinking about recruitment, one can earn from retail sales and get 25% commission.

However, to maximize the benefit of the compensation plan, one has to recruit at least 2 IRS and each of them must recruit another 2 IRs and so on. And, in the case of legacy bonus one will need to recruit 3 Ruby/Emerald IRs and only benefit from the legacy bonus on the 4th and succeeding Ruby/Emerald IR enrollees.

 This I believe is not easy and needs extensive recruitment efforts.

Truly, there are figures that can be achieved in Valentus compensation plan however how IRs are faring in terms of income remains to be answered and Valentus has made no effort in providing us this information up to this time.

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the Valentus opportunity.

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The Pros Of Valentus

  •  The products have been distributed internationally despite the newness of the company.
  •  The Startup cost is relatively low.

The Cons Of Valentus

  • Although the company is listed in Better Business Bureau, it has been a subject of lawsuit and several warnings from government agencies.
  • Product purchase is made by product package and not by choosing from the line of products with their retail cost provided for usually when making purchase in other online shops.
  • The company has a solid line of products. Coffee and weight loss combination seems as a smart idea however I was wrong when I saw the user reviews and rating of these products in Amazon US. I must say that the products are not really doing well.
  • Retail profit is standard at 25% but to be able to benefit considerably on the compensation plan, recruitment and autoship order must be resorted.
  • The company has not published an income disclosure statement.

Conclusion - 

Is Valentus A Scam Or A Great MLM Opportunity?

So, there goes everything we need to know about Valentus.

 I must say that the company is legitimate and not a scam.

 In some instances, the company made some shortcomings in complying with directives of some government bodies especially in its selective international markets.

However, Valentus has prevailed and is still a standing company up to now.

As for Valentus' business opportunity offerings, I find the strengths on its product line. But, this is just my opinion because other unsatisfied users are claiming otherwise.

 One can surely earn through retail sales if recruitment is not your thing. But, it is very obvious in Valentus compensation plan that chain recruitment is encouraged and rewarded.

 Also, rank advancement is determined mainly by the number of your team members and their sales volume.

It cannot be achieved by increasing your personal sales volume alone.

 So, if you are like me who is not a fan of approaching customers and selling a business opportunity instead of the products then you better stay away from Valentus opportunity.

 Because when you just sell the products and not recruit then you are not enriching yourself but the person on top.

 In addition to this, Valentus does not even want to make a statement detailing its IRs earnings in the past years.

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