What Is Corvive – Our Thorough MLM Review

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Body transformation to a healthier you is an excellent journey to take especially in today's situation when our environment and even our food pose hazards to our health and well-being.

What more if your health journey can also improve your finances and secure your future as an entrepreneur?

 It really does sound good and that is exactly what Corvive has been promoting.

So, are Corvive's business opportunity and products for you?

Find out here in our honest and thorough review of Corvive.

 Are the products retail worthy and effective? Can Corvive's business opportunity change lives financially?

These are just some of the questions that we will be tackling in this article.

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What Is Corvive - Our Thorough MLM Review

More About The Corvive Company

corvive logo

Corvive is a health and wellness company based in Texas, USA. It is founded by husband and wife team Jeremy and Candice Fouts in May 2018.

Jeremy Fouts had an eight-year history with another health and wellness MLM company, Genesis PURE and is now rebranded to Live Pure.

While, his wife Candice has design work experience and a microbiology educational background.

In Corvive's website, it says that it has over 60 years of combined experience in health and wellness industry. I wonder from whose combined experience is the basis of this.

As of the time of this writing Corvive is not listed in Better Business Bureau.

 It has not been a subject of lawsuit or popular complaints as well. It has an almost excellent rating on its FB page but that is only coming from a hundred users.

Its Youtube channel has only 258 subscribers as of this writing with the most watched videos at 17000 views.


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The  Corvive Products

corvive products

Corvive products are a combination of energy drinks, dietary supplements and CBD products, just to name a few.

The prices stated below refer to monthly product subscription/one-time purchase.

 Corvive’s products aim to deliver safe and clean nutrition to customers. Listed below are Corvive’s products.

NRG + Focus - Energy Drink Mix - 15 sticks - $26/$32.50

This powdered formulation is created to enhance mental clarity.

XLR8 Keto - Keto + Fuel Energy Drink - 15 sticks - $60/$75

This is a Keto-inspired and energy giving powdered formulation.

CBD Balm - $104/$130

This is a balm formulated to calm the skin and relieve sore muscles and joint discomforts. It is THC-free and and non-GMO.

Cor Bolic - Metabolic Boost + Energy - 60 capsules - $36/$45

This is a herbal dietary supplement formulated to support mental clarity, healthy weight management and increases physical energy. A 15-day supply with 30 pills in 15 sachets costs $25/$31.25.

Cor Renew - Full Spectrum Cleansing - 60 capsules - $26/$32.50

This product is formulated to help improve proper digestion and eliminate body waste.

Cor Power - Grass-Fed Whey Protein - 15 bags - $38/$47.5

This is a powdered shake formulation that supports mental alertness and helps with mood and general well-being. Available in chocolate and vanilla flavor.

Hydr8 + Endurance Drink Mix - 15 sticks - $24/$30

Powdered formulation that helps to deliver electrolytes in the body. There is a tub version containing 30 scoops and costs $40/$50.

Cor Immune - 3 Pack - 60 capsules - $84/$105

This is in capsule form and aims to boost the immune system.


· Cor Renew + Bolic Sampler Pack - 15 day supply - $40/$50

· NRG & CorBolic Sample Pack - $49/$61.25

· Ach13ve Kit NRG with Chocolate/Vanilla (NRG, CorPower, CorRenew & CorBolic) - 15 day supply - $100/$125

· Ach13ve Kit XLR8 with Chocolate/Vanilla (XLR8 KETO, Chocolate CorPower, CorRenew & CorBolic) - 15 day supply - $134/$167.50

· Cor Immune System (Cor Immune, Hydr8, NRG, Cor Renew) - $175/$227.5

· Customer Transformation Pack - Chocolate - 30-day supply of Ach13ve transformation products - $310/387.5

The Achi3ve transformation program is designed with 3 steps,

1. Take 2 Cor Bolic and 2 Cor renew capsules in the morning.

2. Take 1 serving of Cor Power at breakfast or lunch.

3. Take 1 serving of NRG or XLR8 after lunch or mid afternoon.

The disclaimer on Corvive's website saying that products statement and claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

How To Join Corvive

People who market Corvive products are called Independent Endorsers (IE).

 There is no need to purchase a product to become a Corvive IE.

However, Corvive's marketing system needs $20 fee for Pro Plan and $50 for Premium Plan that is chargeable monthly.

 Nonpayment of these fees will constitute voluntary cancellation of Endorser Agreement.

The  Corvive Compensation Plan

corvive commission plan

To be eligible for commissions, an IE must meet the following requirements:

1. He/she must satisfy personal sales volume (PV) ad Group Sales Volume (GSV) requirements in relation to his/her rank,

2. Repurchase is only allowed when at least 70% of the IE's orders are sold to customers.

3. At least 5 customers every month must be added or serviced by the IE.

There is also a provision requiring IE to maintain a minimum of 100PV within a 28-day period. You may check out Corvive's policies and procedures here.

Corvive's compensation plan is called rewards plan but it is not directly available in Corvive's website. After much digging, I saw one link from here  detailing Corvive's rewards plan in 2019.

From this rewards plan file, Corvive’s statement in its website and Youtube channel, I was able to list the following ways how IE and customers earn from sharing Corvive’s products.

Retail Sales

Standard retail commission is 20% on one's personal customers and an additional of 4% to 12% from one’s downline customers.

Xcelerator Bonus

Through this bonus, it is said that an IE can earn as much as $1000 in the next 14 days. A short video explaining this bonus is available here .

A qualified IE can earn $500 one-time if he/she meets the qualification below. Doubling the numbers in the qualification below, also doubles the bonus hence can reach as much as $1000.


· Get 2 customers who have an active product subscription and ordered $50 each in product within your first 14 days as an IE.

· Enroll at least 2 active IE with orders totaling at least 1000 QV.

Ach13vePack Bonus

This part of the bonus scheme found in the attached rewards plan file seems to be outdated because the product kits and packs have changed already.

However, to give us at least some ideas, in this bonus scheme, an IE is paid a bonus every time his/her enrollee buys a pack or upgrade to a higher pack.

Also, when an IE sponsors 2 qualified and active IEs, he/she gets 10% match bonus when the enrollees earned Ach134vePack bonus. This bonus can be doubled by rank advancement to Cor4 and having at least 8 personally enrolled active and qualified IEs.

Team Commissions

Let us outline Corvive’s advancement program first in this section. Rank advancement is determined by one's personal volume, active legs and qualifying volume in Corvive. These ranks are:

· Endorser

· Cor4 Endorser

· Cor12 Endorser

· Cor40 Endorser

· Cor80 Endorser

· Cor200 Endorser.

Depending on one's rank, an active and qualified IE is rewarded by 4% to 8% commission from the bonus volume coming from his/her downline.

(see the screenshot of uni-level team commissions above)

While, for Cor4 endorsers and above, an additional of 20-40% matching bonus can be rewarded on one's personally enrolled team commissions.

Luxury Car Bonus

Cor12 endorsers or higher with minimum of 4 qualified and active personally enrolled IEs can qualify to receive up to $750 per month luxury car bonus.


Paid vacations can be rewarded to qualified and active endorsers from time to time.

Paid vacations can be rewarded to qualified and active endorsers from time to time.

Also, it should be highlighted that as of this writing, Corvive listed in its website the following rewards benefits for customers and endorsers.


· can earn a $25 gift card for every $125 purchase

· can earn a $10 gift card for every customer referral who makes a purchase

· $4.95 flat rate shipping for product subscription orders under $125 (before tax) and free shipping for $125 or more


· can earn a $25 gift card for every $250 purchase

· gets free shipping on product subscription over $200 (before tax)

Can One Make Money With Corvive?

Corvive's compensation plan is relatively simple. Here are some of the better things I see about it. First, Corvive rewards residual retail commissions to endorsers.

Second, Corvive gives free gift card and discounted or free shipping rates to both customers and endorsers upon every purchase.

However, it should not be ignored that Corvive does not have an income disclosure statement.

 So, going back to our question, surely one can earn from Corvive's compensation as to how much would that be, only Corvive's management knows the answer.

Also, it should be noted that even though Corvive rewards retail commissions to its endorsers, there is the question of products marketability as well.

In terms of product components, there is nothing unique with Corvive products. Its dietary supplement capsules surely have prices that can compete with other products available in the market however one cannot say the same with the other Corvive products.

 Not to mention, when one follows the Achi3ve transformation program, it cost a lot of money for the products alone.

Lastly, there is the monthly cost for Corvive's marketing system that needs to be considered

Let's have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of Corvive.

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The Pros Of Corvive

  •  Corvive is transparent enough in posting the details of its leadership team on its website.
  • There are some products with relatively good prices.
  • The rewards plan pays residual retail commissions.
  • There are free products and discounted/free shipping incentives for customers and endorsers.

The Cons Of 

  • The company is relatively new, having been established in 2018 which could also be an advantage.
  • Corvive is not listed in Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association. There are no proprietary components on the products.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee in addition to sales volume requirement to remain active as an endorser.
  • Detailed rewards plan is not directly available on the company's official website.
  • There is no income disclosure statement.


Corvive is confident enough with its products to help customers and endorsers transform their health for the better. Improve metabolism, mental focus, increased energy, cleansed body and weight loss are just few results that Corvive products deliver.

Also, a THC free and non-GMO CBD balm has even been added to the product line for sore muscles and joint problems.

In terms of product components there's really nothing unique about Corvive products and one can find similar product in other companies.

 But, it has to be said that some Corvive products have relatively good price coming from a multi-level marketing company.

 Corvive offers sample packs that one can try before jumping into the business opportunity that would entail some cost.

 So, if the products work for you then might as well take advantage of the business opportunity.

Corvive's rewards plan is quite simple and it pays residual commission by retail sales. There are free product credit and free shipping incentives as well.

Although this may be attributed to the newness of the company, Corvive also lacks the income disclosure statement so there is no way that we can at least assess how endorsers are faring in terms of earnings.

 This newness may mean more room to grow as an endorser on a positive note.

So, if the products work for you, you may take your chances with Corvive’s business opportunity but if they do not, personally I do not find good amount of reasons to invest my time and money in Corvive’s opportunity.

Without even providing the income disclosure statement, this I believe is a big omission that can never be ignored when looking for an opportunity that works for you.

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