Maskcara Beauty – Read The Facts Before Joining [Review]

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Maskcara Beauty is quite a young MLM company with a focus, as the name suggests, on beauty and makeup products.

This is an evergreen popular market where millions of dollars can be made,  if the products are unique and if there is an effective marketing strategy in place.

You are most likely looking for flexible working hours and an income opportunity with no limitations.

Is Maskcara Beauty worth your time and does it offer a great opportunity to work from home?

My detailed review will not only walk you through the joining process, and the compensation plan but also includes other important facts about this direct selling company.

At the end of this review, I will also show you, how new and existing Maskcara beauty artists can get more sales and recruit leads.

But for now, let's find out if Maskcara Beauty is worth joining.

Read our nine facts you should know before joining this MLM company.

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Maskcara Beauty - Read The Facts Before Joining

#1 Maskcara Beauty- A  Company With A Twist?

maskcara logo

As mentioned before, Maskcara Beauty is a newcomer in the direct selling industry. 

Even though the products were launched in 2013, its founder Cara Brook decided to sell her innovative product line via direct selling and ultimately via home parties in 2017.

Cara has no background in direct selling, instead, she originally started a beauty blog with makeup video tutorials, beauty tips and the likes which had become hugely popular over the years.

Based on her online success, she decided to create her own product line which proved to be another success story with the readers of her blog.

You can read the full story here.

Cara's success story shows the power of online marketing and social media, combined with hard work eventually pays off.

The website is appealing and Cara connects with her audience by showing a genuine interest for their wants and needs.

Maskcara Beauty is based in Utah, like so many other MLM companies like doTerra, Nature's Sunshine, ASEA or Synergy Worldwide, for example.

#2 A Customizable Product Line - Woohoo!

maskcara products

No, I am not selling Maskcara Beauty but if the products were available in New Zealand I would most likely become a customer with them.

First up, the prices are not too high but what appeals to me is the fact that you can fully customize a palette of foundation, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, and various other cosmetic products.

Maskcara Beauty products are based on the principle of HAC which stands for Highlight And Contour with the signature product IIID foundation.

I have never heard of HAC before so it was interesting to learn something new.

The products are not natural but the good news is they are not tested on animals, are paraben, and gluten free.

The only downside for me though was the fact, that they are no pointers on what foundation shade one should you use for one skin tone.

Even checking out the makeup tutorials didn't really help me. So this is something Maskcara Beauty could improve on because not everyone wants to rely on a Maskcara Beauty Artist to get advice on the products.

Otherwise, the customizable palette builder is innovative and will definitely appeal to a wide range of women, from the young and hip girl to the more mature customer (like me:-) ).

#3 How To Become An Artist With Maskcara Beauty

maskcara beauty kit

The joining process of becoming an artist aka independent distributor with Maskcara Beauty is pretty straightforward.

Simply fill in the form and choose either the Basic Artist kit for $199 or the more expensive Pro Artist kit for $399.

Both kits come with business materials like catalogs, host brochures, opportunity brochures as well as cosmetic products like the IIID foundation, at least two brushes, and a few more things.

You'll also get a replicated website.

#4 What's In It For The Hostess?

Well, you guessed it.  The main way of selling the products is via in-home presentations where the hostess invites her friends and the artist can demonstrate how to use the products.

That means, not only need the artist to know a bit about the products but also how to match the shades with customers skin tone.

This can be quite challenging for someone who loves makeup but has not much experience in applying it to other people.

On top of that, it can be challenging to get people to host such events. Distributors in the party plan business have to deal with objections and party cancellations.

Maskcara Beauty offers a few incentives for hostesses to invite friends for a 'contour class'.

maskara hostess incentive

But how does a new 'artist' learn the in's and out's of doing the makeup for their clients? 

#5 Is There Any  Training?

Well, there are makeup tutorials available for artists but they can be also accessed by customers.

I am not too sure if these videos are sufficient for a new artist to be confident to hold contour-classes unless you have prior experience.

New artists are encouraged to subscribe to the Maskcara artist channel, a FB group, and to follow the Maskcara Instagram account.

#6 Are There Any Additional Costs?

Yes, there are. You'll have to pay a monthly fee of $11.95 for the back-office.

The good news is that you don't have to purchase any products in order to maintain an active status to be eligible for commission payments.

#7 Show Me The Money - The Compensation Plan

maskcara compensation plan

The Maskcara compensation plan is clearly more focused on sales than on recruiting.

However,  you will get bonuses and commission payments on team sales and people you have personally enrolled.

Read the full compensation plan here.

The basic commission for retail sales starts at 20% and increases with higher sales volumes. You can get up to 40% on retail sales.

In order to receive downline commissions and level bonuses, you will have to be active with at least 240 commissionable volume a month.

The higher the rank, the higher is the active requirement, ranging from 240 CV, 480CV, and 720CV.

But here are some good news: you don't need to be active to get commission payments on retail sales!

#8 Get A Fast Start - Or Not?

Most MLM companies offer a 'Fast Start' program for new distributors to climb the ranks quickly.

Maskcara Beauty doesn't offer a fast start program for its artists. 

#9 Rating With The BBB 

There are no ratings and no customer reviews available on the Better Business Bureau.

Maskcara Beauty is also not a member of the DSA.

Conclusion - Should You Get Involved With Maskcara Beauty?

There is a lot to like about Maskcara Beauty. The products are reasonably priced, are cruelty free, and best of all, are customizable.

The HAC concept is innovative and appeals to a wide audience.

New artists are encouraged to do a makeup training, and there are no personal purchase requirements as seen by so many other MLM companies.

The only downside for me would be the relatively high fee for the basic kit with an investment of at least $199.

But I guess, women who love makeup, love socializing, and doing presentations, won't mind this investment.

Maskcara Beauty might be a good way to start a part-time business from home and who knows, it may become something bigger.

The risk is very low to lose money since Maskcara Beauty doesn't require any regular monthly purchases except the $11.95 for the back-office.

From my personal experience in the direct selling industry, it can be challenging and at times frustrating to get people to host parties.

But let me introduce you a new way, how you could boost sales and leads to build a downline, without annoying friends and family.

How To Get More Leads And Sales

Home parties can be a bit outdated as I outlined before but there is a way that could help you to generate more leads and more sales with the Maskcara Beauty opportunity.

You probably remember that you'll get a personalized website with Maskcara Beauty once you sign up?

 Well, the problem here is that thousands of other consultants get a website as well.

The big question is: How will your website stand out from the crowd and will be found by customers interested in the Maskcara Beauty  products or the income opportunity?

That is where my solution comes in. The good thing for you is that not many people know about it so there is your chance to get a huge advantage.

Are you ready for it?

gif sloth - tell me more

Build Your Own Website/Blog!!!

No way! I can hear you say. Why would I build a website? What does it have to do with the Maskcara Beauty opportunity?

Here is the answer:

Your own blog gives you the opportunity to build trust with your customers, become an authority as a makeup expert if you wanted to and promote the Limelight products at the same time.

Not only will your own blog give you the chance to connect with your targeted audience (women/moms) but you could also promote other (beauty) products as well and earn money with it. It is called affiliate marketing (read more about here).

From your blog/website you can link to your personalized/replicated Maskcara Beauty website where people can sign up as a consultant or buy the products.

By the way, this practise aligns with Maskacara's terms and policies:

" No product sales or enrollments may occur on any social media site. To generate sales, a social media site must link only to the Artist’s Maskcara replicated website, Maskcara’s corporate website or an official Maskcara corporate social media page." [source: Maskcara]

You could also publish videos on YouTube and link it to your blog. The possibilities are endless.

Here is a good example of a blogger who linked her blog with the Maskcara Beauty by writing a review and then inviting her readers to join the opportunity or to buy the products if they are interested.

Have a look at it here.

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Not only will you learn step-by-step how to build a website and drive targeted traffic and leads to your website but also different ways to make a passive income with it.

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