Is One World Network A Scam? – Find Out The Truth Behind This New MLM Scheme

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Welcome to my post to find out if One World Network is a scam or not.

I am in no way affiliated with One World Network (short OWN) so my review reflects my personal opinion on what I have found in my research about this MLM company.

You might be pleased to hear that OWN has only been recently founded, in January 2019.

As most people who have been involved in the MLM industry now, it is best to get in early to have a chance to climb the higher ranks.

But, should you get involved with this new MLM company? Are the products legit and who is behind the OWN company.

I will answer these questions and try to shed some light if you could actually make money with One World Network.

For people, who have had enough of trying to sell and recruit people just to earn money, please read to the end of this review to find out more about an alternative business model.

Without further ado, let's get started.

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Is One World Network (OWN) A Scam?

More About The One World Network Company

own logo

Before deciding whether or not to get involved with one particular company, it is always a good idea, to get some background information.

This is especially true for One World Network.

However, in the case of One World Network, there was not too much information available.

The company is based in Algonac, Michigan and has been founded by Eric Caprarese in 2019, who is also the CEO.

I had to do a bit of digging to find out more about the founder and CEO Eric Caprarese.

Apparently, he has been a successful entrepreneur with various multi-level marketing companies and yes, it seems he is a very busy man.

Eric Caprarese is the president of many companies like 5starlabs, Pr90 (a pain relief product), BrainAbundance (website doesn't exist anymore), New Life Science (doesn't exist anymore), and Bepic which seems to be another MLM company. [read more here]

He was also the co-founder of PureNRGfx, Inc. - Playboy Energy Drink and some other energy drink (ACT) selling MLM company. Guess what, these companies don't operate anymore. What a surprise!

There seems to be a strategy behind Eric Caprarese's way of launching new (MLM) companies: take one or two products, preferably in the health and wellness niche, create a compensation plan, find distributors, make money, close the company after a few years.

Would you get involved in a company that has someone like Eric Caprarese as the founder?

What astounded me also is the fact that the OWN  products are available in over 100 countries despite the fact that One World Network has only been founded a few months ago.

The One World Network Products

one world network products

One World Networks two (!) products are aimed at people who are wanting to lose weight. Therefore your buying market would be very specific.

The products are called PerSu and SubDu and are supposed to be taken together for day time weightloss and night time weight loss.

The keen buyer would have to pay around $100 for both products combined.

There is also a new product available which can be preordered through the website. The product is called Tune and comes in sachets which need to be mixed with water to get a detox drink.

The retail price is $59.95.

To stay active, a distributor has to have 40 PCV a month which translates to a product purchase of at least one product, either PerSu or SubDu.

Sounds familiar? Yes, this is common practise for many other MLM companies, e.g. Synergy Worldwide, Vasayo, or ASEA.

The Science Behind The Product

Well, let's say there is none. One World Network doesn't even bother to explain what ingredients are in the products and how they are supposed to work.

Only take three capsules a day, and you'll have more energy, sleep better, and lose weight.

There are no studies, and it is not clear where the products are being produced.

Let's see how you can join One World Network.

How To Join One World Network

one world network enrollment

To join you can either purchase as single product item for $55 or purchase a Basic Builder Pack for $99.95 (two products) or the Enrollment Pack for $199.99 (four products).

If you only buy one single item, the order system creates automatically a monthly auto-ship order. 

As mentioned before, to remain as an active distributor, you must at least purchase a 40 Personal Volume in products each month which equals $55.

So it makes sense to get the products on auto-ship anyway.

So be prepared to spend at least $55 each month on product purchases to qualify for commission payments.

Which brings me to the commission plan... 

The One World Network Compensation Plan

OWN offers a binary compensation plan with five different ways to be paid.

1. Retail sales: earn 50% on CV on retail customer sales.

2. Fast Start Bonus: get 30% of the CV on all first time purchases from people you have recruited and 10% of CV on on all first time purchases  on 2nd and 3rd level of sponsor ship.

one world network compensation plan

3. Dual Team Match Pay

4. Dual Team Pay: a 10 to 20% commission payment of the lesser team volume; paid weekly

5. OWN Your Life Bonus: $250 up to $1500 a month depending on your rank; starts at Gold Rank.

Remember to stay active with at least 40PV a month, otherwise, there will be no commission payments.

Read the full compensation plan here.

OWN offers an app where you can send out samples to interested buyers and prospects which potentially can help growing your customer base and find new recruits.

Can You Actually Make Money With One World Network

Since OWN only has been operating for a few months, there is no income disclosure available. 

But I feel like that the limited range of products and the fact that it only targets people who want to lose weight is quite limiting to make a decent income.

Sure, the company only started and it may give you the advantage to recruit lots of people.

Still, before you earn any money, you have to spend money first to count as an active distributor. To be honest, $55 a month is a lot of money for most people.

"According to a report that studied the business models of 350 MLMs, published on the Federal Trade Commission's website, at least 99% of people who join MLM companies lose money."[source: Wikipedia]

In conclusion, based on this study and my own research of dozens of MLM companies,  your chances of making an income are very slim.

Let's have a  look at the Pros and Cons of One World Network.

The Pros Of One World Network

  • You can join by buying one product which is reasonable. But keep in mind that it automatically generates an auto-ship order.
  •  The products are available in 100 countries.

The Cons Of OWN

  • To qualify for commissions you have to buy products each month of at least $55 each month. 
  • The products are not cheap.
  • Very limited product range. At present, only two products are available.
  • No scientific proof from regulatory authorities that the products work.

Conclusion - Is One World Network A Scam

Based on my research, I would be very careful to get involved with this MLM company.

Taking into consideration the founders background and the fact that he seems to quickly start up but also quits companies just as fast is a warning sign for a scam scheme.

There is no scientific proof that the products work, and not everyone wants to lose weight, right?

So you may be able,  to achieve high ranks and a good income but if the company closes down, you will lose everything. It happened many times before.

In addition, red flags arising when distributors have to purchase products each month to qualify for commission payments.

Of course, you need to try the products but no one should be forced to buy them to earn a commission!!!

There is only a slim chance to make an income. It looks like one would lose money then earn anything at all.

Here is what I would recommend to earning a passive income, without selling or recruiting.

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